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Bride Balks After Bridezila Sister-In-Law Insists She Can’t Get Married In The Same Year As Her

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Weddings are exciting. Many brides get excited about hitting their wedding age, finding their wedding dress, and making it to their wedding year.

Redditor Lopsided_Start2531 recently announced her wedding date, but her soon-to-be sister-in-law just yucked her yum.

This caused the Original Poster (OP) to go to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA).

She asked,

“AITA for having my wedding the same year”

She went on to explain.

“So I’m very confused at the moment and don’t know what to do. My brother [21-year-old Male] and fiancé [21-year-old Female] have been together for nearly 10 years.”

“Next year in August they are getting married. They have been engaged for quite some time now and she is the definition of bridezilla.”

“She wanted me as a bridesmaid and was controlling the whole thing and rude to everyone and just becoming a nightmare.”

“I have just got engaged to the love of my life and we’re very excited.”

“To celebrate my Uncle’s Birthday (as he had passed) we are wanting to get married on 27th April next year.”

“I told my family happily, excited to share our decision and her face dropped on the floor.”

“She demanded there and then that we change when we get married as next year is ‘her wedding year’. What even is a wedding year ?!”

“I told her no as this is important to us and she stormed upstairs to her room.”

“Later I got texts saying that me and my partner are selfish and cruel and pathetic and disgusting for getting married the same year.”

“I told her this was not fair and that we weren’t getting married anywhere near her time and that we want this time for us.”

“She then said I’m no longer a bridesmaid and that family aren’t so cruel to one another. But I don’t understand the issue?”

“We are getting married 4 months before her wedding we are not intruding and we have done nothing wrong .”

“Am I the a**hole ?”

Redditors weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors decided:


“Get married anytime you want. Do it same day as her wedding.” – ShottySHD


“Let her have her tantrum and just focus on your own wedding.”

If you want to retort: “You’re right, family isn’t this cruel to each other. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to claim a whole year for yourself and trying to control my wedding as well as your own.” – PsilosirenRose

“She’s 21, been with your brother since she was about 11 or 12, and been engaged for “some time”. She doesn’t sound at all mature enough for a marriage…” – Aethermist88

“This is what I am stuck on too, the age.”

“This definitely sounds like immaturity, especially the part where she stormed up to her bedroom when she didn’t get her way. Lol. I hope she slammed the door too.”

“NTA.” – littleblackkatt1234

“NTA. Her wedding year!?!? Get the f*ck out of my face with that baby back rib bullsh*t.” – bathsaltsforbrekfast

“NTA- no one gets a “wedding year.” What even is that? The world doesn’t revolve around her.”

“Also, they’ve been together since they were 11?? That is wild” – ariesgal11


“There’s no such thing as a “wedding year,” unless the person is an attention hog/narcissist.”

“Go ahead with your plans.”

“It sounds like you are VERY lucky she threw you out of the bridal party because I suspect being in it will be a nightmare.”

“If she chooses not to attend your wedding, that’s on her.”

“Happy Wedding Planning!” – QuinGood

“NTA, but in case you honestly don’t understand the problem: you’re going to be married first, even though you got engaged a lot later than your brother and future SIL.”

“That must feel like a punch in the gut, “we’re better at planning, we’re getting married first,” or something along those lines.” – MotherOfData

“NTA imagine if people had to schedule weddings a year apart? Your future sister-in-law is being ridiculous” – redditusee6473

“NTA Congratulations and have a beautiful wedding. No one “owns” a wedding year.” – FlagCityDiva

“NTA! There is no such thing as a Wedding Year. Be grateful you are no longer her bridesmaid, and have a wonderful wedding!” – Unable_Ad5655

“Nta, but sounds like she might be jealous that you’d be married before her. If I had to guess, since she’s been with her s.o. for so long, she feels like it’s her right to be married first” – artistnerd856

“These entitled brides make me laugh. Honey, you get a DAY – not a YEAR. Just who do they think they are?”

“PS. Your brother and girlfriend are 21, which partly explains her bratty attitude, but they have been together ten years? Huh? What?” – JadedEnglishwoman


“Your brother needs to rethink his choice of bride.”

“Wedding Year ??? Nope.”

“What happens if you end up pregnant the same year?”


“That’s gonna be the future.”

“EDIT to say: INFO: What is she doing about all the other people who get married during that year?”

“Please ask her that.” – Hakkonnis


“The “wedding year” thing killed me. Tell her how many weddings happen in a year, and she will be destroyed.”

“Anyways, is not your fault, and there isn’t a lot for you to do besides planning your wedding.”

“Your brother’s fianceé will have to get used to the idea that you’re going to marry the same year as her.” – The_Spade_Joker

“NTA. Don’t change your date, and don’t ever push it back.”

“In 2018, my then fiancé and I wanted to plan our wedding for 2019. Then my brother announced his wedding in 2019.”

“Unfortunately, I live in another country from my family, so for me to have a wedding in 2019 as well meant my family wouldn’t be able to make it due to cost and time off.”

“In late 2019, we started looking at venues. In March 2020, we booked our venue for April 2021. A week later, our country went into lockdown for the next 1.5 years.”

“We eventually canceled our wedding, got back all our money except the deposit, and then filed our local city council to get married in 2022.”

“Only my parents were able to attend, and while they were here, my country went into lockdown again.”

“I never had that dream wedding because I kept pushing it back and back to appease other people.”

“No dress. No nice reception. No father/daughter dance. No first dance. Sh*t – I used bowser and princess peach amiibos as cake toppers because we had nothing.”

“I still have plans for a vow renewal in our favorite place with just the two of us.” – turquoise_kittie

“NTA. What is a wedding year?! Why not book the whole century while she is at it, so theirs would be the only marriage everyone would witness in their lifetime?”

“I think no longer being a bridesmaid sounds like a blessing.” – Kindly_Egg_7480


“‘Wedding year’ is her made-up thing. This made-up concept seems to be common among bridezillas. Your date is perfectly acceptable.”

“Tell her she can have a wedding year for her next wedding cuz doubting this marriage will last.” – Ducky818

“NTA. Never mind what Queen Entitled thinks; do what you want to. She’s been engaged for years. It would be ridiculous to put your plans aside when she could have gotten married whenever” – Possible_Tiger_5125

“Gosh, don’t you know anything?”

“You can’t seriously expect to marry in the same year–or in the same state, or wear a white dress, or use any of the same wording in your vows, because those are all hers, you horrible thief!”

“Next I suppose you’ll copy-cat the idea of registering for gifts, or even invite some of the same guests…”

“Um. NTA, obviously. Your future SIL sounds thoroughly unhinged, however. Being fired as bridesmaid may be dodging a bullet.” – cantareSF

“Depends on how far away your mutual family lives. I had a similar situation. I was engaged in 2020 (everything for 2021 was taken, so I took a 2022 date).”

“My cousin got engaged six months after I had my venue booked and chose the weekend before mine.”

“Family from out of town obviously couldn’t afford to come to both, so had to choose. They all felt like he was an a**hole for doing that.”

“Not going to lie, I’d be pissed if my brother got married before if I had the date first. I would know I didn’t have logical ground to object, but it is like an unspoken rule for families, I would say.”

“Weddings make you illogical. I had to go on anti-anxiety meds for mine, and having a sibling so close to mine would just make me feel like everything was a competition (even if it’s not).”

“People underestimate the stress of weddings esp if you are paying for it.” – Baby_belugs

“NTA, a wedding year is not a thing, BUT is the rest of the family ok with it being on your late uncle’s birthday? Did he have a spouse/children that it might actually be quite hard for?” – Woodford82

Look, as long as the OP promises not to get divorced in the same year then it should be all good.


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