Guy Finds Ingenious Way To Get Back At Gym Bro Who Shamed Him For Wearing Short Shorts

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Body shaming is an annoyingly frequent occurrence for many gym goers.

Redditor bothonpele was recently shamed by a fellow gym goer after the gym goer’s wife kept approaching him.

The OP was asked to change by the gym staff, but the next day decided to get creative with how he took the note.

This creativity was not received well by all, ultimately leading the OP to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA).

He asked:

“AITA for wearing short shorts to the gym even after being asked to stop?”

He went on to explain.

“So I am a big guy. I workout daily. I go to three gyms regularly.”

“I wear and have worn what we lovingly call ranger panties. They are short shorts. Think magnum pi.”

“I usually get attention for this, but it’s usually just old men that roll their eyes. Occasionally women stare. Nothing out of control.”

“I’ve been doing it for years.”

“Well recently a woman joined my gym that seems obsessed with my legs. She will walk over every time she sees me.”

“Well her husband came with her the other day. He proceeded to have a mental breakdown over his wife talking to me.”

“He came over and asked if I thought my shorts were appropriate. I responded by asking him not to objectify me for being beautiful. Which made him very mad.”

“Staff got involved and asked me to cover up for a little while. I said sure. So the next day I came in smaller shorts but with a long sleeve shirt.”

“He was with her and lost his mind.”

“When staff came again to talk to me. I said I had been working out like this here for years. I’ve also seen women wear a hell of a lot less. So I would not be changing anytime soon.”

“Which they just shrugged at.”

“So Reddit Aita? Update if you want to see my legs, they are now my profile pic.”

Redditors weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors decided:

“‘I responded by asking him not to objectify me for being beautiful. Which made him very mad.’”


“‘So the next day I came in smaller shorts but with a long sleeve shirt. He was with her and lost his mind’”

“Even better.”

“NTA – not your fault his wife has an obsession with your legs and that HE is jealous of.” – What_the_Question

“NTA. Next time they bother you about it, ask them for a copy of the dress code in the contract you signed when you joined so you can review it together to fully understand what the policy says.”

“Then inform them that you’ll be filing a complaint against the husband and the employees for sexual harassment after it says jack sh*t about your shorts in the contract.” – VogonShakespeare

“NTA. Next time they ask you to cover up, show up in a ski mask, long sleeves, and even shorter shorts.” – SueBee_Art

“So… he has trust issues with his wife, and you have to do something about it?”


“NTA assuming the crotch chandelier isn’t lighting up the joint. Pretty funny. You should tell him, ‘Hey, my eyes are up here.’” – BetweenWeebandOtaku

“NTA. You’re allowed to wear whatever you want.”

“Clearly the boyfriend was jealous of you and the attention his girlfriend was giving you. I’d keep doing you, my guy.”

“Who gives a f*ck what others think. You’re not hurting anyone. If he doesn’t wanna see it or doesn’t want his girlfriend to see it, then they can go to a different gym or go at a different time” – emogurl47

“Hell no! Absolutely not. It seems the ladies love it, but on a serious note you’re free to wear whatever you like. It’s not your fault your legs attract the ladies!”

“NTA” – CellApprehensive7651

“As long as you’re not showing your balls NTA. Long sleeves? Definitely r/maliciouscompliance brilliance.”

“On one hand I’m pissed some guy thinks he can force you to cover your gams, on the other hand it’s kind like… this is the BS women often deal with.” – MediumAwkwardly

“Disclaimer: I do consider such shorts to be crimes against fashion, so I kinda think you might be TA on principle…”


“The gym staff were very wrong to ask you to fix someone else’s bad behavior. As long as I can’t tell your religion when you’re wearing them, they’re fine.”

“Except, you know, for that crime against fashion thing.”

“And epic, iconic move to wear shorter shorts and long sleeves. That made me laugh.” – HalfVast59

“NTA. You’re doing a public service imo. People who don’t know how to check someone out on the down low without being disrespectful are ruining it for everybody.” – 87212621

“NTA. The gym no doubt has an anti-harassment policy. Point out to them that it applies to all its members.” – Sebscreen

“Are you in violation of the club’s published rules? If so, Y T A. If not, N T A. It’s as simple as that.”

“So, need more info.” – jackalopeswild

“NTA and lmao.”

“I know what ranger panties are….unless you are wearing like a super tight, spandex version showing your junk you are absolutely fine and appropriate.”

“Dude just has a stick up his a**. Most women wear something similar (or even less) at the gym.”

“Hell, I used to wear super short spandex shorts that are probably the equivalent of what you wear. It’s less common for men to do, but it’s perfectly appropriate.”

“I guess it’s not as common in the Midwest (I saw that is where you are from in the comments), because I definitely see guys wearing them on occasion at my gym.” – VioletDuck1

“NTA. I think you should get leggings that leave little to the imagination. You’re covered up, right?” – Aetra

“You are not responsible for the insecurities of others. As long as you aren’t violating some rule regarding a dress-code you are fine. NTA” – Dimirosch

“NTA you can wear whatever you want to wear. Nobody has the right to comment on your fashion sense. The gym is a place to work out, not to perve on other people” – Forsaken-Yak-7581

“NTA. Tell the staff that the guy keeps making inappropriate comments about your an** and crotch.” – ElMachoGrande

“NTA. Show off those thunder thighs! As long as you aren’t flashing anybody or breaking the rules, I see no problems. Get those gains!” – Rude_Ad930

“NTA. I live in a military town, and my husband retired military. You will see men in these ranger panties all the time.”

“I see them in the local supermarket, jogging in my neighborhood, or at the gym.”

“You always know what these men are up to; they are training for something when they have heavy duty backpacks on or off to working out. It’s really not that big of a deal.”

“I hate when people force women to cover up because people are uncomfortable with their bodies. I dislike it when people do it to men.” – Loud_Eye_7141

“NTA, also that’s f*cking hilarious.”

“Man, I do martial arts stuff, and it involves working out too. You gotta wear what makes you comfortable.” – DreadedChalupacabra

“It would be funny if the husband demands the wife swap gyms, and then it’s one you also go to. Karma for his insecurity LOL”

“Ps NTA..” – hotmumma7

“For every girl who was ever told to cover up because she was distracting the boys, for every breastfeeding mother who’s ever been told to cover up, for every woman who’s ever been told she “was asking for it” because of how she was dressed, NTA!!”

“And the other dude — your wife’s getting turned on, and your response is to go talk to the other guy???????” – robynmk62

“NTA. It would be different if every time you did a lunge, your balls tumbled out like two kittens in a sack, but your intimate parts are covered, and you’re wearing purpose-built athletic wear.”

“Flaunt them gams!” – NotThatValleyGirl

“Absolutely not! I had an argument on TikTok over this issue. If these women feel that they can dress scantily clad, then the men should to.”

“I would love for you to make a video on how women’s stares are making you uncomfortable when you’re just trying to work out, lol.” – ladylik3

“I feel if a person is concerned about what another person is wearing at a gym, then they are not working out hard enough. I don’t have time for shenanigans when I go to the gym.” – BrocaBeach

“NTA – it’s his problem, not yours. It’s the same bs with women “Oh cover up yourself” – no, why? Stop staring and learn how to control yourself instead of trying to control everyone else around you.”

“Wonder what the husband would do being at the beach or like….”

“‘So the next day I came in smaller shorts but with a long sleeve shirt.’”

“Well, you did as you were told. XD” – Joubachi

Sounds like a heck of a pair of legs.

Written by B. Miller

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