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Woman Fed Up After Her Husband Keeps Pushing For Them To Have Their Wedding At McDonald’s

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A 23-year-old wife or maybe a fiancée or maybe a prankster took to the Relationship Advice subReddit with an interesting dilemma concerning her 26-year-old husband and their upcoming wedding.

Yes, you read that right.

Redditor THROWRAmcwedding posted:

“My husband is trying to make us have a wedding at McDonalds.”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“Losing my mind.”

“What do I do‽‽”

“My husband and I have been dating for about 8 years, since high school. I moved in a bit before quarantine set in, and during lock down, he proposed.”

Despite being asked several times…

“Your husband or your fiancé/boyfriend?” ~ psotnica

“You call him your husband at the start of this post and then go in to say you’ve been dating him and he proposed….” ~ TrickyCaterpillar9

“I’m confused. If he’s your husband, aren’t you already married?” ~ LakotaGrl

…the OP never explains why she and her husband are having a wedding.


The OP continued their tale, undeterred.

“All was great until he kept hinting that he wanted us to have our wedding at MCDONALDS. This sounds stupid as f’k (at least to me).”

“In high school when we were dating we went to McDonalds almost every day after school with friends, in a way it’s how we started dating. I think he wants it to be in honour of that, but I don’t want my wedding to be at McDonalds.”

“He’s said that they have McDonalds weddings in japan…”

Redditors from Japan stated several times this was false.

“…and birthday parties in the USA…”

This is actually true.

“…but I don’t see why OUR wedding has to be there. I don’t even know HOW we’d arrange one.”

“I eventually asked him to stop joking about it yesterday because it was getting old, but he looked offended and basically asked me why I thought it would be a joke, and we haven’t really been talking since.”

“I thought relationships were supposed to be 50/50.”

“What do I do to fix this?????”

Redditors questioned the authenticity of the post because of the inconsistencies.


But many still were willing to provide some advice.

“How about you suggest that you have the wedding and reception at an official venue which is no sweat planning and a special one off memory, then afterwards you go to McDonald’s just you two or some old pals, which would be more like old times than having the wedding there (Also I’m not sure if it’s even possible to get married in a McDonalds, you wouldn’t get an alcohol bar!)” ~ oopskakapo

“Also, most weddings the couple getting married don’t have an opportunity to eat much. This would give you guys a way to leave the wedding and grab some food.” ~ RoryJSK

“Bring in the Micky Ds to the wedding and serve it on nice plates and platters like they do at the White House!” ~ purpleblazed

“We had a Micky D’s buffet at the end of our reception. The guests loved it, especially the drunk ones! I got to stuff my face with my new husband on the way back to our hotel.” ~ cat_lady_x2

“I honestly think this is a fun idea, like have McD’s as a late-night snack. People would go nuts over platters of burgers and fries.” ~ Perfect_Crow

“Maybe have some of the wedding photos taken there!” ~ PM_ME_ANGRY_KITTENS

“That’s what I was thinking. Since it’s important to your husband you could do an extra photo shoot at McDonalds.” ~ HealthyGiant

But other Redditors just brought the jokes.

“McWedding” ~ materialmike

“We now pronounce you McHusband and McWife” ~ GrossWordVomit

“You may feed your McBride some fries!” ~ CactiDye

“Then they go to McHoneymoon and their child name would be McBoy” ~ shreydhuper

“His name would be Ronald, surely?” ~ James-Worthington


The OP did not provide an update or any answers to Redditors questions.

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Written by Amelia Mavis Christnot

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