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Couple Balks After Wedding Guests Ask To Use Their House As A ‘Boarding Facility’ For Their Dogs


There’s little more exciting than the days leading up to one’s wedding day.

In addition to the ceremony, reception and endless fun, there’s also the fact that your closest friends and family are on their way to celebrate the day with you.

However, dealing with wedding guests prior to their arrival isn’t always easy.

Particularly not for Redditor Matching_Socks33, who found herself bombarded by her guests asking if they could bring some rather unusual plus ones.

Concerned she may not have handled the situation as well as she could have, the original poster (OP) took to the subReddit “Am I The A**hole” (AITA), asking fellow Redditors:

“AITA for telling my wedding guests my house is not a boarding facility?”

The OP began by sharing how she and her fiancé thought they had found a solution to their wedding venue which was both meaningful and cost effective.

“I (28 M[ale]) and my fiancé (29 F[emale]) are getting married in the spring and we are planning on having the wedding be held at our house to help with costs.”

“The house is almost 4 acres and has lots of room along with a pool.”

“My grandparents passed it down to me before they passed.”

“They also had gotten married at the house and we both agreed that it was the perfect wedding spot.”

“We will be having the reception held at a local place and have everything in place.”

An added perk to their venue was that the OP’s parents didn’t need to find accommodations for their dogs.

“We have 2 large dogs that are very friendly and have a kennel big enough for them to hang out when it’s nice outside.”

“My parents asked if we would be willing to let their dog stay at our house as the hotel does not allow dogs.”

“We didn’t see an issue as the dogs are familiar with each other.”

However, the news that the OP and their fiancé had a kennel, and that the OP’s parents were leaving their dogs there, began to spread fairly quickly amongst the other guests, resulting in some unexpected requests.

“The issue came up when guests started asking if their dogs could come and stay with us.”

“My fiancé is starting to get annoyed and might want to change the date and location.”

“I had enough and told our guests that we were not a boarding facility and should find other arrangements for their pets.”

“Some of the guests on my fiancé’s side have decided not to attend unless we accommodate them.”

“AITA for telling my wedding guests my house is not a boarding facility?”

Fellow Redditors weighed in on where they believed the OP fell in this particular situation by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

The Reddit community stood firmly on the side of the OP, agreeing she was in no way the a**hole for refusing to host the dogs of her guests.

Just about everyone agreed that asking the OP and her fiancé to host their guests’ dogs was a completely unreasonable request, and if that meant they wouldn’t come to the wedding, the OP was probably better off.


“If they can’t afford to board their animals or hire a pet sitter, they should stay home.”

“I wouldn’t want people like that at my wedding anyhow.”- AppalachianEnvy.

“NTA – who takes their pets to weddings anyway?”- ScariMonsters.


“I don’t know how everyone found out about this but enough is enough.”

“If you want to explain, just tell them that there is only so much room and you do not want to stress your own dogs with bringing in those with whom they are not familiar.”


“They won’t attend unless you let them bring their dog?”

“I mean, who DOES that?”

“I have two dogs and I would never consider taking them with me to a wedding.”

“I would hire a dog sitter so they could stay home.”- patjames904.


“Of course you shouldn’t have to board the dogs of your wedding guests.”

“Where do people get these insane ideas?”

“NTA: It is YOUR wedding.”

“They can have their dogs at their own damn wedding.”-Raychel945.


“What in the wide world of f*cks were they planning to do with their pets if you used a different venue?”

“If I ever give ‘can’t leave my dog at your house’ as the reason for not attending a wedding, you can damn sure bet I wasn’t tryin to go in the first place.”-JBrewd.


“As you said, your place is not a boarding facility.”

“If they don’t like then they shouldn’t come.”


“Besides, if a minor inconvenience is a big enough deal from them to not come then it’s obvious this isn’t too important to them anyway.”

“Save yourself the stress, celebrate your big day with people who actually want to be there.”

“NTA – also ridiculous they are not coming if you won’t accommodate.”-grop76549.


“You don’t throw a bunch of unfamiliar pets together and think it will work out.”

“Just let them know you are at capacity and give them local boarding options.”- PleaseCoffeeMe.

“NTA! What the hell is wrong with these entitled people.”- oleblueeyes75.


“You’re not obligated to accommodate people just because you have the space!”-No_Result8381.

“NTA you have every right to tell them no it’s your right as human beings and it’s your home.”-At0micWolf666.

“Lol obviously NTA.”

“These requests are insane.”-patticakes16.


“Let them know that you’d like it if they’re able to come attend, but that you understand if that’s not possible as finding a trustworthy pet-sitter is difficult.”- throw_whey_protein.


“This whole grown people entitlement sh*t is getting scary.”- Able-Ad-6727.

A few pointed out how hosting their parents dogs was completely understandable, but anyone else asking was simply presumptuous, with some wondering if their parents started the idea that the OP would be willing to host other dogs..


“Your parents are different than other guests.”

“Do understand though that some people may not come anymore.”-catfoodonmyshelf.



“How many dogs do these people think can stay in one place?”

“Where would all of them stay?”

“All over a strange house?”

“Running around outside?”

“Fill the house with crates?”

“I can just imagine all the poop to scoop after, and you can’t just assume all the dogs would get along.”

“Nothing like dogfights during the ceremony, right?”

“Or a huge multi dog fight in your house during the reception.”

“And would there be a parade of people going to let their dog out during the reception?”

“Would all the dogs be at the ceremony?”

“Keeping your parents’ dogs was reasonable, they know your dogs.”

“Keeping everyone’s dogs is asking for trouble.”-tnscatterbrain.


“And tell your parents to stop telling people about the dogs.”

“NTA.”- Revolutionary_Ad1846.


“You’ve clearly introduced your dogs that housing them shouldn’t be an issue.”

“Additionally, you’ll have a bunch of other stuff to deal with in addition to your pets, and if your parents dogs are housed with yours, one of them can help take care of them.”-RebeccaMCullen.

“NTA: You and your fiancé have a right to privacy and peace.”

“Your parents are one thing but anyone else needs to back off.”-86broncos.

While others reminded the OP that she and her fiancé had enough on their plate already, and didn’t need to add the responsibility of caring for someone else’s dog on top of that.

“Omg… No.”

“NTA It is your guests responsibility to figure out what to do with their pets.”

“That’s one of the jobs of being a pet owner If they don’t come because you will not keep their dogs.. that’s on them.”

“You don’t need additional tasks, additional responsibilities, or really need to be accommodating to anyone else for any reason.”

“This is your wedding, not a casual afternoon picnic.”

“Enjoy your day! Congrats.”-MM_in_MN.


“Why would you want the responsibility of taking care of all these pets before and on your wedding?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Taking care of pets, especially dogs can be SO hard and time consuming no way you’re being unreasonable by not wanting to take all of them in.”

“If people that you really want there really won’t be able to make it because they can’t afford a dog sitter then you could help them out but other than that nah not your problem.”-Blackbreadandcoffee.


“This isn’t just a space issue, they’re expecting you to do work for them and it’s your wedding.”

“Who does that?”-foodzillavsgothra.

“What happens if a dog fight broke out?”

“Rest assure the injured dogs owners would go after the home owners/bride&groom to get paid vet bills! “

“Too many circumstantial ‘what ifs’ to even consider it.”

“Oh and the couple that won’t come unless you board their lil Fido, let them stay home!”

“You don’t need that bs in your normal life, let alone at your WEDDING.”-MoreOfAB*tch

There were a select few, however, who felt the OP could have given a more diplomatic response, even if they agreed she was most definitely in the right.

“NTA, but you could have handled the response a little better.”-thatdoesntseemright1.

Indeed, it’s pretty surprising that anyone would willingly add more responsibility on top of a bride and groom during their wedding weekend.

Here’s hoping that this is the biggest hurdle the OP and her fiancé have to deal with when their big day comes,

Written by John Curtis

A novelist, picture book writer and native New Yorker, John is a graduate of Syracuse University and the children's media graduate program at Centennial College. When not staring at his computer monitor, you'll most likely find John sipping tea watching British comedies, or in the kitchen, taking a stab at the technical challenge on the most recent episode of 'The Great British Baking Show'.