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Pregnant Woman Balks After Husband Wants To Buy Tickets To New ‘Batman’ Movie On Her Due Date

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A new era of Batman is upon us and everyone is buzzing.

And diehard fans are breathless with anticipation.

Don’t we all love a big, special event in our lives?

Something to look forward to.

Many lucky people can have several big events on the horizon.

You just want to hope they don’t clash.

What could trump Batman though?

Case in point…

Redditor PsychologicalPut3351 wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for not wanting my husband to go see Batman when our baby is due?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My (25F[emale]) husband (28M[ale]) and I are expecting a baby.”

“As you may know, there is a new Batman movie releasing in early March.”

“My husband is a big fan of that kind of stuff and wants to see it opening day.”

“The issue is that our estimated due date is exactly on that day.”

“I know that only a fraction of babies are actually born on the exact due day but I have always been very regular on my periods and I have a feeling that I may be one of those cases.”

“He says it is important to see the movie the first day because of spoilers.”

“And that even I end up having the baby that day while he is watching the movie, at worst he would arrived a few hours late and is not such a big deal.”

“He says I am being irrational and emotional because of being pregnant.”

“I am upset because I feel deprioritize by him.”

“Am I the A**hole?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“He says I am being irrational and emotional because of being pregnant.”

“Oh, right, a grown up man can’t wait a couple of days to see a comics movie because spooooileeerrrsss and you’re being irrational and emotional.”

“NTA.”  ~ clinomaninha

“I somehow managed to go over two years without having the ending to Game of Thrones spoiled for me.”

“Even now I’ve only heard bits and pieces but it’s been almost three years so it’s my own fault if it happens at this point.”

“It’s not that difficult. The places where you usually see spoilers, avoid those. Boom.”

“Solves it for him. NTA, OP. And congrats on your impending nugget!”  ~ autotuned_voicemails

“We all know the story of f**king Batman by now.”

“You’d think he would be more concerned to be the first to see baby’s, hear baby cry, hold baby.”

“His own child! A movie you can watch later, this experience is lost forever.”  ~ Shells613

“Same. I love Marvel and have been dying to go to the new Spiderman.”

“But I always go with my bestie and she can’t go early this time (+ it played for like 3 days before there was a lockdown, so we couldn’t before).”

“I prefer to prioritise my friend over watching the movie early.”

“I am the type of person who doesn’t even watch the trailers as I feel they already spoil too much.”

“(I already know I want to watch the movie, so why watch the trailer?)”

“I have seen some spoilers on social media. Usually whenever I even see the word ‘Spiderman’ or see a picture, I skip.”

“But some A-holes put spoilers in their pictures and make it unskippable… So, am I happy we can’t see it early?”

“No. I know I’d have to wait for at least one, maybe even two more weeks to go to the movie.”

“I’m dying to go. Would’ve gone to the opening if I could have.”

“But important relationships (and safety) come before seeing a movie.”

“Relationships are literally broken over movies, like what’s happening with your husband.”

“NTA, OP. You have every right to be upset.”

“Him pretending that you are irrational and emotional due to your hormones and invalidating your feelings is such a big red flag.”

“A movie is not more important than the birth of your child. “

“You can see the movie at every given time, but yo your child will only be born once.”

“If he does not understand it now, imagine how bad it will be in the future.”

“He cares more about a movie than about his family.”

“Seems like it’s only the start of A-hole behaviour.”

“People like this won’t change, OP.”

“So I’d really think about what you need from a relationship and if he is capable of giving it.”

“If he isn’t now, he won’t ever be.”

“He may pretend to be for a while, to keep you with him and maybe tie you down more, but he very likely won’t be able to ever really give it.”  ~ TeaTimeLady

“This is such an easy judgment.. and so stupid.”

“I am an ultimate nerd.”

“Like bullied throughput high school, and even college and at age ~40 still watch anime un Japanese since I learned the language to be the guy who says ‘it is better in the original language.'”

“(I also work in quantum physics for a gov research facility… but I think at this point you get my point…)”

“I did not watch Endgame until 2 months later because my wife had just delivered.”

“And during the period post delivery, I did not get spoilers because I was busy taking care of my wife and family!!!”

“WTF is wrong with OP’s husband?!”

“Same for Spiderman… I have not seen it yet and I have no idea what it is about except what I deduced from the ending of the previous one!!!”

“OP!! Your husband better grow up and line up his priorities or your life as a de facto single mom will suck!”

“NTA but you better set boundaries quickly!!!”  ~ leondemedicis

“Also, sometimes annoying things happen and movies get spoiled for us.”

“Part of adulthood is accepting that we don’t always get what we want.”

“It’s downright pathetic for an adult to prioritize a spoiler-free movie experience over their spouse going into labor and possibly watching their child come into the world.”

“Another Batman movie is inevitable, your child will only be born once.”  ~ TheEducationLady

“If my partner said that to me with a straight face, I would be preparing for the single parent life.”

“That’s downright delusional.”  ~ beckdawg19

“I was on the fence at first because unless there’s an extenuating circumstance of distance to the hospital or theater that would make it impossible for him.”

“He could always leave the movie early on the off chance OP did go into labor.”

“And if he was willing to go but leave if necessary, then sure YTA.”

“Then I saw the part about being a few hours late. What the actual f**k??”

“I’m sorry OP absolutely NTA but you don’t win here.”

“If you don’t go into labor on your due date you probably won’t hear the end of it.”

“But no way should he expect to be able to miss the birth of his child and being there to support the mother of his child through one of the hardest, most life changing experiences a woman can go through!”  ~ knightsofni11

“NTA. My FIRST labor from start to birth of baby was 1 hr and 45 mins.”

“That’s without meds, without intervention and done vaginally.”

“I know that atypical and crazy fast but possible.”

“That’s faster than the movie! He would probably ignore the phone or refuse to leave and MISS the birth if OP ended up with precipitous labor.” ~ PandaGPiggy

“OP is totally NTA.”

“But I actually went and saw a movie while I was in labor!”

“I figured it was my last chance to go to a movie theater for quite a while and my contractions were still far apart so why not.”

“I was in labor over 24 hours though and needed to keep my mind off of it.”

“I also gave birth before my due date with both kids though.”  ~ j_platypus

“He could have said he’d have his phone on vibrate, answer immediately and run to the hospital, but the new Batman is more important???”

“That’s what I’m not understanding!”

“Movie, a couple hours… chances are very slim, make the compromise.”

“You can see the movie after, you will never see the birth of your first born again!!!”  ~ EquivalentCommon5

“Oh honey. My BFF went into labor.”

“Her husband drove her to the hospital, then left to go see a movie because he already had the ticket and didn’t want to waste it.”

“He is now her ex husband. Your husband is a massive massive a**hole.”

“You are NTA.”  ~ Puppyjito

“Hate to break it to you but baby coming has nothing to do with regular periods.”

“If he wants to go he goes on the condition he will be called away if you go into labor.”

“NTA. But no he doesn’t get to skip the few hours of labor to watch a movie.”

“Just makes me worry he isn’t mature enough for a baby.”  ~ shadow-foxe

“This is the correct response.”

“There’s no reason to stop him from seeing the movie, since the chances of you actually giving birth that day are very slim.”

“I almost went with YTA until I saw that he said the worst case would be that you actually do give birth that day and then he just shows up a few hours late.”

“Is he kidding?!”

“If you actually were to go into labor you deserve a man that would drop whatever he is doing to rush to be by your side.”

“The fact that he believes Batman is more of a priority than his soon to be child makes him a major a**hole.”

“You are NTA and I’m sorry you’re going through this.”  ~ lady_410100

Sometimes parents have to sacrifice a lot when children are involved.

OP definitely has the support of reddit behind her.

Hopefully she and the hubby can come to arrangement to satisfy everyone.