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Guy Moritified After Friend Keeps Bringing Up How He Drunkenly Peed Himself At Their House


Drinking is fun.

In moderation.

Just like anything else in life, excess can be dangerous.

But alcohol excess can be a special kind of danger.

That’s why people hope they’re safe when drunk around friends.

Case in point…

Redditor djdkgjeis wanted to discuss their experience and get some feedback. So naturally, they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for bringing up an embarrassing story?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“A week ago I went out with friends and one (John) got so drunk they couldn’t walk.”

“My friend was going to Uber John home but I said I’ll let him sleep at my place.”

“When we got to my apartment John got out of the car, fell asleep in a puddle when it was raining like crazy.”

“I had to drag him inside.”

“I leave him there and he’s twitching his head and can barely move.”

“He was dead weight.”

“I went into another room and he peed himself.”

“The next day John was extremely embarrassed.”

“He said he was sorry he was a burden and thankful I took care of him.”

“He made me take $50 to buy cleaning supplies and bought me breakfast then Uber to his car.”

“He cleaned up too.”

“I haven’t see him since, until a friend had a dinner party.”

“At the dinner party I kept saying ‘John had an uh-oh the other day, John why don’t you tell everyone.'”

“Then he kept saying no and this isn’t respectful of his boundaries to keep pushing if he said no.”

“Then I showed everyone a video of John twitching and passed out because I thought it was harmless and funny.”

“John was like this isn’t the place and then I was like John tell everyone what happened.”

“The next day John texted me ‘listen sorry I was a burden, but I didn’t intentionally do that.'”

‘”I think it was unnecessary and cruel you tried to humiliate me at a dinner party with all our peers.'”

“Then blocked me.”

“I didn’t think it was a big of a deal as he made it.”

“AITA for sharing an embarrassing story of a friend?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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Many Redditors declared OP WAS the A**hole.

“YTA. Your friend was clearly ashamed of his behavior.”

“What happened was scary, embarrassing, and probably a low point for him.”

“He was extremely apologetic and made amends immediately.”

“Being so sick and so out of control sounds like a big deal to him, potentially even life changing.”

“The fact that people passing out twitching from alcohol poisoning happens so often in your life that you find it hilarious enough to film to share at the dinner table is concerning.”

“What happened isn’t normal and isn’t safe.”

“If it is normal for your life then you need to start making changes immediately.”

“ETA: Thank you everyone for the awards.”

“If you or anyone you know has nights like the OP describes and lives in the US, please call SAMSHA at 1-800-662-HELP.”  ~ EmpressJainaSolo

“I’ve had one or two moments of being s**t-faced similar to this before.”

“Eternal shame comes to mind.”

“And I was lucky, I haven’t embarrassed myself in a public way like he did.”

“But like those cringey social interactions we think back on in our youth, the memories of my shame still pain me from time to time.”

“If I were in his spot, and a friend had recorded my shame and started to show it to friends and peers, asking me to share it?”

“I’d die inside probably.”

“YTA OP, 100%.”

“Perhaps in 10, 15, 20 years he may be able to find the humor in what happened, but a WEEK AFTER?”

“My God, the callousness you showed is abominable.”

“I don’t think I’d be able to speak to you ever again if I were your ‘friend.'”

“Friends don’t treat friends this way.”  ~ Calypsosin

“In this case John is super lucky that he’s going to have two shameful memories for this incident thanks to OP.”

“The actual incident and his friend humiliating him about it in front of a crowd. Lucky John.”

“YTA OP, delete the video and stop videoing your friends at their low points.”

“It’s not cute or funny and I hope everyone at that party realized that they need to be careful about being vulnerable around you.”  ~ mspatchel

“OP prevented someone else from taking care of John, which makes all this worse.”

“OP dragged an incapacitated person to OP’s home, recorded him instead of helping them, and then tormented him with the footage?”

“No one should feel safe around OP.”

“Honestly, what else does OP feel okay doing to incapacitated people?”  ~ AmITheAltAccount

“I think that’s part of the problem with everyone having a camera on hand at all times.”

“We erased the line that separated common decency from callousness because now everyone could be a paparazzi.”

“People started taking videos of strangers at their low point and posting it online so they could get their 15 minutes of fame without any repercussions.”

“Soon it became posting videos of family members and friends.”

“We’ve lost our humanity and compassion all for a few clicks.”

“Sure OP didn’t post the video online, but he showed his group of friends & then made this post right here.”

“Hope it doesn’t get back to John because then he’ll be a 3x YTA.” ~ abillsfn

“As an alcoholic I’ve had more than my share of these moments and I have definitely witnessed my share of these moments.”

“What got me the most is that John immediately atoned for his behavior by paying OP and cleaning up after himself.”

“In my 40+ years of living I’ve never seen such a thing.”

“I feel so bad for John.”

“Imagine having your worst moment shown for everyone to see.”

“OP sucks big time.” ~ Linzcro

“What’s the saying? Comedy is tragedy plus time?”

“OP waited a week to not only mock what may have been this guy’s rock bottom.”

“Years later, remembering mine still hurts.”

“If someone, at a dinner party kept bringing it up and showing photos to everyone after making it clear to them it was painful and made me uncomfortable, that person wouldn’t be my friend for much longer.” ~ chalk_in_boots

“I was gonna say… YTA both for showing a shameful moment of your friend’s (and somehow thinking it funny).”

“AND for not getting him treatment for what was obviously alcohol poisoning.”

“You do realize people die from alcohol poisoning, right?”

“Your friend will hopefully learn from this to be careful about his alcohol consumption and that you aren’t a friend at all.” ~ Willow_Bark77

“YTA. People are horrified to have their worst moment publicized.”

“Good on you for helping him in the first place.”

“But unless John considers his behavior a worthy story to tell, it’s not your prerogative to tell it.” ~ jermleeds

“YTA. What was the point of taking a video?”

“And showing it to people after he asked you not to continue.”

“You are a seriously shi**y person and you need to rethink how to react when people are begging not to be embarrassed.” ~ DrPepperSocksNow

“YTA. He asked you to stop showing something embarrassing that he couldn’t help doing.”

“You decide (in your infinite wisdom) to show the video after he asked you to stop.”

“You did this to embarrass him at his expense.”

“I wonder if you would find it hilarious if you could barely move, pee on yourself, and then have everyone see the video and laugh at you.”  ~ RndmIntrntStranger

“YTA. You seriously see nothing wrong with filming an unconscious person without their consent.”

“And then sharing the footage while the person is STANDING THERE BEGGING YOU TO STOP?!”

“At least all your friends now know not to trust you to take care of them.” ~ Cavane42

“People are saying YTA because you shared his embarrassing story without permission and they’re absolutely right.”

“But honestly you’re also TA because you went to bed and left a dude who seemed to have alcohol poisoning passed out on your floor with no regard for his health.”

“You’re very, very lucky he woke up instead of choking to death on his own vomit or going into a coma.”  ~ peppermintplant

“OMG how can you seriously not see what an AH you are? Wow.”

“Even after he tried to back you off.”

“You didn’t respect him or his privacy.”

“While twitching, instead of getting him help, you filmed him?”

“Without his permission??”

“I hope u live in a 1party state & he sues you.”

“What you did goes beyond being mean, cruel and unkind.”

“You went out of your way to make sure you harassed and humiliated him.”

“Shame on you. And sadly, he tried to do right.”

“He cleaned up, bought supplies, paid you, etc.”  ~ kelly08howell

“YTA. Not only for recording someone in a vulnerable and potentially dangerous state, but sharing it for ‘sh**s and giggles.'”

“You did NOTHING to get your friend the help they desperately need.”

“People who drink until they’re blackout drunk usually have issues.”

“The last thing those individuals need is someone poking fun at them.” ~ MelancholicEmbrace_x

Well OP, Reddit is loud and clear here.

It maybe time for some inner reflection on your part.

What if the shoe was on the other foot?

Maybe after a bit you may want to reach out to John for a polite convo and an apology