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Woman Claps Back After Obese Boyfriend Calls Her ‘Lazy’ For Skipping A Workout Due To PMS


Fitness is a part of a lot of people’s lives.

Many people embrace it on the daily.

Others, not so much.

The clash of the embrace can lead to many issues.

Case in point…

Redditor and9183 wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for calling my BF fat and lazy after he criticized me for not working out?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I typically work out 4-5 times a week and my B[oyF[riend] doesn’t.”

“He doesn’t workout at all, doesn’t even walk his dog.”

“I walk him when I come over.”

“I’ve asked him to come work out with me many many times and he always comes up with an excuse.”

“I do H[igh] I[ntensity] I[nterval] T[raining] twice a week and go for a run 2 times a week.”

“And maybe go for a hike on the weekends.”

“My bf was big when we met but he’s gotten bigger when we started dating.”

“I’m not sure how much he weights but he is a 4XL in shirts and he’s about 5”11.”

“He eats terrible and his doctor has informed him his blood pressure is high but he hasn’t done anything about it.”

“I recently started a new workout called Inferno.”

“It’s brutal and I go twice a week.”

“Last week I was PMsing pretty hard and my period was due.”

“I’m on the slim side and if I work out too hard or lose too much weight I lose my period so I decided to skip my workout and rest.”

“My bf asked why I wasn’t going to my workout when after work I came over and I said I was tired and wanted to give my body a rest.”

“He huffed and told me I was being lazy and being tired wasn’t an excuse.”

“My mouth was hanging open and I shot back that he never works out and always uses being tired as an excuse.”

“He got angry and told me he doesn’t have to work out but I chose to so skipping it was being lazy.”

“I laughed about it and pointed out his high blood pressure and him putting on weight and told him he does have to workout.”

“And if I’m lazy for skipping one workout then he is way more lazy for skipping years worth of workouts he should have done.”

“He yelled that I was a b**ch and I had enough so I walked out.”

“It’s been a week and he’s texted me a few times but I’ve not bothered to read them because I’m so pissed at him.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“This man is insulting OP out of the blue because she chose to rest her body and then calls her a *itch… I would drop him so damn fast.”

“This reminds me of that recent interview with Ari Spears.”

“His career is trash, no one is booking him, and in the interview he was sweaty, bloated, had dark circles under his eyes, and was looking overall very unhealthy and not the image of health/beauty.”

“The interviewer complimented Lizzo’s music and Spears instantly decided to insult her physical appearance/weight/health despite how he looked.”  ~ Electrical-Date-3951

“NTA. I gotta ask, why are you still with him if he acts like this?”

“He wants a girlfriend with a ‘hot bod’ yet he lets himself get so fat and unhealthy he’s going to die young?”

“And has the audacity to say you are lazy when you don’t go to one workout when you aren’t feel up to par?”

“He can go f**k a porcupine.”  ~ Peacefull_Orchid

“Also what does a future with someone who can’t even do the most basic thing of pet care… walking their dog… look like?”

“Plus he resorts to verbal abuse in arguments.”

“Not fit to be a pet owner, not fit to be a boyfriend, and I’m trying really hard not to be flippant about him being not fit in any aspect.”

“I’m chubby myself, but the words that came out of his mouth are freaking rich.”

“The audacity lol.”  ~ Meandwe123

“This is an unmatched match.”

“You both have different priorities.”

“You are doing extreme workouts, and he is doing… nothing.”

“And unless he’s Andre the Giant, a size 4x is a pretty clear indication of his size.”

“You need to find someone who better aligns with your values.”

“His behavior is obviously not supportive and quite passive aggressive, in my opinion.”  ~ Illustrious-Tour-247

“This. Regular workouts force you to learn your body and you know when you need a break.”

“Coming from someone who is suffering after absolutely smashing her workout last night and is very much NOT going this evening lol.”

“We need encouragement from our friends and partners sometimes.”

“But I would never take advice or criticism from someone who seems to be allergic to exercise.”

“I also hope OP takes the dog with her when she leaves.”  ~ sarnian-missy

“NTA… obvs but also, if you are flirting with so low a weight or working out so hard that you are on and off losing your period… that’s not healthy.”

“Skinniness is not innately healthy, family.”

“That’s your body literally shutting down one of the processes that it evolved to do and do WELL so that you can, you know, survive.”

“Live your life, do what brings value to your days, but maybe take a step back and reevaluate.”  ~ ataranaran

“NTA. So let’s sun this up: he insulted you, you insulted him back.”‘

“But what’s more than that is that you value health/wellness and he does not.”

“Is this the kind of relationship you really want?”

“Doesn’t sound compatible to me. Let it die.” ~ Maleficent_Fox_5062

“NTA. Slightly against the grain here.”

“There is nothing inherently wrong with partners of vastly different weights/fitness/bodies if both parties are happy.”

“BUT your bf is being an arse and holding you to a different standard than himself.”

“He thinks it’s okay to critique you for something he’s not willing to do himself.”

“He thinks it’s okay to treat you badly when you are tired and run down instead of being a good partner.”

“Dump his arse and like everyone else said, don’t leave the dog behind.”  ~ LeafCase9847

“OP you are dating a man who insults you.”

“You are working out so intensely that you’re always on the verge of losing your period.”

“You are NTA and I hope you start treating yourself with more kindness and generosity, and expecting the same from the people in your life.”  ~ beyondtheonce

“So he’s lazy, can’t even take care of a pet, and gets upset over you doing something that would most benefit you in that moment?”

“Why are you with him?”

“Genuinely what does he contribute to this relationship that you can’t find anywhere else?”

“Imagine your future with him, how he treats your kids.”

“He’s going to make you do all sorts of household tasks while he sits around and does nothing, and will then get upset when you don’t want to.”

“He can’t even be a good dog father, what makes you think he’d be a good father to children?”

“Please get out while you still can, I promise you can do better.”

“Take the dog as well.”  ~ twizzler001

“NTA. However, being on the border of skipping periods all the time is not healthy.”

“Please discuss this with a health care professional.”

“Make sure you aren’t missing an underlying cause.”

“If it’s just exercise related, female pro cyclist can get ‘red s.'”

“Basically hormone disruption.”

“It can cause health issues, plus fatigue and cycling performance issues.”

“Once you develop red s, it can take awhile to get over the fatigue.”

“Several pros have written or blogged about it.”

“Birth control, supplements, etc… can keep it in balance.”

“Also. Dump your A H boyfriend.”  ~ JoJo-likes-bikes

“NTA. I’m fit at one point of my life and was working out.”

“That changed when I met my partner, I am obese now and trying to lose my weight again.”

“I am thankful to have a partner who calls me beautiful even when I’m fat.”

“She’s encouraging me to work out again and we have tried to walk in the mornings as a family after my shift.”

“Gurl, get yourself a partner that is much better than the one you have now.” ~ KingBaddest

“NTA. He has issues – could be depression, laziness, lack of confidence, lack of energy, undiagnosed physical/medical, mental health – or a hundred other things.”

“He feels bad (guilty?)”

“about his life so he takes his anger out on you, and wallows in his cesspit of despair.”

“You cannot start to fix him. Only he can do that.”

“He’s also ignorant of basic health concepts, such as listening to your body and resting if needed.”

“He doesn’t sound like a great catch. You can do better.”  ~ elliptical-wing

OP, Reddit is with you.

You don’t deserve to be insulted because of the projection of others.

And you deserve rest.

Maybe it’s time for some couple’s counseling.

Good luck.