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Woman Called Out After She And Coworkers Open Friend’s Package While She’s In Bathroom

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Friendships cross lines all the time.

Eating each other’s food.

Checking each other’s text messages.

Swiping on dating apps for one another.

The list goes on.

Redditor f*cksocietyfml (censored) recently crossed the line with her friend, and now she’s confused.

The Original Poster (OP) turned to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) for feedback.

She asked,

“AITA for opening my friend’s Amazon package?

She went on to explain.

“I [24-year-old Female] have known my friend for five years. We are very close.”

“We work at the same place. We met as colleagues.”

“Very recently, a package came for her as she was in the bathroom, and me and some other friends opened it.”

“It was simply a T-shirt, but she got very upset and said we had no right to open her package.”

“We were simply messing around because we were curious. I’m also very close with her and thought she had nothing to hide from me.”

“AITA, or did she overreact?”

Redditors weighed in by declaring:

    • NTA – Not The A**hole
    • YTA – You’re The A**hole
    • NAH – No A**holes Here
    • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Redditors decided:


“Can’t believe you even have to ask. Don’t mess with peoples’ sh*t. It’s not yours. You’re not seven years old.” – 7965tyujhbmn

“Even my 7-year-old doesn’t open Mail that has someone else’s name on it. Even if she knows it’s for her, she still waits for someone else to open it for her.”

“Op, YTA” – Samiautumn


“Curiosity (nosiness) is no excuse to violate someone’s privacy.”

“And in some countries taking / opening others’ mail is a criminal offence.” – YouSayWotNow

“YTA. Literally a crime to open other peoples post without permission” – UnNecessaryMountain

“Yeah YTA, what if there was something personal in there?”

“What if a bunch of your coworkers opened your package? It’s not about ‘she has nothing to hide,’ it’s about personal space and boundaries which are required for relationships to last” – DuhChikun

“YTA the fact you even needed to ask is mind blowing.” – CommunicationOdd9406

“I would say I’m pretty close to my SO and we don’t even open each others mail without consent. And it’s not about hiding, it’s not your stuff, Jesus! And btw, it’s also illegal you dimwit.”

“You and your friends, massive YTA!” – QoAce

”YTA because you NEVER open someone else’s packages unless they give you permission, which you didn’t have.”

“Not only is it rude, but it is also illegal.”

“You knowing her well or not isn’t an excuse either. Just like messing around with your friends by doing it isn’t.”

“You were wrong & violated her privacy by opening something that didn’t belong to you. She has every right to be upset. You owe her an apology.”

“Learn to keep your hands off things that don’t belong to you & only open packages that have your name on it or the owner gives you permission to open. You have some audacity.” – DearOP_

“YTA don’t open other people’s mail unless they say you can, it’s illegal and also rude.” – author124


“Don’t open other people’s mail. Also, this is a crime called “obstruction of correspondence.” Just don’t do this it is rude, illegal, and makes you an AH.” – smokin-bear

“YTA- don’t open other people’s mail or packages ever- it’s f*cking rude and also illegal.”

“What if it had been something sensitive like medication or a sex toy? Don’t pretend you don’t know this is incredibly rude.” – preppy-sweater

“YTA and this is not only a violation of privacy but in some places also against the law.” – United-Loss4914

“YTA : She could have had something private she did not want seen.” – Useful-Board-1125

“YTA don’t touch other people’s stuff without permission. We learned this in kindergarten.” – TurtleToast2

“… You and your friends do realize that, besides being f*cking rude and an invasion of privacy, opening someone else’s mail is illegal, right?”

“YTA” – JukeBoxHero1997


“Mind your own business” – goofballrmjk

“Intentionally opening someone else’s mail is illegal in my country with 2-5 years jail time attached to it, so I’m gonna go with YTA” – anxiousjellybean

“YTA – of course you are, it wasn’t yours and there was no point or humor involved in opening it.” – jrm1102

“‘and said we had no right to open her package’”

“YTA We don’t open other peoples things, basic manners 101 and you failed” – soysauceslapper

“YTA. I’ve been married for 42 years, and to this day, neither one of us will open mail or other deliveries addressed to the other person.”

“On the rare times we’ve opened something by mistake, we always apologize for the error, and if something comes in that looks official or important, we’ll call so that the addressee can decide if we can open it or not.”

“It’s just common courtesy to keep your hands off someone else’s mail (aside from being none of your business and illegal to boot), regardless of what or how long the relationship is.” – mariwil74

“Yep, came here to say the same thing; OP, YTA. My partner and I only open eachother’s mail when asked. Go and apologise, you tool” – Unlikely_Winter4165

“YTA. You literally broke the law.” – Ok-Glove-3561

“YTA You and your friends are massive a**holes!”

“I thought this might have been a case of mistaken identity like you have the same initials or something. But you knew it was for her.”

“It’s a crime in some places to open someone else’s packages! Doesn’t matter how curious you are, you wait for the person to share with you. You have absolutely no right!” – CbeareChewie

“YTA. You never do this. Ever. Also, this is illegal in some countries.” – JessBx05

YTA and so was everyone who was involved. She isn’t mad because “she has something to hide” it’s because you can’t follow common decency”

“Not only is it rude and violation of privacy, in many places, it is illegal. You owe your friend an apology.” – BoyoDee

“Your “curiosity” and “simple messing around” is actually against the law in many countries.”

‘“Next time you order something – pharmaceuticals, hygiene items, what have you – ask yourself if you would enjoy having it publicly displayed and discussed. Very much YTA.” – cinekat

“YTA. Of course. You have no right to open someone else’s package. How do you not already know this?” – newfriend836639

“YTA. Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t get to open other people’s packages.”

“YTA again because that’s just how wrong you were.” – Katana1369

“YTA – it did not have your name on it. Thus not yours to open” – Legendofvader

“‘I thought she had nothing to hide from me.’ So you opened her package WITH A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE.”

“So she gets no privacy from you whatsoever?”

“Do not open her mail. Do not go through her bag. Leave her stuff alone.”

“YTA.” – Zealousideal_Bag2493

“YTA. What was in the package was none of your business. How entitled can you be?” – myatoz


“You weren’t curious. Nosy? Yes. Invasive? Definitely. Rude? Oh yes.”

“Keep your nose out of your friend’s packages!” – BaffledMum

“YTA 100%”

“Her mail, not yours, there was no reason to open her mail other than being nosey, and if she is as close as you say then she would have showed you anyways.”

“What if it was a present for you or a co-worker?”

“How can you look at this and think you are anything else other than AH?” – always-indifferent

“YTA you had no right whatsoever to do this (and as many have commented in many places this is highly illegal and she would even be well within her rights to press charges) and have abused her trust.”

“Just no.” – strawberryoverkill

“YTA and you know it; this just feels like an attempt to justify yourself on the internet and use one example to show your friend that they were ‘overreacting’.”

“They weren’t overreacting, you’re acting like a child at another child’s birthday party who wants to open all the birthday child’s presents.” – AstrixRK

“Yta don’t mess with other people’s items.” – zombieqatz

“YTA. I can’t believe you need to ask.” – SlideItIn100

“YTA. I don’t care how close you guys are. There are still boundaries in friendships.”

“This has nothing to do with her ‘hiding’ stuff from you. This has to do with you violating her privacy, crossing a basic boundary, and taking away the excitement of opening a package.”

“Also, the package could have been for something that was really personal or embarrassing. And it wasn’t just you, it was opened in front of a group. Y definitely T A.” – BennyBear180

“An easy YTA and a huge one at that. I don’t know what country you are from, but in the UK that is a criminal offense to open mail addressed to another person without their consent.”

“It is their property, not yours. What they buy is up to them and if you are that curious, guess what, you wait and ask them when they are about.” – SirGuestWho

“YTA. You knowingly opened something that wasn’t yours – in front of others no less – because what?”

“You were nosy? Bored? What if she’d ordered some ointment for some sort of embarrassing medical condition she was trying to treat OTC? Or had ordered something private for herself?” – Imaginary-Future-627

Looks like the OP has an apology in her future.

Written by B. Miller

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