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Vegetarian With Medical Condition Scolded For Spitting Out Food Their Mom And Aunt Hid Meat In


Redditor Mirai_Comet is unable to eat meat due to a medical condition.

Recently, their family sat down for a meal and the Redditor felt strange after consuming what was served.

The negative reaction to the lunch resulted in the Original Poster (OP) being scolded by family members.

They later visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for spitting out my mom’s food?”

The OP started the post with:

“This just happened.”

“But first a little context; I’m vegetarian because I have a rare medical condition, I cannot eat meat (is like lactose intolerance), if I do it a few minutes later my belly hurts and I start to vomit, I get very bad, so I’m vegetarian since I have memory.”

“All my family knows this, but today my aunt decided I was just picky about food because ‘I’m a pushy vegetarian’, so she talk with my mom and convinced her to mash meat and hide it in my food, I had prepared my food (it was a sandwich) so I was sure there was no meat there but I left it on the table for a moment while I went to my room for some things.”

“When i sat down to eat i started to taste strange but i thought it was the pan i had toasted the bread, after finishing my belly hurts and I began to feel bad.”

“I got up and went straight to the bathroom to vomit, After that I heard my aunt complaining about me behind my back, she said that it was an exaggeration and that surely my mother had told me to overreact.”

“My mother apologized to me but the rest of my family thinks I should listen to my aunt and apologize to her for ‘acting’ and my aunt scolds me for spitting my mother’s mashed steak and I ended up throwing up on her shoes so she has very angry to me.”

“My mom thinks I shouldn’t apologize because everyone knew about my intolerance and she decide to ignore that, but the whole family now thinks I should.”

“I will read what they have told me in a while, I will continue in my suffering.”

Strangers on the internet were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Redditors weighed in with their impassioned observations.

“NTA and also what the f’k.”

“As a general rule, don’t f’k with someone’s food. That’s like a basic rule of being a decent person. And jfc, especially don’t f’k with someone’s food if ‘f’king with it’ means ‘knowingly poisoning you’.”

“Don’t apologise. If I were you, I’d actually demand an apology from the aunt. And I probably wouldn’t eat anything she’s touched for a while.” – dolphinflop

“Hell, this is enough to cut someone off completely. I feel like this could (or at least should) count as assault. Absolutely NTA.” – rekushchan

“NTA in essence, they were trying to poison you. No apologies necessary and extra points for vomitimg on her shoes.” – Smudgikins

“Nta, you don’t owe anyone an apology in fact everyone owes you one. It’s not like you wanted to be this way about meat.”

“I am so sick of people trying to slip food that people can’t eat in to their food to try to prove a point. This is a long and dangerous way to make a point and how exactly would your aunt and your mother have felt if you gotten more seriously hurt by her trying to prove a point.”

“Your mom definitely should have known better and she shouldn’t have given in to your aunt and your aunt shouldn’t be allowed around you and those that want you to apologize shouldn’t be either.” – Candy2228

“NTA. Your mom is most at fault here in my opinion and she should take care of the relatives. She listened to your aunt and ‘set you up’. She tested you in front of everyone and now they feel welcome to say opinions to you.”

“It’s good that she apologized and thinks that you shouldn’t apologize to them but she should also reply to all these people and forbid them of bringing it up or trying the same on you when you eat somewhere else.”

“And just for perspective, my husband has raw tomato intolerance. When he was a child, his mom would add tomato to his sandwiches following the advice of her sisters.”

“He also spat it out and had to deal with all relatives saying stuff. He grew up to be extremely distrustful of people and he had to really try to open up to friends as an adult.” – lellyla

In an update, the OP elaborated further about their mother’s relationship with her older sister.

“For all those who were concerned about my health, now I feel better than before, I still have nausea but I am fine.”

“For those who also blamed my mother, my aunt is older than her and always puts a lot of pressure on people to do what she wants, so I don’t blame my mother for giving in as it must have been stressful for her considering my aunt has always been like this with everyone.”

“I’m not sure I can report this problem to the police as my condition is rare (and I guess not very credible for that) and I wouldn’t want to do it for my mother anyway.”

“my mom and I are looking at a way to put my aunt in her place without her exploding.”

In a second update, the OP addressed an issue that was commonly brought up.

“I have seen some things get repeated a lot in the comments; You have suggested I cut contact with my aunt but not all of us have the opportunity to do so (it is easier to say what to do).”

“I live in a house with 14 people including the aunt who caused this and although I am old enough to become independent I am not even the money nor a place to go, so I can’t cut contact with her but I’ll be more careful.”

“My mother is a good person, we have had some problems but she really tries to be a mother, she has some problems with being carried away by other people’s ideas but she is not bad about it, so if you think she should go to hell just because he was under a lot of emotional stress, abuse from my aunt and too much family pressure, f’k you.”

“I think that we are both victims of this, I for obvious reasons and she for having been manipulated (forced, it could be said).”

“It does not matter she is an adult there are people who are forced to do things they do not want to do and in many cases they are considered victims by the pressure to which they were exposed.”

Overall, many of the Redditors agreed the OP should not have to apologize. They also remained appalled at the aunt for knowingly poisoning the OP in order to try and prove a point.

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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