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Guy Makes Painful Error After Popping What He Thought Was A Pimple Next To His Ear

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In an absolutely shudder inducing and disgusting turn of events, a guy posted to the subReddit “Dear Reddit, Today, I F—– Up,” sharing how he popped a pimple.

Except it wasn’t actually a pimple.

Some people will immediately cringe in reaction, waiting for the punch-line, and they’re not wrong to do so. The guy posted to the sub-Reddit, as “peter_tingle,” stating that he is frequently prone to having pimples on his face, which he usually has to pop to help them go away.

In this case, however, he developed a particularly large pimple right next to his ear. It was especially large and gross to look at, though it showed no sign of healing or coming to a head to pop.

It was also causing pain in his ear, face and head.

The guy then took matters into his own hands, attempting to pop the pimple. It eventually did, and he felt immense relief in his face, as well as relevant earache and headache symptoms he had developed since the pimple appeared.

The strange thing was two days later when he went to ride his bike, he fell off it and had to walk the bike home.

The next day, he went to the doctor to have his road burns checked out, which prompted a discussion about the popped pimple. As it turned out, he had popped a swollen lymph node, which explained the pressure in his face, ear, and head.

When he popped it, the liquid was pouring back into his ear, which caused and infection. This accounted for his imbalance on his bike.

You can read the whole story here: 

TIFU by popping a forbidden pimple
by u/_peter_tingle_ in tifu

Reddit, of course, was thoroughly grossed out.

Although some people shared their own grotesque stories in the comments, much to some fellow Redditers’ dismay.

“AAAAAGHHH!!!!”  kaatie80


“I just woke up and THIS is the first thing I read… Going back to bed see you later.”  Hadtarespond

“Fam, you gotta warn people before they read some s— like this… I ain’t even had my coffee yet.” BLeeS92031

However this is an important reminder to thoroughly understand what you’re looking at before you attempt to correct it yourself, or you may cause further damages. It’s always best to leave medical procedures to the experts when you can.

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Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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