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Woman Livid After Brother Isn’t As Excited About Her New Dog As He Was About Sister’s Baby

Photo by engin akyurt/Unsplash

We all love dogs. Right?

Ok, well…many of us love dogs. And babies.

Who do you love more?

Can you even answer that?

Apparently this become a bone of contention for one family.

Case in point…

Redditor ShioriAkai wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for not being as excited about my younger sister’s dog adoption as I was about my older sister’s new child?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I am 32 years old, male, and I live across the country from the rest of my family.”

“My older sister, Nina, is 36, and my younger sister, Jen, is 25.”

“Last month, Nina gave birth to her first child.”

“When she went into labor, I booked the first ticket across the country to meet her new son.”

“I took a week off work and spent the entire time helping her out where I could, catching up with family, and looking for any excuse to hold her new baby.”

“During this time, Jen was becoming visibly frustrated with the attention the baby was getting, and she went full passive-aggressive mode on me for the last few days of the trip.”

“On the last day, I gave Nina $5,000 for the baby to use as she wishes.”

“I know she and her husband aren’t in the greatest situation financially, and she would never ask me for money, but I was happy to give it to her.”

“A week later, I suddenly got a message directing me to Jen’s Twitter.”

“I ignored it at first because I don’t use Twitter.”

“Then I got a Skype message from her with a picture of a new puppy.”

“I told her the dog was super cute and asked where she got it.”

“Apparently she had ‘saved’ it from a local pound from euthanasia (absolute horses**t by the way; that puppy could be addicted to meth and someone would adopt it).”

“I congratulated her on her new dog and figured that was that.”

“During the next week, Jen kept getting more and more persistent about when I would visit again to see her new dog.”

“I told her I wouldn’t be doing so, and so Jen linked me to her Amazon wishlist for new dog necessities.”

“Since she doesn’t work, it’s not really any surprise that she would ask for someone to buy her things for her dog.”

“I ignored it.”

“Finally Jen snapped and sent me a really long message about how much attention I gave to Nina for ‘having sex’ (yuck, she’s my sister too you know).”

“How her dog means just as much to her as Nina’s baby, and how I was such an a** to give Nina $1,000.”

“Apparently word got to her that I gave Nina money, but luckily she misunderstood and thought it was only $1,000.”

“Thank God for that.”

“Jen is still refusing to talk to me and our mother even says the least I could do is buy her a leash.”

“But I don’t want to encourage her behavior any further.”

“AITA for sticking to my guns here?”

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. If you need an Amazon wishlist for your dog, you shouldn’t be getting a dog.”  ~ Primary-Criticism929

“My sister did this, got a dog as she thought it would get her attention.”

“She did not walk, socialise or teach it any basic training.”

“Surprise when it was an adult it was sent to a shelter who couldn’t home it as it was aggressive to people and animals.”

“Having been only ever kept inside with her and was not even house trained.”

“It was on their site for a while but never for adoption before it was not there one day.”

“I’m sure they put the poor thing down.”

“Think that’s the fourth dog she’s abandoned over the years not to mention cats.”

“She did the same with her kids, had them for the attention but refused to take care of them expected everyone else to do that.”

“She abandoned them, got on a train to go live with a new boyfriend without telling anyone.”

“She then sent message that someone needed to take responsibility for them.”

“People like this are out there.”  ~ Sweet-Interview5620

“I just woke up and I misread the OP as one sister having a biological baby and the other one adopting a baby.”

“And I thought ‘ooh! This could be interesting!’”

“When I realize it’s just a dog, it’s not even a discussion. NTA.”  ~ Logical_Blackman

“This woman is so sad.”

“She really got a dog because she was jealous of her sister’s child and wanted money.”

“Obviously OP is NTA.”

“I hope the sister takes care of the dog and doesn’t toss it aside when she realizes her plan won’t work and people wont just hand over cash.”  ~ Electrical-Date-3951

“Hey OP, I’m a youngest child and the responsible owner of 2 dogs, 4 cats, several goats, chickens, and pigs.”

“None of my animals were adopted for any of the following reasons…”

“Attention-seeking. Jealousy. Guilting family/friends into providing financial aid.”

“I’m also a soon to be mother (yay!).”

“None of your sister’s words or actions are within the spectrum of acceptable and non-worrisome behavior.”

“I would have trouble keeping a straight face in front of anyone that would have children, adopt children, or acquire an animal companion for the purposes of proving a point or being in the limelight.”

“Treating another living being’s life like an accessory to your success is a sickness. NTA.”  ~ fantastic-cabbage

“NTA. Lovely gesture to give your sister that money and you seem excited to be an Uncle which is just fantastic.”

“Now I understand that some people prefer getting animals to having babies and they love them immensely but it isn’t the same thing.”

“I don’t understand why someone who isn’t able to afford a dog gets a dog and then thinks they can demand money from other people.”

“Your youngest sister sounds ridiculous being jealous of a baby and trying to compete with a dog.”

“Either she needs to grow up fast or if she does have some mental problems she needs to get help.”

“Congratulations on becoming an uncle.”  ~ Business_Night_5599

“Lol. I’m sorry but your younger sister is an entitled and spoiled brat.”

“Tell her that it’s a big difference between one becoming an uncle for the first time and someone else getting a dog (that they quite frankly shouldn’t be having if they don’t have an income).”

“Tell her that you will by no means fly across the country just to see a puppy because it’s not comparable.”

“Tell her that it’s extremely rude and immature to say that your sister received money, love and attention because she ‘had sex.'”

“That’s also Jen’s sibling ffs.”

“Also; I’m child free by choice and I have two cats.”

“My sister has a toddler.”

“In no way do I think our parents should be giving my cats the same money and attention as they give to my niece.”

“That’s just ridiculous to say the least.”  ~ ProgrammerBig6254

“NTA, a kid and a dog is a very different thing… and I have both.”

“Sad for the pup to be rescued just to be used as a piggy bank for money and attention.”

“I agree with someone here to have her get some mental health/help.”

“Maybe she’s struggling and doesn’t want to share or even know.”  ~ eldarwen9999

“NTA. A puppy or dog or pet of any kind is not equal to having an actual human child.”

“Your sister needs to grow up and realize that.”  ~ Gingykins87

“NTA. Your younger sister is an entitled and delusional brat.”

“What kind of adult gets that jealous over their newborn nephew?”

“I feel pissed about her for you.”

“How is she going to take care of a dog when she has no income?”

“But I would also like to ask, why do you think saving a dog from euthanasia is horses**t?”  ~ lilipad23

“NTA. She’s jealous. She’s too old to be acting like this.”

“You are correct, so much as a leash will reinforce acting like that will get her ‘something.'”

“Go low contact, hopefully they get the point, you’re not up for this bs.”

“Its emotional blackmail, and trying to make you cave to stop the problem is not the solution.”

“Addressing the problem (your immature sister) is the solution.”

“She will just keep pulling this crap if she get rewarded for it. Shut it down.”  ~ astrid28

“NTA. As a person who absolutely loves pets and wishes to raise a dog and cat some day soon – your reaction is normal.”

“Your sister’s behavior isn’t normal.”

“I can understand little jealousy but degrading your older sister’s giving birth in such a crude manner is uncalled for.’

“And jealous of baby getting attention is lil too much.”

“She’s not 5 years old.”

“I have a feeling she adopted the puppy not out of love and care but only for competing with older sister.”

“And no, if you don’t feel attached to the doggo, you don’t have to get things.”  ~ Straight-Example9126

Well, it looks like OP has Reddit’s approval.

Dogs are great, but do you need to fly across the country when someone gets one?

Hopefully OP’s little sister can find some comfort and move on peacefully.

Congrats to all—for the baby and the dog.