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Guy Loses It After His Wife’s Friend Gives Her A Vibrating Blanket To Help Ease Her Back Pain

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Some people get creative in the bedroom. A lot of people like to use some toys.

But, unless we’re missing something, vibrating blankets and vibrators are two different things.

One Redditor encountered this very confusion with their friend. So they turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

They asked:

“AITA for giving my friend an offensive gift?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“So I (26F) went to college with my friend and I came back to the same city to visit some friends and went over to her house for dinner.”

“She and I text a lot and she told me she has horrible back pain that doesn’t go away even with meds and I told her to use hot water bag which she does but it gets cold too quickly. So I got her a heated blanket that also vibrates for her pain.”

“We had dinner and I gave her the present and she opened it in front of her husband which I didn’t think was a big deal until she started fiddling with the controls and the blanket started vibrating.”

“Her husband got really angry and told me to take back the present since it was a vibrator!”

“I was speechless because how is a blanket a vibrator?”

“He told us to get out which we did and slammed the door behind us. My friend texted me and told me it was probably better that we didn’t see each other again and she is angry I let her turn it on in front of her husband and I’m so shocked but should I have seen it coming?”

“They are Egyptian so I assume there are cultural difference but I didn’t expect this. AITA?”

Redditors gave their opinions on the situation by declaring:

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Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA. The husband seems to have some insecurity issues to be intimidated by a vibrating blanket.” ~ NeuronVomit

“Just as I was thinking, this man is 100% jealous. I’m the kind of person that would also send extra small condoms for that reaction though so I’d definitely make things worse though.” ~ OofPleases

“NTA. Sounds like a big assumption on friends husbands part and a MAJOR overreact. Also now you’re banned from being friends? Sound like her husband is insecure and controlling. Sorry you lost a friend.” ~ JschexxyOG

“This, and also who’s brain sees a blanket, and thinks ‘sex toy’? That’s so strange.” ~ dillwilldoodledee

“Or electric toothbrushes.”

“Like I get it if OP gave the friend a Hitachi wand (which is a massager but has been co-opted as a vibrator) but a vibrating blanket is just a vibrating blanket. Most people aren’t going to associate it as a sex toy.” ~ circusmystery

OP was just trying to do something nice.

“NTA – you bought a therapeutic blanket to relieve pain. They somehow sexualized it.” ~ Ok-Perception-3001

“NTA. Wow, it’s a blanket! It’s for pain relief. Her husband is a crazy man. Sorry you lost a friendship in such a bizarre way.” ~ noccie

“INFO: Have you messaged her to say that it isn’t sexual, it’s for her back?”

“Still NTA either way though.” ~ dillwilldoodledee

“Right? Lots of things vibrate for lots of reasons – electric toothbrushes, foot massagers, game controllers, cell phones. None of these things are inherently sexual (don’t @ me. What you do with your stuff is your business).”

“I think the husband was just jelly. OP, I think that was a thoughtful gift.” ~ Western_Compote_4461

“NTA, but I’m worried for your friend. It sounds like her husband is very controlling if she’s not allowed to be friends with you anymore. I doubt your friend is actually upset with you but she’s just so used to placating this guy.” ~ mrsgip

“NTA I feel sorry for your friend. I don’t think it is cultural problem but rather an ignorance problem. Believe or not many men ignore completely how female anatomy works and many other basic common knowledge information.” ~ Educational_Co

Some people were more concerned about their relationship.

“It sounds like she is in an abusive relationship.”

“If you feel like you can be there for her, tell her that in no uncertain terms. ‘I am always here for you if you need me. Your husband has no right to be angry with you – or angry about something to help your pain just because it happens to vibrate. You deserve someone who values your comfort more than that.'” ~ KittyKiitos

“Imagine being so insecure about your masculinity, you’re threatened by a blanket going buzzzzzz… NTA, OP.” ~ toss_it_out12345678

“NTA. It was a very thoughtful gift. I suspect it was a cultural gift and a misunderstanding. I’m sorry you lost your friend.” ~ DragonsLoveBoxes

“NTA The blanket is bad just because it vibrated? Toothbrushes vibrate. Are they sexual, too? Sheesh. This makes NO SENSE.” ~ Spotzie27

“NTA. You got your friend something to help their pain, it’s strange to me that it was taken so poorly but maybe you are right that it’s a cultural difference or misunderstanding? Idk. Seems obvious that a heat pad isn’t a pleasure toy, but I digress. You are NTA and I hope things clear up here.” ~ Airesigns

“This has nothing at all to do with you and your thoughtful gift and all to do with her controlling husband and his over the top bizarre reaction. The fact that she immediately agreed with him means these aren’t people you really want to be around. You’d always have to monitor your behavior. I hope you took the blanket back. NTA” ~ Littleballoffur22

“NTA— it was supposed to be a thoughtful gift to help her with her pain. A lot of things vibrate, massaging machines, toothbrushes, etc.. But none of those are considered sexual. If she’s so easily willing to cut your friendship off like that, then she’s shallow as heck. Leave them be, it’s their loss.” ~ crempouf

“NTA. Now I want one too. With my weight loss I get super cold & the vibration will help muscles spams that go along with my Severe chronic nerve pain. Where did you find the blanket? If you don’t mind my asking that is.” ~ CrazyReckly

I don’t think that man knows what a vibrator is.