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Parent Called ‘Unreasonable’ After Demanding Daughter Stop Charging Classmates For Tarot Readings


Everyone loves to make money doing things they love.

And it’s great to start earning young.

But how money is earned and whether are not the methods are shady can stir up some drama.

Case in point…

Redditor tarot_mom wanted to discuss their experience and get some feedback. So naturally, they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for telling my daughter to stop reading tarot cards for money?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My daughter (14) has recently taken up an interest in tarot cards and she’s been doing readings for several family members and her friends.”

“What I didn’t know was she’s been doing it in school too and for money at that.”

“One parent got my number and called me complaining, said her son blew all his savings on readings within a span of four days.”

“I got embarrassed and paid her back and talked to my daughter.”

“I asked her if she actually believed in what she was doing and she said she didn’t but it was nice to make money from it.”

“I got disappointed and said she was making a fool out of her classmates.”

“She said, ‘they are fools, it’s not my fault.'”

“I told her I want her to stop immediately or she’ll get into trouble.”

“And that she needs to find a more legitimate way to make money if that’s what she wants.”

“She got upset and said she’s put in a lot of work in learning how to read tarot cards.”

“She complained to my husband who told me I’m being unreasonable.”

“And that it’s not her fault if her classmates believe in stuff like tarot but I think her classmates are too young to know any better.”

“And it’s only a matter of time before the school finds out and gets involved.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
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  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“She is correct: they are fools.”

“But her decision to exploit fools is a reflection of her character.”

“I admire her business spirit, but I wouldn’t want to befriend someone like her either.”

“This particular exploit feels gross to me.”

“I think she’s in moral gray area and I understand your wish to steer her away from it.”  ~ always_amiss

“True, but on the other hand, OP says she did actually study the tarot to learn how to do readings.”

“There was some actual effort there.”

“And honestly half the fun of this kind of thing is the improv storytelling: you create a narrative out of prompt cards, essentially.”

“I don’t believe in any of it either.”

“But I have in fact paid for a tarot reading purely to see what the person would come up with, and I don’t regret it.”

“I think she’d be in the clear if she stressed that it’s more of a show than a spiritual practice or what have you.”  ~ allthecactifindahome

“I’m not saying the daughter – who is also a kid, mind you – wasn’t pulling a d**k move.”

“I’m just saying I don’t think it’s inherently unethical for her to charge for tarot readings despite not being a woo type person herself.”

“Also, I do think the kid who blew his entire savings on tarot readings needs some adult intervention.”

“Because he clearly is not mature enough to be trusted to manage meaningful amounts of money yet.”

“Not his fault necessarily, but his parents have some culpability there as well as OP’s daughter.” ~ allthecactifindahome

“Kids have to learn to manage their money, it’s part of growing up and he’s learning a hard lesson. I had to learn it.”

“Just like learning to remember the pin on your debit card.”

“The parents should be teaching the other kid to budget and deal with the consequences when he doesn’t, like having to make his own packed lunches instead of buying a warm meal at school.”

“I agree with you that it’s not majorly unethical at all.”

“And if anything the girl is showing she has the abilities to create a small side hustle off of her own back.”  ~ feistymidgetavocado

“NAH. She’s 100% right and pretty awesome.”

“BUT you’re right about school.”

“No more selling readings during school hours.”

“It’ll distract from schoolwork and she’ll get busted.”

“Also, no taking money from the same person repeatedly in the same week… that’s dumb.”

“But let her read and charge for her services on nights and the weekend.”

“Let her set up a booth on Halloween or something.” ~ WTF_Happened_o__0

“I did tarot reading at an amusement park when I was a teen, 99% of people knew it was BS and just wanted to be entertained by it.”

“Tarot is no different from magic.”

“After all, you can either complain that it’s fake or you can just sit back, turn your brain off for a few minutes and be entertained.”

“The 1% though, that’s rough.”

“Thing is, yes they absolutely believe it is all true, but there isn’t anything you can do about it.”

“They are unwell and if you don’t give them what they want.”

“There is someone else out there that is ready and willing to take advantage of them.”

“I was lucky in that the park I worked for my shows were free, though I could take tips.” ~ Notabot9752

“ESH, and for once I truly mean everybody.”

“Your daughter for being a conwoman, her classmates for being dumb, that woman for holding you responsible for her own bad parenting.”

“Her son for whining to mom instead of accepting the consequences of his actions, your husband for encouraging your daughter’s moral delinquency.”

“And you for depriving the boy (and his mom) of a valuable educational opportunity.” ~ armbarchris

“NTA. Not because I agree with your reasoning.”

“She learned a skill that she can sell as a service.”

“Good for her. BUT school isn’t the place for her to be running her business.”

“Tell her to restrict it to out of school.”  ~ mimiuniverse

“NTA. HOWEVER there is a middle ground here.”

“You could just ask your daughter to disclose to anyone purchasing tarot readings that it is for entertainment purposes only.”

“She is right, the people purchasing her services are the fools.”

“But she shouldn’t represent herself as something she is not.”  ~ FriendlyCanadianCPA

“NAH. This is a good teaching moment for your daughter.”

“She needs to learn that just because she CAN scam people doesn’t mean it’s OKAY.”

“Kids need to learn to watch out for scams, but also learn it’s not okay to take advantage of people.”

“She can choose to be an asshole when she’s an adult – but for now – it’s your job as a parent to at least try to teach her ethics.

“I cannot believe the YTAs in the comments.”

“Do y’all really want to raise the next generation to be assholes with no empathy?”  ~ whereswaldau

A few Redditors felt different…

“Have you called all the churches around your town and asked them to stop spreading their myths and legends in exchange for money?”

“Your daughter is copying the business model of one of the most successful human institutions, and you want her to be ‘more legit?'”

“And her classmates are too young?”

“You mean like vacation Bible school, Sunday school, children’s ministries,”

“Bible camps, youth outreach, and baptisms as infants? That kind of ‘too young?'”

“YTA. Her classmates are idiots, and somebody is going to pluck those pigeons.”

“Why can’t it be your daughter?”

“If you want her hustle to be legit, let her make money, file taxes for the year.”

“Would washing the money through a retirement account and paying taxes on it make you feel more comfortable?”  ~ kevwelch

“Disgusting. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean it should be done.”

“Can you decorate your bathroom with shit because it’s free?”

“Should you do it?”

“Capitalism is a broken time wasting concept that serves to injure far more people than its ever benefitted and defending it is pointless.”

“The definition of innovation has been b**tardized.” ~ ReinbaoPawniez

“I was gonna say.”

“Capitalist America is the exact same thing.”

“She is discovering a demand and meeting the supply for that demand.”

‘It’s not her fault it’s a stupid demand and she put time and effort into improving her product.”

“Now I would check to see if there are laws against charging for tarot services.”

“There are in some localities.”

“But otherwise let her make her money.”

“She’s gonna do just fine as an adult.” ~ kedezzeric

“YTA. It’s actually a pretty good teaching moment for that other kid (though his mother ruined it by getting the money back).”

“This is a low stakes situation for kids to learn their lesson not to give money to charlatans.”

“It’s better that they lose 50 bucks as a teenager than 10k as an adult.” ~ carefullycareless135

But mostly Reddit felt…

“NAH. She learned to read tarot cards and profit off it, but her classmates are too young to know better?”

“That makes no sense.”

“Sounds more like she found a market to sell to.”

“She shouldn’t be doing it at school, that much I agree with you on.”  ~ beelovedone

Well Reddit has a lot to say about all of you OP.

For the most part Redditors are in your corner.

Your daughter may have a solid independent financial future, so that’s a plus.

Time for some more hobbies.

Good luck.