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Woman Called A ‘B*tch’ After Berating Brother’s New Girlfriend For Her Lack Of Hockey Knowledge

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Meeting the family of your new love interest is always a stressful moment.

You want to fit in and have them like you so badly.

You want to dazzle and impress them.

But sometimes they aren’t worth your dazzle.

And are the ones who should be doing the impressing.

Case in point…

Redditor dadof2throwWay wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for calling my bf’s sister a *itch?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My b[oy]f[riend] (both 18) comes from a hockey-obsessed family and that’s saying something considering we live in Canada lol.”

“I don’t know crap about hockey except like the maple leafs haven’t won a playoff in years?”

“I don’t know… lol.”

“I also know like the names of good looking hockey players that sometimes show up on tiktok.”

“My bf doesn’t care.”

“He does plan on making me a hockey fan though.”

“Anyways, I was a tiny bit scared to meet his family since his friends made a big deal out of how intense they were as hockey fans but they were all pretty chill.”

“I did get teased light heartedly but they were nice.”

“Except his older sister (28).”

“She started asking me hockey trivia (?) questions that I clearly didn’t know the answers of and kept mocking me.”

“She then sort of looked me up and down and said ‘you’re one of those girls aren’t you?'”

“I asked her what she meant and she said I was a girly girl considering how much I dressed up for a casual family dinner.”

“I asked her why that was an issue.”

“She said it wasn’t and all his g[irl]f[riend]s have been girly girls but at least they were pretty.”

“I was really hurt by that.”

“I asked her why she was being so rude and she told me that she was just telling the truth.”

“Apparently my bf has a type and I don’t fit that.”

“He also had standards and dated people on his level who despite their girly-ness, knew the basics of hockey and were actually pretty.”

“I was confused, hurt and annoyed and ended up calling her a f**king *itch under my breath.”

“Unsurprisingly, she heard it and started yelling at me and said that I better treat her with respect or else.”

“I just said whatever and waited for my bf (he was trying to find something in the basement).”

“I stuck to him the entire night but his sister kept glaring at me.”

“And before I left she told me that she was just being honest and telling me how incompatible we are.”

“I had no right to call her a *itch and she wanted me to apologize.”

“I said no and left but she found my insta and sent me pics of his exes to prove her point and said ‘now where’s my apology?'”

“I haven’t answered yet but I’m conflicted.”

“I know I’m not his ‘type’ but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.”

“I also feel like I don’t have to apologize since she was being a massive *itch.”

“But I guess she wasn’t wrong and was indeed telling the truth.”

“I don’t know. I’m just hurt.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
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  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts… 

“NTA. If she was ‘just telling the truth’ and expecting you to handle it, she can likewise just deal because you were just telling the truth.” ~ ChapSteve711

“According to my thought if he sides with her on this, I’d run away fast his sister was completely cruel and inappropriate.”

“If he sides with her then you know you’ll always have to endure this kind of bull**it from his family.”  ~ CranberryTrue8875

“NTA. But, OP, let your BF know and tell him to handle her. Then, block her.”

“There’s something seriously wrong with a 28-year-old who stalks and harasses an 18-year-old.” ~crystallz2000

OP gave a few more deets…

“Edit: My bf isn’t aware of anything that’s going on.”

“And my friend who told me to post on here just read this and told me that I’m missing a very important piece of information.”

“I’m brown. My bf and his family are white.”

Reddit continued…

“NTA. That edit at the end is huge. His sister’s a racist.”

“Tell your BF and watch closely how he reacts to see if the relationship should continue.” ~ The-Additional-Pylon

“I second this.”

“His reaction to you telling him what has occurred between you and the sister will be very telling as to whether or not you should continue this relationship.”  ~ NascentNik

“This. I don’t know why OP hasn’t told her boyfriend but honestly, if his reaction is anything less than disgust and anger on her behalf it’s time to bounce like a newly pumped ball.”

“And if he isn’t shocked, then did he know that his sister is racist and neglected to warn OP?!”

“NTA. OP was ‘just telling the truth.'”

“Where’s HER apology?” ~ keishajay

“NTA but you need to tell him and see how he reacts, because if he lets you be verbally abused, he ain’t worth it.”  ~ WavesnMountains

“Adding the info from her edit into the equation, his reaction would tell OP a lot about his true character. NTA.”  ~ ZippyKat85

“NTA. What others said, you were sticking up for yourself.”

“And maybe got heated and lost in the moment, but, that was really cruel of her.”

“Listen, I think you should really consider breakup with this guy.”

‘This sister could end up being in your life FOREVER.”

“If this is how she treats a stranger, imagine how she treats her friends/family.”

“This is a HUGE red flag to me.”

“I would tell your BF what’s going on, ALL of it, including they’re IG stuff.”

“And call it off. You prob. don’t want to be apart of this mess of a family.”

“I mean, her parents raised him too so… Good luck.” ~ KenzieMayRae

“NTA, and I absolutely HATE that word and rarely if ever use it because I don’t think that gendered words should be used as slurs.”

“But damned if that woman didn’t deserve it.”

“I’m Canadian, old enough to be both of your moms, a very bright, accomplished woman and a former model when I was your age.”

“And I don’t know a damn thing about hockey, nor do I care.”

“I never have and I never will.”

“Find it unbelievably boring, can’t tell the players apart for all the padding and uniforms and helmets.”

“Could. Not. Care. Less.”

“And you know what?”

“Contrary to what that ridiculous, almost-30-year-old woman thinks, it doesn’t say a damn thing about my character. Or yours.”

“Her comment about ‘being on his level?’ WTF does that even mean?”

“What does she think a ‘level’ is?”

“It’s a meaningless insult meant to make it sound like he’s . . . what?”

“Something special, because he likes hockey and knows the rules and players?”

“Um, so do millions of other people.”

“Doesn’t make him special. Or her. It’s just a sport.”

“And I have no issue with the people who love it.”

“I’m very happy that they have something they enjoy, just as I am for anyone else with a hobby they love.”

“But the fact that she thinks that being hockey fans makes them magically special and on some other ‘level’ from you or anyone else?”

“I’m literally snickering.”

“My friend, not only was she rude AF to you, she’s delusional.”

“Also maybe a little racist, but even if she isn’t it doesn’t matter, because she has no manners.”

“And she’s WAY too old to think that literally just BEING A HOCKEY FAN gives her the right to treat another human being like garbage.”

“Delusional and ridiculous. It’s just hockey.”

“You were rude, but it was absolutely called for. NTA.” ~ FoolMe1nceShameOnU

“NTA. His sister has some serious jealous issues.”

“The fact she spent so much energy on putting you down actually shows that she’s afraid you are her brother’s type.”

“Those exes didn’t work out for a reason so be happy that you aren’t the same as them.”

“Don’t play into her games because that’s what she wants.”

“She obviously wants to control her brother.”

“Kill her with kindness and it will drive her nuts!”

“And this is a great opportunity for your boyfriend to feel super important by teaching you about hockey.”

“Ask him questions and ask him to teach you.”

“That’s a bond he can be proud of and really, it will draw you 2 closer.”

“Men love teaching their women things.”

“And I mean it- kill her with kindness.”

“Just smile and nod whenever she is acting that way and always answer “I’m sorry you feel that way” and make her feel like the jerk.”

“Your boyfriend chose you because you aren’t like his exes.”

“And you def aren’t like his sister either!!”

“They are exes for a reason. You got this girl!” ~ Miamax35

“NTA. Run away from this family as fast as you can.”  ~ Conscious_Bend_7308

OP, Reddit has your back.

It maybe best to have a sit down with your BF fast.

It sounds like dear sister may have some deeper issues happening.

Put you first.

Good luck.