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Woman Irate After Partner Makes Sexist Comment About C-Sections And Abandons Her At Restaurant

A woman and man are having a tense moment in a restaurant
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Couples argue. It’s a part of the relationship process.

But some squabbles escalate to a serious boiling point.

So then what do people do?

Case in point…

Redditor Top_Tank882 wanted to discuss his experience and get some feedback. So naturally, he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for walking out of a restaurant on my G[irl]F[riend]?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“GF and I were having dinner at a restaurant when she got a text from her best friend (who recently gave birth), and she said ‘OMG she got a C-section.'”

“She works as a nurse, so she then explained to me the type of incision they make for that and how it’ll leave a scar.”

“I then, as a joke, said ‘at least she’ll still be tight down there.'”

“My GF looked confused and then said that was a weird comment to make about her friend.”

“I then said it is a very normal joke to make and she disagreed.”

“T[oo] L[ong] but there was some back and forth, I asked her to drop it, and she kept trying to talk about it.”

“I said to her ‘you’re so insecure’ and she then goes ‘does it make you feel good to call me that?'”

“So then I got really frustrated, got up, and walked out of the restaurant and drove home.”

“She called me several times (I drove both of us there) but I was so frustrated and just wanted to get home, so I turned my phone off.”

“She showed up at our apartment 30 minutes later and was really pi**ed called me an a**hole and said that I overreacted and that she waited in the cold for 20 minutes for an Uber.”

“Am I the a**hole for walking out on her and leaving her there for being frustrated?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP WAS the A**hole.

“YTA for the completely unnecessary sexist comment about her friend’s vagina and for your lack of understanding about basic biology.”

“Bonus AH points calling your girlfriend insecure, having a toddler tantrum, and storming off.”  ~ CrystalQueen3000

“Seriously. If this actually is a normal joke men make about women who’ve had a C-section, it’s f**king stupid, and OP should feel weird as hell for saying something like that about his GF’s friend.”

“It’s gross, and he clearly knows nothing about women’s bodies if he doesn’t understand that.”  ~ Allkindsofpieces

“Especially since his GF is a nurse, holy f**k!”

“It’s one thing to make that joke to women in general, it’s a whole other level of stupid to make that joke to a woman trained to call out that stupid sexist horses**t.”  ~ calliatom

“Seriously! OP YTA in a major way.”

“The ‘joke’ about her friend’s vagina was terrible, but arguing with her, calling her insecure, leaving her to pay AND find her way home is just over the top.”

“I hope she dumps him.” ~ Willing-Helicopter26

“YTA. A huge misogynistic gross one at that.”

“With a predilection to baby tantrums.”

“I hope your GF dumps you.”

“You made a shi**y comment.”

“Got called out on it.”

“Then decided you didn’t want to face up to your weird comment and left.”

“You STRANDED your GF because she wouldn’t let you make a s**t comment about her friend’s vagina.”

“A comment, BTW, that is entirely inaccurate and not funny in the slightest.”

“PS… why would SHE be insecure about a sexist comment you made about her friend’s vagina?”  ~ Interesting_Order_82

“YTA for the joke.”

“YTA for thinking it’s a normal thing to say.”

“YTA for calling your GF insecure.”

“YTA for getting frustrated and storming off.”

“YTA for leaving your GF without a ride.”

“YTA for turning your phone off and YTA for posting here and making me read your bulls**t.”  ~ Top_Manufacturer8946

“YTA. Don’t talk about other people’s private parts.”

“Your girlfriend was obviously concerned for her friend, and you go making a joke about ‘at least she’ll stay tight?'”

“And then you didn’t understand why she was upset, AND YOU LEFT HER THERE?”

“Men like you are the reason women have been getting the very painful and unnecessary ‘husband stitch.'”

“Try being less of a misogynist. I hope she dumps you.”  ~ Aim-Rich

“YTA on many levels.”

“Your ‘joke’ was crude and totally uncalled for, but misogynists don’t care about being sexist, do they?”

“Then you had to double down on your girlfriend with a medical degree, of course, you know more than her!”

“As if all that wasn’t enough, for added relish you walk out on her and turn your phone off.”

“I hope by now she’s packing up her stuff to leave your a**.” ~ Caspian4136

“YTA and WTAF.”

“It’s so NOT a normal joke unless you’re an immature 16-year-old, and walking out on her and leaving her, so she has to Uber home?”

“My dude, you need to grow up.”

“Either that or your girlfriend needs to break up with you and find an adult to be with.” ~ filkerdave

“YTA. Your GF’s best friend has major surgery which is only performed when either the mother or child is in danger, and your mind can only think about the father’s future sex life??!!??”

“For that alone, YTA.”

“For how you handled the ensuing discussion, where clearly your GF got the better of you, and then your childish sulking off and leaving her stranded, again YTA.”

“As for your GF, after this display of alpha misogyny, she may not be your GF much longer.”  ~ krankykitty

“My thoughts exactly.”

“The GF’s response of ‘OMG she had a C section’ leads me to think this wasn’t a planned C section, there was likely an emergent situation with mom or baby that required immediate intervention.”

“That is scary and emotional for all involved, in addition to C-sections being major abdominal surgery.”

“OPs GF was probably concerned and worried about her friend and the newborn, and the first thing her boyfriend says is to make a joke about her vagina?”

“Wtf is wrong with you, OP?”  ~ Clydeandrue1

“YTA for the joke, it was inappropriate, and no, it not a very normal joke to make.”

“YTA for calling her insecure, your behavior was abhorrent.”

“YTA for leaving your GF (hopefully soon to be ex GF) at the restaurant.”

“Your entire description screams adolescent behavior.”

“You are not ready for a relationship.”

“Hopefully your ex-GF has realized that and made those steps already.” ~ Change2001

“Yeah definitely YTA. Where do I start?”

“The comment is definitely weird to say about anyone. “

“The concept of being ‘tight’ as a positive thing is pretty sexist and sexualizing childbirth is strange.”

“Also whether it’s a normal joke to make among your friends because you all have normalized sexist jokes does not mean others can’t be uncomfortable with the joke.”

“It’s such an immature and unnecessary comment to make and then to refuse to back down about.”

“And then instead of asking why she felt that way (if you’re so unaware you genuinely don’t know), apologizing, or honestly just dropping it after it made your girlfriend (someone whose feelings you’re supposed to care about) uncomfortable… you left the restaurant and left your girlfriend stranded.”

“Wtf. That alone too is such an AH move.”

“Leaving your girlfriend stranded and completely disregarding her well-being for what?”

“Because you can’t manage your own emotions?”

“Because you can’t handle someone disagreeing with you or calling you out on something?”

“What a selfish and childish response and one that shows you don’t care about her feelings or physical well-being all at once.”  ~ solicitedopinions

“YTA, you made a terrible sexist joke, doubled down when called on it, left your girlfriend stranded and then turned off your phone because you’re a childish pi**baby who can’t handle the consequences of your actions.”

“Hope it was worth losing your girlfriend!”  ~ hollye83

“YTA. She got the better of you in the argument, and you retaliated by trying to humiliate her then you stranded her.”

“It was abusive on your part.”

“You have an intelligent, strong woman as a girlfriend.”

“No need to lower her or her friend to boost your own ego.”

“Obviously she sees something in you she likes.” ~ LeilaDFW

“YTA – if you think that is a ‘normal’ joke to make you clearly have a lot of learning to do.”

“Also walking out and just leaving her to find her own way home is a pretty crappy move over a pretty minor disagreement.”

“Grow TF up, your GF deserves so much better.”  ~ ok-thatsenough

“YTA. You got your GF to the restaurant, and it was your responsibility to make sure she got home safe and sound even if it meant it would be an uncomfortable ride.”

“Your comment, look, most guys are truly stupid when it comes to tact, you really should not have said that.”  ~ BeCourageouslyYou

“YTA. Girl, leave his a**. He’s disgusting.” ~ captchyanotapassword

Well OP, sounds like Reddit isn’t with you on this one.

Maybe comedy isn’t in your wheelhouse.

And some couples’ therapy may not be a bad idea.

Good luck trying to mend fences.