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Pregnant Woman Mortified After Having A ‘Happy Ending’ During Her Pelvic Exam

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Reddit finds itself faced with some interesting stories sometimes, perhaps none more than in its more confessional corners.

Filed under the subReddit “Today I F***ed Up” or TIFU, one woman shared her mortifying story of experiencing an orgasm… with her ObGyn… during a standard pelvic exam.

No, that’s not code for something else.

Reddit User “WonderfullyWeirdo” shared that since she’s been pregnant, she’s been particularly sensitive to various stimuli that could prove embarrassing in the wrong setting. But now she’s so mortified that this happened, she’s worried about facing her ObGyn again and working with her for the rest of the pregnancy.

You can read her full story here:

TIFU by having a happy ending during a pelvic exam. from tifu

Fellow Reddit users were quick to respond, some agreeing that the situation was a little funny.

But otherwise pointing that it was surely no big deal to an ObGyn who has probably seen it all.

And shared there are worse things to come.

“Don’t worry. You’re gonna crap on her during delivery, so this will not be the most embarrassing thing ever. Congrats on baby!”marvel21

“Oohhh the poops is the worst of labor in my opinion. I wanted so bad not to poop giving birth but you literally can’t control other bodily functions while pushing a human the size of a baby watermelon out”Lalalalanay

As well as letting her know she was not alone in her reaction.

“You’re fine. It actually does happen more often than one would think. OBGYNs have dealt with this and Faaaaar worse. You’ll be great.”DrC8H10N4O2

“I would say that based on the fact I have read similar stories multiple times on reddit, this prolly does happen a lot more than you realize.”Zupheal

And that women were not the only ones who had embarrassing experiences during medical exams.

“Pretty sure that happens a lot during proctology exams too. Doctors have been subjected to worse. Enjoy your ninth month.”Spoonbills

People were certain the ObGyn would take it in stride if they had any experience in their field.

“Considering what can happen during a delivery, an OB who hasn’t experienced something worse than accidentally giving a woman an orgasm is probably not a fully-licensed obstetrician yet.”193X

This is a great reminder that when we go through an embarrassing situation, so often the thing we’re embarrassed about really isn’t that big of a deal.

Thank goodness for a community that could share in a mortifying moment while otherwise lifting a future mama up.

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Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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