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Woman Furious After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Agreed To Pimp Her Out To His Friend For $5k


With many people out of work during the pandemic—and with the scarcity of employment opportunities because of this—people are finding unorthodox ways to earn money.

How far will you go for some extra cash?

Redditor Throwraslutbag found out that her boyfriend was presented with an opportunity for a large sum of dough in exchange for sex and said “yes.” But when the 22-year-old Original Poster (OP) found out there was more to this gentlemen’s agreement, she felt disgusted.

She turned to the Relationship Advice subReddit and wrote:

“I just found out that my boyfriend (22) had a friend offer him $5,000 for a 3 way with us and he accepted.”

She explained:

“So to keep it short and sweet, my boyfriend is a pretty popular barber in our city and has been doing at home cuts since [the pandemic] started.”

“We have a nice sized porch so people can walk around and get a haircut when they want. That being said, there’s been a lot of guys coming over and hanging out with him Because a lot of his clients he’s also good friends with.”

“Yesterday at the end of the night we were sitting on the couch waiting tv and he started laughing at his phone.”

“I was curious and asked what he was laughing at and he scoffed it off sorta so I obviously was extra curious and asked again. He sighed and said I’d be mad if he told me.”

“I got over it and went to bed but it was bothering me so I asked him again, he said that his friend, Tom well say is his name, who we’ve been friends with since 2014, made a comment to him about swinging.”

“I asked him what he meant and that’s when he admitted that Tom offered him 5,000 to swing so that he could sleep with me and that my bf could be there too, and my boyfriend actually accepted the offer.”

“He said he was waiting for the right time to ask me but didn’t think I’d care at all because we’re broke right now and I’ve ‘always had a thing with Tom.’”

“Which makes me more sick because I’m not attracted to Tom at all and even if I was, I don’t wanna be pimped out.”

“I feel so sad and insulted.”

Strangers on the internet weighed in.

“He practically just pimped you.” – Andyn87

The OP said:

“That’s what I said and he said it’s not like that cuz it’s consensual???”

“So is prostitution but it’s still prostitution (which I’m totally okay with) but ??”

A Redditor replied consent was not received.

“It’s not consensual though! You never agreed to it. Do not sleep with Tom and dump your boyfriend. Wtf.”

“Why did no one even think to ask you about any of this? I’m so disgusted for you.” – Pixiepixie21

“You couldn’t provide consent because he didn’t tell you until after the ‘deal’ (ugh) was made.”

“He’s gaslighting you into thinking that YOU’RE the problem, when in actuality he has accurately shown that he values $5000 over you, your relationship, and any trust that you placed in each other.”

“He’s an idiot, a wannabe pimp, and a dickhead all rolled together, you’d be well rid of him.” – Craftiest_Butcher

“It doesn’t really make sense, as he also said he was waiting for the right moment to ask you, not tell you.”

“Either he didn’t communicate the part about “accepting” correctly (maybe he means he conditionally accepted, pending your approval), or didn’t communicate the part about waiting to ‘ask you’ correctly, and meant the right time to tell you.”

“But yeah, nothing consensual if he agreed to the offer on your behalf. How would either him or Tom think that’s ok without asking you?”

“So not cool. And he was laughing about this before telling you? Wtf??” – bobi2393

“Shut it down and get out. Boyfriend doesn’t respect you, your ability to make choices, or your bodily autonomy.”

“He made a BUNCH of erroneous assumptions…as in talked to a friend, accepted an assignation, then laughingly told you he /sold/ you to a friend (he ‘knew you were into’ w/out asking you) for sex…but he’d be there.”

“So that makes it cool! No. Not acceptable. Whether that’s something you’d be into or not, under the right circumstances, isn’t the question. He thinks this is acceptable and FUNNY?! Learn from my mistakes, darling. Please. Get. Out. Now.” – LadyThursdayBruja

“Ew, ew, ew. WTF is the matter with your bf?!! WOW! I had to reread this, (I have nothing against people in the sex industry and I mean no disrespect in my next statement) so he’s basically okay with selling your body for money?”

“NO, NOT YOU SELLING IT! BUT HIM SELLING IT pimping you out for money when things are tough?”

“I actually think he would have agreed even if things were not tough, I’m sorry your boyfriend and his friend are no different than those sex traffickers out there who take advantage of their victims.” – ILoveMyestry

“Ask him if he really wants to be your pimp. Because he is setting you up to be whore.”

“This will get around. Does he think so little of you that you will sleep with someone for money, and just his being there made it okay. Being broke doesn’t mean you will do anything especially when it goes against your values.”

“I’d also say that is way too small amount and HE would still be broke cuz not a penny would go in his pocket or towards bills it will be the deposit on your new place.” – Neenerfa

Redditors were shocked at the boyfriend’s audacity. He placed more value on money than his relationship.

His failure to realize consent is when each person says yes, not when just he does.

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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