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Bride Livid After Niece Faints On Top Of Photographer And Breaks Camera Mid-Ceremony

Woman lying down on the floor with balloons and wine glass.

Humans tend to have a real problem with keeping up with health matters.

Now it is scary to think that something could be medically wrong, so a lot of people think that if they don’t rock the boat everything will be fine.

Nobody wants to jinx themselves when nothing is wrong.

But staying on top of health matters is staying healthy.

And in the summer months staying fed and hydrated is essential.

This was just proven to be the HOTTEST summer on record.

People have to stay prepared, or else one could end up on the floor.

Case in point…

Redditor Kooky-Cranberry-6583 wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for fainting at my aunt’s wedding and ruining it?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (21 F[emale]) attended my aunt’s wedding a few weeks ago.”

“I was not part of the wedding, just a guest which I was fine with.”

“Before the wedding, everyone was advised to drink lots of water and eat beforehand because it was going to be extremely hot that day.”

“The wedding started at 5:00 pm, and I had absolutely nothing to eat or drink up until then except maybe a granola bar because I was extremely busy that day.”

“So when it was time for the wedding, I was already tired and hungry.”

“About thirty minutes into the wedding, (which was at a church by the way), I was feeling uneasy and lightheaded so I excused myself to go to the washroom.”

“As I was walking, I got that feeling like I was about to collapse.”

“The next thing I can remember was coming to and seeing lots of people surrounding me including the bride and groom.”

“Apparently, when I fainted, I fell onto the photographer who was crouched down near me.”

“Not only that, but he dropped the camera lens down and it broke.”

“To be honest I don’t even remember seeing the photographer but I may have been too dizzy or something to have seen him.”

“The wedding was a bit of a cheaper one, so the photographer was a family friend of the groom who only had one camera with him.”

“The bride was just in tears that she won’t have any good pictures from her wedding.”

“The photographer insisted that he could drive home and grab a different one, but it would take too long.”

“The bride was indeed mad at me, but I feel it was a bit harsh as it was extremely embarrassing for me already.”

“Fainting never even crossed my mind as something that would happen at all.”

“They did get pictures but they were on cellphones.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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Many Redditors declared OP WAS the A**hole.

“I mean, kinda YTA, sorry – obviously you didn’t mean to faint, that wasn’t in your control.”

“But by your own admission, you didn’t eat or drink all day even though you knew it was going to be very hot and you’d been advised to take precautions.”

“And you don’t seem to feel particularly bad about breaking the photographer’s camera lens when you fell, because it was a ‘cheaper’ wedding?”

“It’s a very soft YTA since none of this was intentional, but it sounds like you were negligent and then not particularly concerned about the consequences for other people.”

“Also from a serial fainter, a P[ublic] S[ervice] A[nnouncemnet]: if you feel like you’re getting dizzy/lightheaded, do not do what OP did and get up and try to walk.”

“Stay seated, lie down if you can, and ask someone to bring you water.” ~ coffeemom23

“I just wouldn’t have been able to attend a wedding I knew was going to be so hot that I got a warning without any water.”

“Yeah things get busy, but you can also pack snacks and water for yourself beforehand, no?”

“Maybe I’m biased because I have gastroparesis and feed myself snacks every 2-3 hours, but damn.”

“It doesn’t take that long.”

“Overall a very unfortunate situation.”

“I wouldn’t picture ruining the possibility of wedding photos just because I skipped breakfast, but that’s what the warning was for, apparently lol.” ~ recreationallyused

“My cousin’s wedding a couple of years ago was in the summer, it was extremely hot, and I was in the bridal party so really busy the whole day.”

“None of us, I think, had time to get breakfast, but we took time to keep drinking some water and we ordered McDonald’s so no one would be feeling dizzy, everything went as smooth as it could be.”

“Like, if OP wanted she could have eaten while running errands, putting on a dress, or driving to the place for a happy meal, and she would be fine.” ~ kuroobloom

“Are you kidding me?”

“I had to look back to see, yup OP is 21.”

“I’m 60 now and diabetic, and I know a thing about low and high readings.”

“But as a normal healthy 21 year old, I never once thought of it, fainting, any type of harm.”

“The age of nothing bad will ever happen to me. Invincible!”

“Damn give the girl a little slack.”

“OP, offer to and do pay the photographer for his loss.”

“Apologize to the bride and groom, and learn a lesson here.”

“You’re not invincible and bad things can happen, even to you.” ~ Begs-2-Differ-7GA

“Seriously. They even pointed it out ahead of time for the people who are too busy to worry about their health.”

“Lol YTA. Not soft. Not gentle.”

“As a person who faints in heat if I’m the least bit dehydrated, this was completely avoidable.”

“Please recognize that drinking water doesn’t have to interrupt your day.”

“Stop risking your health because you feel so busy.”

“This could just as easily have been a mineral imbalance that impacted your heart health.”

“Apologize to your aunt, and don’t ever talk down about someone having a less expensive wedding than you feel is acceptable.”

“Good for your aunt on trying to keep things within her budget.” ~ turry92

“I think it’s entirely her fault, and it was in her control.”

“She admits that everyone was advised to eat and drink water.”

“She broke a camera, shaded her aunt (cheaper wedding), and does not even feel bad about it.”

“She only cares that she was embarrassed.”

“But it was all her doing.”

“She also does not feel bad that the bride the groom won’t have any good pictures of their wedding.”

“To me, this all rings strong YTA.” ~ GirlFromWonderland_

“As a former professional photographer with a college education in photography, 15 years of experience, and one ‘good’ camera, I found this comment from OP so tone-deaf.”

“This is why everyone thinks that anyone can be a photographer because they completely misjudge what it is to be a photographer.”

“I also often photographed weddings only of friends or friends’ families because it was more comfortable for me with social anxiety.”

“My camera equipment has cost upwards of $10,000, and that’s for just the body and two L series lenses.”

“YTA, OP.”

“I would be livid if someone as negligent and wholly selfish and inconsiderate as you crashed into my equipment and broke it all with an ‘oops, but the photographer was a friend of the family, so it didn’t count.'”

“That has literally nothing to do with their level of professionalism or expertise… next time heed the warning to eat and drink.”

“Sorry you passed out but learn to take better care of yourself next time.” ~ arandomnamebcihadto

“Yup, I’m prone to fainting myself, but that’s why I keep protein or macro bars on me at all times.”

“I keep a bag of chips in my car, an apple in my purse (for very long days), and a 32 oz travel tumbler half filled with Gatorade Zero and ice and the rest with cold water.”

“It’s literally kept my drink cold overnight, in my car, in a Southern California summer.”

“If you drink it all, run into any pagoda, gas station, pharmacy, etc, and get water to refill the tumbler so it can stay cold.”

“Fainting OP, please do this.”

“If not for other human beings, then for yourself.”

“You could seriously injure your head or lose control over your urinary and bowel functions.”

“YUP. That happens.” ~ ShinyIrishNarwhal

“YTA. You were warned that you should eat and drink before the wedding. Why?”

“Because things like fainting and heat exhaustion are real.”

“You ignored the advice.”

“You fainted as a result.”

“You could’ve gotten a pass if you hadn’t fallen on the photographer, but you did.”

“Because of your choices, the bride does not have the wedding photographs she wanted.”

“She has every right to be really angry at you as your actions led to that consequence.”

“It doesn’t matter that you didn’t intend for it to happen.”

“What matters is that you ignored their advice, and the bride suffered as a result.” ~ _gadget_girl

“YTA. Not for the fainting, which cannot be controlled, but for not drinking and eating despite being advised to – that CAN be controlled.”

“You are not a little kid, I don’t care how busy you were – unless you were running from an erupting volcano, you should have stopped to eat and drink, especially on a hot day.”

“This time, you ruined a wedding.”

“Next time, you might endanger your and someone else’s life, depending on the place.”

“Suddenly losing consciousness is not a joke.”

“Apologize, and don’t do that again.” ~ CheshireCatsGrin87

“I’m about to be the a**hole here.”

“But I find it hard to believe you drank absolutely nothing, as you stated in your story, prior to 5 pm.”

“Busy or not, that doesn’t make sense.”

“I’m kind of getting the vibe that you didn’t really faint.”

“I went to a wedding where the bride’s little sister did this.”

“She ‘faked’ a fainting spell that went away real quick when most people ignored her (things like this were normal for the little sister).”

“She pouted the rest of the wedding because no one would stop the wedding for her.”

“Edit: I forgot to vote. YTA.” ~ REDDIT

Well, OP, Reddit is not really with you on this one.

Even though you didn’t mean to cause drama, it seems like this all could have been avoided.

In the future, it may be best to carry around supplements and liquids.

Also, visiting the doctor for a check-up could be a good idea.

You never know what could be going on.

Hopefully, you, your aunt, and the photographer can work through this.