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Teen Snaps After Family Forces Her To Share Birthday Party With Cousin For 15 Years In A Row

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Some people celebrate birthday weeks or even months. It’s a wonderful excuse to get all the attention once a year.

But for Redditor tortugatramposa, birthdays are anything but all-about-her.

The Original Poster turned to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) to vent about her joint birthday parties.

She asked:

“AITA for yelling at my family for getting me a birthday cake I don’t want for the 15th year in a row?”

She went on to explain.

“Unfortunately, I [18-year-old Female] was born a day after my cousin [20-year-old Female]. Ever since I was little, my needs for my birthday were always outshines by hers.”

“We always did family events to celebrate our birthdays since we’re the oldest kids in our family, so we kind of just shared a birthday.”

“We had the same cake (My family either never wrote my name on it, or would messily scribble it on at the last minute), party decorations and games catered to her taste, and mostly all gifts would be for her.”

“I just usually ended up getting a $10 gift card for Walmart or something, while she always got dolls, games for her Nintendo DS, and even a puppy one time!”

“I always felt like that I didn’t matter for my birthday. Even my quinceañera fell flat, since my family went all out making my cousin feel like the most special girl in the world.”

“But my cousin was always nice to me, and she would give me some of her gifts just to put a smile on my face.”

“This year was my 18th birthday, and all my relatives were gathered in one place to celebrate me and my cousin’s birthdays.”

“My mother had promised me my own separate cake, and that it’ll be an OREO ice cream cake (My favorite cake). So I was excited.”

“When my abuela gathered the family together to blow out the candles and sing happy birthday, my cousin and I got in our respective spots.”

“They started singing while my mother brought a cake to the table and placed it in front of my cousin. It was a strawberry cheesecake.”

“After we got done singing, my cousin blew out her candles, and everybody clapped. My aunt started to cut the cake, and I would audibly ask about my cake.”

“My entire family looks confused, and they all say, ‘This cake is for the both of you.’ My cousin spoke up, saying, ‘But it only has my name on it’.”

“I looked to my mom, who had a ‘What?’ expression on her face. I asked about the cake, and she told me, ‘You don’t need the extra sugar.’”

“At that point, I just lost it, screaming at my family members and calling them all AHs.”

“I cried about how this is the fifteenth year in a row that they’ve left me out and forgotten about me and how they ruined my birthday by always prioritizing my cousin.”

“My cousin and little brother also jumped in and defended me, saying that I’m always never thought of. My abuela had the audacity to deliberately interrupt me, telling me to sit down and stop yelling.”

“Through anger, I yelled that I never wanted to see any of them again and stormed off. My cousin and brother followed me, all comforting me while I cried my eyes out.”

“This happened a few days ago, and I’ve been receiving angry messages from my family members calling me an ungrateful b****.”

“I’m at my cousin’s apartment right now writing this, all while texting my little brother to vent.”

“Reddit, AITA for yelling at my family for not giving me the cake that I’ve wanted for nearly my entire lifetime?”

Redditors weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors decided:

“NTA, this was years of resentment piled up. This family put stress on not only you but also your cousin.”

“It’s good that you two seem to have a good relationship and can stick by each other. Along with your brother.” – nackle09

“NTA. Your family seems toxic. It’s also kind of shocking that your own parents are giving your COUSIN priority over you.”

“I don’t know if it’s to the point of completely severing them from your life, but it sounds like it’s close.”

“If you still live with them you might want to consider looking for a job so you can move out, or if you’re going to college getting some student loans and moving out with that money.”

“You’ve just turned 18 so it might not have sunk in yet, but you can literally do or get yourself whatever you want now. You don’t have to put up with them or listen to them.”

“Also Have your future bday parties with friends and specifically tell your family they are NOT invited.” – tacomaster05


“Apart from your cousin and little brother, your family is horrible.”

“Your mother knew this was an issue for you, made a promise, broke it, and expected you to just shut up and stay quiet about it like you did the previous 14 years.”

“This isn’t really about the cake, it’s about the fact that you’re The Lost Child in your family, and no one cares except your cousin and brother.”

“I mean, if they wanted to plead ignorance, they should be sending messages of concern or confusion.”

“But instead all you’re getting are insults for daring not to want to stay in your assigned role of misery.”

“They knew they were ignoring you. They just didn’t care and are trying to guilt trip you into staying in their horrible world of dysfunction.”

“When your brother is old enough to be independent, you and he should ditch these people and heal from whatever damage this dysfunction has done to you.”

“Your cousin may be forced by them to choose too eventually.”

“But it sounds like she’s a good person who will choose you without a second thought because unlike them, she actually likes to see you happy.” – EnergyThat1518

“NTA. Reading this story, this is more than just about some cake. It’s about having countless birthday ruined because your special day just didn’t feel like your special day.”

“I disagree with the comments telling you to either apologize or get over it. To be honest, the birthday situation just feels like the tip of the iceberg for something worse.” – kidneysareunderrated

“OP, surely it isn’t the cake itself that has upset you. The cake they didn’t give you is symbolic of their lack of interest in you. They seem to favor your cousin.”

“All the grownups in the story are the AHs. I don’t see what you can do about this until you’re up and on your own, not dependent on them for bed and board.”

“Then you can go very LC with them, which they will hate and thoroughly deserve.”

“N TA.” – RealbadtheBandit

“NTA – Your cousin is the MVP for calling out the favouritism despite her being the favourite. She has the rare ability to see through all the BS.”

“Your brother is also the MVP for having your back.”

“I do not blame you one bit for resenting your family. You are fed up with lies and broken promises.” – w0ck0

“NTA, this is what happens when you bottle up your feelings. Don’t understand why your own parents won’t even put your name on the cake. That is just cruel.”

“Go LC with your parents for a bit. If they ask why say I’m just treating you like you always have treated me.”

“If you don’t like it take a look in the mirror and figure out how you can change your attitude towards me. When I see positive change from you then we will start having a better relationship.”

“As for your other relatives calling you an ungrateful b*tch.”

“Respond, I would rather be an ungrateful btch than a dirty AH but maybe I can work up to it one day by continuing to watch how you do it.” – Live_Power_2843

NTA. I threw a birthday party for two kids with close birthdays. Both of them got plenty of presents and cake they liked.”

“There’s no d*mn reason for your family to fail to acknowledge you so spectacularly.”

“Your mom promised you a specific cake. Did she forget? Is she too broke? What is going on here?” – sanityjanity

The OP came back to update readers on the situation: 

“After reading the replies, my cousin and I have made the tough decision to block all of the toxic family members and go non-contact.”

“I’ll be living at my cousin’s apartment now, and we’re working on finding me a job.”

“Final Edit: I won’t be responding to any more comments, but just know that I’m in a safe place right now, and we’re working on where to go from here.”

“(Not just a job, but finding a way to afford college for me and such). Thank you, Reddit.”

“There might be update posts soon since a lot happened after the drama of going no contact.”

Hopefully, the OP can be valued the same way her cousin and brother value her.

Written by B. Miller

B. is a creative multihyphenate who enjoys the power and versatility of the written word. She enjoys hiking, great food and drinks, traveling, and vulnerable conversation. Raised below the Mason Dixon, thriving above it. (she/her)