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Guy Furious To Learn Girlfriend’s Roommate’s Boyfriend Saw Her Naked After She Passed Out In The Shower

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We all heard advice from our parents and guardians when we were growing up that we probably thought was strange at the time, like always wearing clean underwear.

When an emergency comes up, it’s helpful for the moment to be as embarrassing as possible.

But when there’s an emergency, safety is far more important than worrying about someone’s opinion of the victim, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit.

But Redditor Critical-Ad-3776 did not agree, as he was furious that another guy saw his girlfriend naked when she collapsed in the shower.

When she ended up in the hospital, the Original Poster (OP) still thought his concerns were valid.

He asked the sub:

“AITA for snapping when I found out that a guy saw my girlfriend naked?”

The OP overhead a strange joke at a gathering.

“My (25 [Male]) girl Lydia (23 [Female]), lives with a roommate who has a boyfriend, Jeff.”

“We gathered at their place last Friday for pizza.”

“After a while, Jeff asks Lydia if she is still scared of being here alone the nights the roommate goes over to his place and I can’t come.”

“Lydia has always had trouble with being alone at night and most nights I stay on facetime with her till she falls asleep so she feels safer.”

“The roommate laughs and says that if she hears a noise in the bathroom, at least it will be a ghost and not her locked in, passed out.”

“Lydia just mouths, ‘Explain later,’ to me.”

The OP didn’t like being left out.

“When we get to Lydia’s room, I ask her to explain and she tells me that this afternoon she wasn’t feeling good and ended up fainting in the shower.”

“Jeff had to break to door to roommate get in and help her.”

“She said that she already felt better and didn’t want to tell me because I was going to be worried about nothing.”

“I said that it wasn’t nothing if she had fainted and that I should be aware of these things to help her.”

“She said that now it would be just a funny story about how Jeff broke the door and roommate had to cover her with a towel so they could come to the rescue of her naked body.”

The OP especially didn’t like that last detail.

“That moment I saw red. I asked if Jeff had seen her naked and she said she couldn’t be sure since she was unconscious but the roommate said that he stood out of the bathroom until she was covered.”

“I asked if Lydia thought it was fair to me not to know that another guy had seen her naked and she said he didn’t actually saw her naked and that it shouldn’t matter since he was only helping.”

“I shouted that she just said that she was unconscious and couldn’t know if he saw her.”

“She told me to be quiet or they would hear me and I shouted that I didn’t care, that a man just saw my girlfriend body’s and I had a right to be mad.”

The other couple came in to assist Lydia.

“Jeff and roommate come in then and explain that he never saw anything, he just broke the lock and waited outside until roommate gave him a clear.”

“I said that I didn’t believe him and roommate jumped to his defense saying she was right there making sure the situation wasn’t embarrassing so they could take proper care of Lydia without her feeling weird.”

“I said that if she was a cuckold I wouldn’t be.”

“Jeff then shouted at me saying I should respect his girlfriend and mine, who had spent a whole day saying that she was fine but still looked a bit pale.”

“He said that he only did it because he cared about Lydia, that I was an a**hole who didn’t deserve any type of help.”

“Hearing him say he cared about her was it for me, I left without as much as looking at Lydia as she begged not to go.”

The situation escalated for Lydia.

“Over the weekend Lydia had to be admitted to a hospital as she didn’t feel good again and Jeff and roommate prohibited me from seeing her, saying I didn’t deserve her.”

“Obviously, the whole hospital thing sucks and I wish I was there for her but I still think I was right.”

“At this point, I’m not mad at Lydia anymore, just at Jeff.”

“They later agreed to let me see Lydia upon her asking them to.”

“She said it would be best for us to be away from each other for a while”

“She is feeling better and from what I heard, she is anemic among other things but going home this week.”

Fellow Redditors weighed in:

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Some were appalled by the OP’s sense of priorities.

“I went from feeling a bit uncomfortable to a bit panicky reading this.”

“He heard that his girlfriend passed out, and instead of worrying about why/what’s going on with her health (which he doesn’t seem to care much about at all), he assumes the guy who helped her was getting off on potentially seeing her boob for 3 seconds, instead of worrying about her being safe.”

“That just says SO MUCH about his own mindset/motives, and none of it good at all.” – whomever1234

“The holy s**t part is that he cares more about the fact that someone maybe saw some boobs or thigh, than that his girlfriend passed out in the shower.”

“We’re really understating how dangerous that is. You can crack your skull open, break limbs, and so much more – you can even drown.”

“She was so d**n fortunate to have someone there ready, willing, and able to take that door down in order to help her in her time of need.”

“Imagine hearing that your girlfriend passed out in the shower and you ‘see red’ because maybe someone saw some skin. Holy s**t.”

“Imagine hearing that a friend cares about a friend and storming out of the room and conversation.”

“He’s the type of guy that will never learn or see why he’s wrong and instead just ruin some poor girl’s life who doesn’t know any better.”

“YTA” – Kale127

“Reminds me of an ex I had that got jealous of an ER attending for seeing my lady parts when I went in for an abscess.”

“He also got jealous of my friend’s dog when he (the dog) jumped up to give me some doggo love and put his paw on my breast (I wish I was making that up).”

“OP is clearly as nuts as this ex of mine.” – bouncy_bouncy_seal

Others said the OP should have been concerned about his girlfriend’s health and safety.

“Also running water hitting your mouth and nose while you’re unconscious can lead to drowning. Especially if her hair clogs the drain and the tub fills, which has actually happened.”

“The fact that he’s accusing her of cheating by saying he ‘won’t be a cuck’ because someone else had to break the door down because she was having a medical emergency is disgusting.” – Seliphra

“I slipped in a hotel bathroom once, landed on the rim of the tub right onto my ribs. I was alone, in a city far from anyone I knew, and it was late at night.”

“I basically laid there, in pain, for what felt like hours, even though it was barely twenty minutes. I was barely ambulatory that night and even into the next week. The plane flight home was misery.”

“I would have loved someone to break in and help me. And not a single person I have ever dated would have been mad at someone seeing me naked as they helped me.”

“OP is a massive a**hole and hopefully a soon to be ex-bf.” – vonbauernfeind

“Just the highly likely chance she smashed her head off something on the way down.”

“Like what did he prefer the guy to do?? I’d flip out if the guy didn’t go help!!”

“Imagine that and then he said something like, ‘I didn’t think it would be right if she was naked.’ WTF.” – TraditionalBit8328

“The options were to let possibly her die in the shower (longshot but possible), call 911 and wait for strangers (EMTs) to break the door down and help her while seeing her naked, or break the door down themselves.”

“And OP seems to favor letting her die. I mean WTF (what the f**k)?!?”

“YTA.” – RexJacobus

“Could you imagine if his GF needed emergency first aid?”

“‘No! I forbid you using that defibrillator on her! You would need to take her shirt off and I will NOT be cuckolded that way'” – ali_stardragon

“And don’t forget, the girlfriend KNEW he would behave this way. That’s probably why she was afraid to tell him.”

“For anyone in a healthy relationship, it would be completely normal to mention to a partner that you had passed out and someone came to help you.”

“MAJOR YTA” – beingserial

The OP thought that he was right to be worried about what the other boyfriend saw, but the subReddit didn’t think he had a leg to stand on.

Emergencies can be super embarrassing because of the lack of privacy, but privacy in those moments doesn’t matter. Making sure someone is okay would be much more important.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

McKenzie Lynn Tozan has been a part of the George Takei family since 2019 when she wrote some of her favorite early pieces: Sesame Street introducing its first character who lived in foster care and Bruce Willis delivering a not-so-Die-Hard opening pitch at a Phillies game. She's gone on to write nearly 3,000 viral and trending stories for George Takei, Comic Sands, Percolately, and ÜberFacts. With an unstoppable love for the written word, she's also an avid reader, poet, and indie novelist.