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Redditor Furious When Pregnant Wife Lies About Going Into Labor For A TikTok ‘Prank’

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TikTok videos and content have gained incredible momentum. It seems like everyone is on TikTok now.

Everyone wants to find a way to be insta-famous.

How can one video top the next?

And at what cost? Are we thinking the idea for these videos through thoroughly?

Case in point…

Redditor nippon_battery wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA? I told my wife that I’m disappointed in her immature behaviour.”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My wife is 32 weeks pregnant. She’s had a rough pregnancy and I’ve been trying to accommodate her to the best of my abilities.”

“My office has a no phone policy but I explained my wife’s poor condition to my team leader and convinced him to let me pick up just my wife’s calls.”

“Today, my wife called me while I was at work and said that she’s gone into labor and she needs me to come home and take her to the hospital.”

“I rushed home only to find her laughing at me and saying that it’s a TikTok prank.”

“She apparently wanted to check if I actually prioritized her above everything else.”

“I was livid because it was a very important meeting that I missed at work.”

“I’d literally been working months on that project, and now someone else would’ve presented it to the client instead of me, because the clients were international and today was the only date that they were free on.”

“I told my wife that she acted immaturely and I’m so disappointed in her.”

“She started to cry and locked herself in the room and hasn’t spoken a word since then.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole. 

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. How does your wife expect to raise a child when it seems she’s less mature than one?”

“Does this woman realize that she’s about to have a CHILD? It’s the kid I’m worried about, honestly, if this is the s**t going on in mum’s head.”

“I mean, would she still think it’s a ‘funny prank’ if your career was on the line?”  ~ randoburgherchick

“Imagine if OP panicked (or some other scenario – I.e. bad traffic) and called the ambulance to get her to the hospital.”

“Where I live, the ambulance is $100.”

“She wouldn’t be laughing then especially since hospital staff would put that on file and question her parenting ability.”  ~ Hangingoutwithyou

“I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I cannot imagine doing this to my husband as a prank.”

“It would be an emergency situation, requiring the hospitalization of our baby. 32 weeks is two months premature.”

“It would be a huge serious thing. I can’t imagine the amount of panic my husband would be in.”

“There’s nothing nothing nothing funny about that. Why the hell would she even joke about that?” ~ somaticconviction

“NTA. That was not just immature, but she could have actually hurt your career with her little prank.”

“Not for leaving because your life was in labor, but because she lied about it, they might not believe you.”

“How can you trust her not to be lying the next time?”  ~ ollyator

“I’m sitting here at 26 weeks and have been having Braxton Hicks for the last few days.”

“This is my second and I’m still like, ‘Should I call my doc? Could this be labor?’ Granted with my first I was in labor and didn’t realize it.”

“I went to get induced and the Labor &Delivery nurse was like you know you are already in labor right?”

“I still think this guy is NTA and his wife definitely is but I think there is definitely a way to salvage at work.”

“I would have no problem with my husband throwing me under the bus saying we thought I was in labor but it was just Braxton Hicks.”

“I think the more important thing is to have a sit down and use clear communication about why you are upset.”

“Using I statements and no name calling. I’m assuming this doesn’t happen often.”

“And if it doesn’t just apologize for the name calling you already did (while justified in my opinion it will open the door for communication instead of putting her on the defense).”

“‘I apologize for calling you immature. I was very upset because I had a very important client presentation today. I do want to talk about what happened.”

“When you prank me in this way I feel like my contributions to this family are being disregarded. I love and care for you which is why I dropped everything but I’m hoping in the future you can respect my work time and only call in emergency situations’.”

“I hope everything turns out well and good luck with the baby!!”  ~ kpink88

“She needs to understand how not okay it is.”

“How many false alarms can you be pulled from work for before your boss gets sick of it and it looks bad on YOU who is already getting special treatment in having your phone out against policy?”

“That privilege being revoked is the least of your concerns.”  ~ el_deedee

“NTA but you need to make it clear that this type of unacceptable behavior will not be accepted with your child, she cannot go and ‘prank’/USE your child like she did to you.”

“Some parents do this and it’s cruel and horrible and you gotta protect your kid from this type of abuse she may want to start doing at home.”

“I’m thinking about those videos where they lie about something hurtful or sad to the kid and end up with ‘haha gotcha’ like they just didn’t use their kids’ trust to entertain online.”  ~ 579red

“NTA. What she did was completely immature and irresponsible. Let her lock herself in and cry away her embarrassment because it’s not on you.” ~ BecausePancakess

“NTA. That was dirty, and not a prank. A prank is harmless fun.”

“What she did cost you an important opportunity, and not just you.”

“The family you’re building. Does she not realize that your job directly affects her and the baby?”

“Wtf was she thinking? She is definitely immature.”

“There is no reason for a grown adult to be participating in such childish TikTok nonsense.”  ~Mama_Bee21

As if pregnancy isn’t stressful enough.

OP certainly found a wealth of support on Reddit. Maybe he and the wife can sit down and read this thread together?

This way they can get on the same page with the situation.

Good luck to this family. Here is hope for a safe and healthy delivery.