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Woman Refuses To Watch Sister’s Kid Again Until She Replaces The Expensive Litter Box He Broke

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Pets can be expensive.

But, not as expensive as kids. Especially if those kids have a particular ability to destroy everything they touch.

Redditor smeggyblobfish encountered this very issue with her nephew. So she turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

She asked:

“AITA for not watching my sisters kid again until she replaces the litter box he broke?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I’m on mobile and my grammar isn’t the best so I’m sorry lol.”

“I (25f) have two cats, they are my children. I recently upgraded them to litter robots (worth it btw).”

“My sister (28f) is a single mom of a 5 year old boy who I watch Mon-Fri while she works because I work from home.”

“A few weeks ago, he started trying to climb into the litter box, I told him no, that was that, everything was fine until last Tuesday. I went to the bathroom and when I came out I found him inside the, now broken, litter box.”

“It looked like he tried to push it down the stairs but when he couldn’t he jumped on top of it and then climbed in it.”

OP talked to her sister.

“I cleaned him up and waited for his mom to come get him. When she came I told her what happened and she seemed upset, I asked her to reimburse it but no rush because I know she struggles with money and I have a stable job.”

“I said i just expect the full 500 dollars back by the end of the year.”

“She got mad, saying it happened on my watch so it’s my responsibility.”

“I lost my temper and told her ‘I’ve been raising your kid for free for four years! I’ve been more than understanding for shit your demon had done in the past. 500 dollars is too much to just let go!! You have until the end of the week to find someone new to watch him, after that I’m done!’ She hasn’t said a word to me since, just drops him off and goes.”

“I feel bad but at the same time I can’t just let this go.”

“Edit: some extra info I forgot. Yes there was a child gate protecting the box. I put it up after the first incident. He climbed over it, I left him in the living room while I went to the bathroom cuz he was watching tv.”

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Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA, but I think you should stop baby sitting him. If she thinks replacing something he broke is expensive, wait until she pays for day care. I suspect she will apologize, replace the litter box and be a lot more appreciative. (Our day care is 250$ a week for one child).” ~ pookapotomuses

“Good lord! That’s a good deal! Ours was $135 per day.” ~ jamimah_j

“135 PER DAY?! WHAT THE F*CK. I used to work at one of the nicest schools in the san diego district for 6 years, doing in class special needs aid work, and after school care.”

“I made minimum wage and watched 20-30 kids (sometimes it was the 3yr olds , preschool, so I only had 15. But the kinders who are 4-5 I would have at times all 3 classes but that was usually a rarity. But still having upwards of 50-60 little kids is very hard to learn to work..its a bit like herding livestock I assume lol) but yea they are ripping y’all off. I can only imagine the immense profits they made off me alone.” ~ six1nine619

OP is helping her sister but it shouldn’t cost her that much money.

“Let your concerned family members babysit. You state you don’t charge her so she’s saved thousands over 4 years to be able to replace it. NTA” ~ Sydneyfire

“NTA. She needs to help you discipline her son.”

“It takes a village. The same message from all the adults helps kids learn boundaries. Your sister seems to think you owe her. I think not babysitting him for a while will he’ll your sister recognize the good deal she has had forever.” ~ OpinionatedAussieGal

“NTA, I am saving for a litter robot and if I finally got it and this happened I would die on that hill.” ~ Anonysognosia

“NTA. You are saving her hundreds of dollars a week, it’s reasonable for you to expect her to replace something her son broke.” ~ photosbeersandteach

“NTA. You have saved your sister a fortune over the years in day care costs. She owes you the cost of a new litter box.”

“I would tell the rest of your family that Tag they are it. Let them figure out who wants to provide free childcare for her. You have done your time and you do not owe her anything.” ~ Avebury1

“Yeah that is a TON of money she’s been saving her sister. I also watch my nieces for free, not as much now since I work full time (finally got a new job, love saying it lol) but If they broke something like that, my sister and brother in law would find a way to replace it.”

“ESPECIALLY since OP said to have it replaced by the END OF THE YEAR! She wasn’t even asking for it to be replaced by tomorrow! Her sister is crazy if she thinks she’s getting the raw end of the deal. Tell your kid no once in awhile so your sister, your sons auntie, doesn’t have to be the bad guy all the damn time.” ~ AtlasFalls91

People could not speak highly enough of the litter box.

“Litter robot owner, not sure how many cats you have but they have a lot of issues and aren’t as amazing as they seem.” ~ GuineaPanda

“Another litter robot owner. They have some issues but I would pay twice as much for how amazing it’s been having owned one for 3 years now.” ~ molybdenums

“Same for me… I’ve got one, am considering getting one or even 2 more.”

“If this one breaks, I will have a replacement within the week. Having cats is great, but digging through their litter box is not.” ~ DontNeedThePoints

“Same. The warranty saved us hundreds when the motor stopped working well. The company just sent a brand new…bottom part (motor with drawer). 2 cats make 5x the poop that one cat makes. I don’t know how that happens. Love our robot.” ~ ilikelisticles51

“Yep. LOVED mine for the first few months. Then it started getting finicky. Then around the 9 month mark it crapped out (pun not intended but I like it) for good. Granted I have 3 cats but I still kept the standard ones out. Well, nice while it lasted!” ~ BeautifulCucumber

Robots are not cheap.