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Redditor Gets Petty Revenge On Woman Who Cut Ahead In Long Starbucks Drive-Thru Line

A woman hits her car horn in fury

Nobody likes to wait in line.

That’s why everyone looks for some sort of VIP strategy.

But waiting in line is sometimes part of life.

So what does one do when another person doesn’t seem to get that memo and tries to jump a few spaces?

Case in point…

Redditor Cyndikate to discuss their experience and get some feedback. So naturally, they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for honking at another driver who cut in front of me at a drive thru each time she tries to order?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“This line at a Starbucks I went to was really long.”

“I was in line for a good maybe 20 minutes.”

‘Until this lady in a Mercedes tries to cut in front of me and like 8 others behind me.”

“I laid on the horn and tried to block her from cutting me but she succeeded anyway and flipped me off.”

“Okay. I’m the type of person who will not let someone get away with s**t like this.”

“So I waited until she pulls up and as soon as she tries to order, I honk.”

“She then looks at me with a dirty look and gives me the finger which I already had a middle finger of my own ready for her.”

“Each time she makes an attempt to order something I honk and sometimes lay on the horn for 3 seconds.”

“We stopped as soon as she drove off.”

“We then ordered and went about our day.”

“I just can’t understand people who are extremely rude like that lady and I couldn’t simply let this go.”

“AITA for this?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP and everybody (ESH) WAS the A**hole.

“ESH but God D**n I’d have done the same.”  ~ REDDIT

“So many times I fantasize about being a hero like OP, but I usually miss my chance while brainstorming.”

“Sucks for the workers trying to hear them, but that lady sucked.” ~ juantinntwo

“When I worked at Walmart during high school and first year college I would help on till when we got lines (it was a smaller newer Walmart so we had a hard no line longer then 3 people rule).”

“I hated when I’d call the next person or I’d go to the next person in line tell them I’d help them and someone with a huge cart would run over trying to beat them.”

“I often times would say no, one time a customer refused to move to the back of the line so I just got off till, allowed the lines and went to the cosmetics to talk up the worker over there.”  ~ campolietto

“Also worked in Walmart, in the garden center.”

“It was Christmas and the line stretched back into the store down the main aisle.”

“A woman came around a line of displays cut in front and tried to check out.”

“She said the guy who was next ‘got out of line’ because he’d stepped back to look at the stuff on display in front of the register.”

“I told her no, there was a long line.”

“She said too bad for them, they should have been faster.”

“I did not check her out.”

“Another time I had just come in as was setting up my drawer.”

“Again there was alone but not long.”

“A woman came in from outside and started to put her stuff up on my register and I told her I was going to wait on the people in line.”

“She said I should just check her out, it wouldn’t take long.”

“I ignored her and when I was ready I turned and asked for the next person in line.”

“She swept all her stuff onto the floor and left in a huff.”

“It was the principle of the thing.”

“Nice customers helped me pick the stuff up.”  ~ SomebodyElseAsWell

“Ehhh, I couldn’t say that because OP was standing up to themselves.”

“Kind of entertaining that they thought to honk their horn when, the obvious jerk was the Mercedes driver, they ordered their food.”

“The Mercedes driver is the jerk.”

NTA, and pretty entertaining.”  ~ i_AV8er

“The initial honk was enough.”

“Drive-thru workers wear headsets on full volume because so many people don’t speak loud enough, and the constant honking would’ve been directly in their ear.”

“Not only that, OP was holding up the rest of the line.”  ~ Tillysnow1

“I was hoping someone would say this.”

“If I would have been working at that store, best believe I would have walked my happy a** out the back door to the drive thru to tell this jacka** to knock it off.”

“Honking in a drive thru is shi**y.”

“Full stop. ESH.”  ~ idontreallylikecandy

“Agreed. It’s wrong and OP was petty but God d**n if that isn’t a funny visual and no lie I would laugh if I was in line and I witnessed OP doing it.”

“I’d probably even clap and laugh.”

“But I wouldn’t be ballsy enough to do it myself.”

“Good for OP.”

“I hope that line cutting b**ch went home and tried to tell everyone she knows about her great injustice and I hope they all laughed in Karen’s face.”  ~ iggypop19

“This is a textbook example of where they are an a**hole too, but they are the better person.”

“It should always be an ESH for these – I’ve seen a lot of similar threads go NTA and it doesn’t make any sense.”  ~ askmeifimatree1

“ESH… because you probably made the employee’s life hell trying to take the order for some petty immature revenge.”  ~ purerockfury

“I agree, ESH.”

“Honestly, OP was probably doing some damage to their ears on the headsets with his horn.”

“I worked at Starbucks for 4 years and it hurt my ears so bad every time someone did this in the drive thru.”

“It’s so loud.”  ~ ashyeeezy

“ESH, she was the biggest a**hole of course.”

“But since the damage was done with her cutting, you honking might’ve made her order take longer and also made it more difficult for the staff to understand her.”

“Totally get why you did it though and a very large part of me wants to applaud you for it.”

“But there could’ve been others impacted by your revenge.” ~ genericname907

“I get what you’re saying… but like if nothing were to happen post cutting off OP then she does not learn her lesson.”

“I believe in petty revenge simply because a**holes who do s**t like this and the like don’t deserve to get away with it scott free.”

“Karma needed to be served, and OP delivered.”

“NTA in my opinion.”

“OP keep fighting the good fight.”  ~ roorahree

“As someone who currently works in fast food, our drive thru has a speaker leading to the back of the store, where the food is prepped.”

“If this place is anything similar, that honking would have been awful for all of the employees, and even some of the customers inside.”

“At the very least, whoever was wearing a headset wouldn’t have been having a good time.”  ~ Abbieleighh

“I’m really struggling with coming up any reasonable way this would harm anyone more than being a nuisance like ‘What the heck is that guy’s problem?'”

“If the employee were to address the issue and instruct the customer to leave the line and that they won’t be served for cutting, the person behind them wouldn’t have to honk the horn.”

“Furthermore, I genuinely believe that the employees witnessing it considered it maybe one of the top 3 interesting things that happened that day.”

“This is the kind of s**t you live for at work, seriously.”

“You don’t get annoyed as long as the crazy s**t isn’t directed right at you (co-workers is fine).”

“Even bystanders are more likely to want to know what is going on than they are to be annoyed.”

“This isn’t going to mess anyone’s life up except maybe make him look like an ass if no one knows why.”

“Oh, also NTA.”

“Being a nuisance is not the same thing as being an a**hole.”  ~ ItzSpiffy

“The reason I went ESH, and believe me, I love what OP did.”

“But the thing is, the workers, who likely had absolutely no idea of the line cutting, had to try to understand an order from an irate and a**hole customer over loud honking.”

‘Probably didn’t help their day.”  ~ genericname907

“ESH, but frankly sometimes being petty is worth it.”

“You were definitely an a**hole but I think your karma is clean.”  ~ Goodnametaken

“ESH. She shouldn’t have cut in line, no question she’s an a**.”

“You f**ked over the poor schmuck stuck working the drive through.”

“I don’t know how Starbucks is but some if not most restaurants/cafes have time limits for how long it’s allowed to take to ring someone through.”

“And not every manager cares if the order took forever because some a** in the line was making an a** of themselves.”  ~ YFMAS

“ESH. Good job making all 8 other cars behind you wait even longer to be able to order while she had to stop and go on her order while you had your revenge.”

“I’m sure that made their experience so much better, and definitely didn’t add to their annoyance.”

“You made their bad experience undoubtedly worse.”

“It’s obvious that she’s TA, but YTA too. ESH.”  ~ CaptainPotassium87

“ESH. As someone that works in a drive thru, it HURTS to have someone honking in the speaker.”

“We wear those on our ears.”

“That’s extremely painful and loud for the workers.”

“You don’t suck for doing anything to the driver, but to those poor workers.”  ~ neeylanoslop

Well OP, Reddit understands your frustration.

But doesn’t seem overly thrilled with your actions.

But you were in the moment.

Maybe switch to decaf.