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Redditor Refuses To Get Rid Of Their Dog To Accommodate Coworker’s Allergy

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Pets are part of the family.

So for many people, a “simple” rehoming is not an option.

So it can be awkward when others have allergies that can cause tension with your pet situation.

Case in point…

Redditor Repulsive-Seesaw-96 wanted to discuss their experience and get some feedback. So naturally, they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for not caring that my coworker is allergic to dogs”?

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I work in a warehouse with about 26 other people.”

“Been there for five years now.”

“I have a Japanese Akita.”

“These dogs shed a lot.”

“One of my new coworkers is allergic to dogs.”

“This has caused an issue.”

“When they use the break room they start sneezing a lot.”

“I have pictures of my dog at my workstation.”

“So they know that I have him.”

“It’s not a secret or anything.”

“They went to the boss and said that they needed to be accommodated because of their medical condition.”

“He came to me and asked if I could please do anything.”

“So I started keeping a clean set of coveralls in my locker and I put them on as soon as I get to work.”

“Apparently this was not good enough.”

“So I started just staying out of the break room. Nope.”

“If they came into my zone they started sneezing.”

“They told my boss that I should be forced to get rid of my dog because it was affecting their work.”

“The thing is I know that I’m not the only one with a dog.”

“At least three of the guys I work with have dogs.”

“I told my boss that I will never consider rehoming my dog and they can just take some Benadryl or something.”

“Now they are crying that they might have to quit because they can’t work here.”

“I just don’t care but they certainly do. “

“They are saying that I am an a**hole for prioritizing my dog over their livelihood.”

“Also, my boss got me the extra coveralls and arranged for the extra washing as accommodation.”

“I volunteered to stay out of the break room.”

“So AITA?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
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  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

“Take the dog’s picture down. Say he’s gone now. Keep dog.”  ~ Druidgoddess

“I thought at first that OP was bringing the dog to work!”

“Not that the co-worker was saying he was reacting to the hair and dander OP tracked in from home.”

“The co-worker should take allergy meds if he’s that allergic since he can’t control his environment everywhere he goes out in the world.”

“The way OP phrased it as not caring if the co-worker is allergic sounded to me like they were actively doing something AT WORK that could be remedied.”

“But it’s something at home on their own time and, to some people, would be like asking someone to get rid of a family member!”

“It’s just not OP’s problem at all if the co-worker has issues with it. NTA.” ~ limperatrice

“Does this person only react when they’re around you, and never around the other dog owners?”

“If so, do they seem to have a personal issue with you?”

“Out of 26 people, I would bet there are more than 3 dog owners, but you seem to be the only one(?) with pictures of yours, making you the target I’m guessing.”

“I was honestly waiting to read that you brought your dog to work every day.”

“Regardless, NTA it’s just not your problem, and I think you have accommodated enough now.”

“Side note, my husband was severely allergic to dogs and any dander that traveled on people.”

“He took Reactine twice daily, and eventually added in 7 long years’ worth of bi-weekly shots to you know, hopefully live a little better/easier.”

“Unless someone brought a dog (that wasn’t a legal necessity to them) into a public place, he kept his mouth shut, knowing it was his issue to handle.”

“Your co-worker has options and it’s absurd to even hint at rehoming your dog!!”  ~ therealmrsbrady

“Agreed on the taking the dog to work thing.”

“I was straight up reading the first half assuming that’s what was happening and thinking ‘Why is leaving the pet at home not even mentioned?'”

“Even as ‘I can’t leave it home alone for reasons until they started mentioning staying out of the break room and changing clothes.'”

“OP has done everything they reasonably can, and getting rid of the dog is crazy town. NTA.” ~ Stormfeathery

“Your job should never be in a position to ask you to change your home life.”

“What you do off the clock, who or what you have in your house is your own business so long as it does not affect work performance or direct safety of others.”

“More so being drugs in the case someone is a driver, etc.”

“But it is not your responsibility to cater your choice in having pets to someone with an allergy.”

“What is this coworker going to do if they see a dog in the street?”

“A service dog in a coffee shop?”

“The world can’t cater to them.”

“They have to cater to their own issues.”

“NTA and take it up with H[uman] R[esources].”  ~ Daligheri

“NTA… and the accommodation has to be reasonable.”

“Keeping a pair of clean overalls at work? Reasonable.”

“Forcing someone to get rid of their dog? Unreasonable.”

“If it’s still occurring, coworker needs to find a strong, non-drowsy antihistamine.”  ~ ICWhatsNUrP

“I agree, also NTA.”

“Your boss should speak to your co-worker and tell her to see her doctor and look online and buy Fexofenadine Hydrochloride (180mg).”

“It is not down to you to make drastic changes to your home life to accommodate her, it’s also very telling that her allergies don’t affect her around the other dog owners.”

“I agree with the other posters saying to take down the picture and not mention having your dog and see if her allergies suddenly disappear.”  ~ F1refly1987

“I read the title and came to say YTA because I thought you were actually bringing the dog to work and ignoring their allergies.”

“But no, they’re just moaning that you have a dog.”

“If you’ve volunteered to change your overalls and stay out of the break room, you’ve done everything realistically possible to accommodate them.”

“It’s an absolute joke that they’d even suggest making a random coworker rehome their dog when, as you said, they can just take some Benadryl. NTA.”  ~ LongjumpingLab3092

“NTA. Allergies are protected under ADA, but dictating the home life of other employees is not a ‘reasonable accommodation.'”

“Reasonable accommodations would be things like scheduling him in a separate work area, allowing time off for doctors, stuff like that.”  ~ Early-Light-864

“And the fact that OP is keeping clean coveralls at work is accommodating the guy.”

“OP should NOT have to stay out of the lunch room that was already a reasonable accommodation.”

“Coming from someone who has bad allergies to all animals, you cannot expect more than that.”

“My own sister wouldn’t even change her clothes after riding a horse all day to help my allergies. NTA.”  ~ Ferocious_raptors

“I am allergic to seafood so if I knew a coworker had brought tin tuna to work, I would take my lunch outside and eat it there.”

“My coworkers were fantastic because before they would open the tin, they would check to see if I needed anything from the lunchroom first.”

“My employer wanted to ban seafood from being brought into work, but I absolutely refused this idea.”

“I was quite happy to sit outside and I would never dream of dictating what others can or cannot eat.”

“The lunchroom is for everyone to enjoy and my coworkers were good enough to accommodate me before opening the tin.”

“Keep your beautiful dog OP, your coworker needs to stop being so entitled. NTA.” ~ Quokka_Selfie

“News flash: your boss has exactly zero legal right to tell you to rehome your dog. Null. None.”

“You would be TA if you actually listened to this garbage.”

“If this keeps up, you’re gonna start building up evidence of being mobbed by your coworker. NTA.” ~ MicciMichi

“NTA. Asking you to re-home your dog is not a reasonable accommodation.”

“Reasonable was you leaving the clean set of overalls so that you didn’t have dog fur on them.”

“If their allergies are so severe that they are struggling to even be near someone who owns a dog, they need to take it upon themselves to seek some kind of medical assistance.”

“If they’re this allergic then they’d have trouble going out in public.”

“You interact with people everywhere – in elevators, when you go shopping, doctors offices.”

“You cannot possibly expect everyone to get rid of their pets.”  ~ Special_Respond7372

“NTA – And I can’t wrap my head around this.”

“Your coworker’s allergies are that bad, that he can’t be in a room with someone who owns a dog?”

“How does he function in a grocery store? Or a movie theatre?”

“Also how does he do around the other 3 people with dogs?”

“I’m convinced this person is just delusional.”

“You already use a different uniform and stay out of the break room.”

“I wouldn’t spend another second worrying about it.”

“This is a them problem.” ~ ZookeepergameNo2198

Well OP, Reddit is with you.

Hopefully your co-worker can find some allergy meds that will help.

Enjoy your fur baby.