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Couple At Odds After Husband Refuses To Use The Guest Bathroom For His Morning Poops

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Like the title of the popular children’s book suggests everyone poops.

It’s a normal physical function of all living things.

But while there should be no stigma about the natural process by which we expel waste from our bodies, let’s face it, it’s not a pleasant situation to be around.

Redditor Sera69699 raised a stink about their husband’s way of poopin’ and had but one request.

However, when confronting the matter did little to improve the situation, they visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for not wanting my husband to poop in our bathroom?

The Original Poster (OP) explained why the potty of choice was a problem.

“Not a marriage ender but definitely an annoying issue. So my husband likes to poop in our bathroom, and he usually poops right in the morning and right before bed.”

“He only wants to poop in our bathroom, he likes it better. It’s roomier, has big windows, etc.”

“The problem is the times when he goes to poop are times when I also need to use the bathroom. We have the same sleep schedule so right in the morning and before bed I need to brush my teeth and get dressed, etc. I need the bathroom.”

“We have another bathroom and I want him to poop in there. He thinks I should just wait till he’s done pooping, but then our bathroom stinks for like ten minutes.”

“I don’t want to smell his poop stink while I brush my teeth, or sit on a warm toilet seat.”

“AITA for wanting him to poop in our other bathroom?”

The OP clarified in edit.

“I have about 30 products I need to use every morning, there is no room for my stuff in the other bathroom. It only has a small cabinet and the sink is only a basin, no counter.”

“So I’d have to carry my stuff over every morning and set everything on the floor so he could have a window while he poops.”

Strangers online were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
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  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

Many Redditors sided with the OP as not the a**hole here while sharing their own methods of dropping a deuce with their respective spouses.

“NTA. My husband and I poop in the poop bathroom for this exact reason. Your husband and you both can poop in the other one. Just not at the same time.” – DrTwinMedicineWoman

“I do, too. I get up earliest, so I poop in the guest bath. When my husband pisses me off, I chew up a few pieces of jerky and spit them into his toilet to make him think he is getting sick or something is weong with his butthole.”

“Then he spends the day with a worried lolk on his face.” – Current-Mission-5521

“I can confirm that after my husband and I both got explosive diahorrea in our hotel room in Bali recently (it was a lovely room but the ensuite wall was apparently pretty thin) , meaning we both heard and smelled EVERYTHING the other was suffering through – I can confirm this is very true.”

“Fortunately we were able to laugh about how awkward it was later and have almost got the spark back 😅” – 30-something

“At my old office we called it the ‘DS’ – the designated sh**ter. There’s one in every office. In our case it was the two-stall bathroom in the basement, where nobody ever worked except the summer clerks.”

“The clerks would just go up to the main floor and across the courtyard to pee at the supreme court’s bathrooms so they didn’t have to use the D.S.” – mellow-drama

“NTA, I thought it was a standard marriage rule that the person who has to poop goes to the guest bathroom. The opposite doesn’t make sense when two people are getting ready for work in the morning.”

“That’s practically the sole reason people choose to live in two bathroom homes.” – fabledangie

“POO POURRI people it really works. Spray before you go and your poop doesn’t stink! Fresh and clean Every time. Amazon has the best price. Seasonal scents and traditional too.”

“Save our olfactory sensibilities! POO POURRI TO THE RESCUE!!” – No-Net8938

“Yep, NTA.”

“As my husband says, ‘The secret to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms.'”

“He has also said that he doesn’t think we would have lasted if we’d had to share, lol. He maaaaay be right.” – sweets4n6

“My partner of 9 years and I have always shared one bathroom. We just bought an apartment with 2 and even though we haven’t moved in yet, we’re already fully planning on using separate bathrooms.”

“I’m very excited about the idea of never having to walk into a stinky bathroom to brush my teeth again.” – thecharmballoon

“Also a person can usually know how long it’ll take them to get ready in the morning, whereas you don’t really have control over how long it would take to use the bathroom.”

“So it makes from both a logistical and congenial standpoint for husband to use the other bathroom. NTA” – Heavy_Sand5228

“For my bf and me, I get the master bathroom and he uses the hallway one. The main difference is counter and cabinet space (I need way more room).”

“We do all of our bathroom stuff in our own bathroom, unless I’m up at night needing frequent bathroom trips, in which case I use his because it’s closer to the living room.” – Tiggeribby

“I keep a supply of incense matches in the bathroom. Has saved my husband’s life on more than one occasion after a particularly bad ‘chipotle incident’, lol.”

“Just strike one, let it burn for a few seconds, blow it out and lay it in an ashtray or other heat resistant dish.” – Pagan_Chick

“NTA. It’s easier for him to poop in the other bathroom, than for you to move all your items out of the bathroom.”

“But you should consider it. Can you guys keep separate bathrooms?” – WaywardPrincess1025

“For real, growing up my sister and I shared the master bedroom with the attached master bath, my parents had the other room at the other end of the house, the one in our bedroom was our bathroom, the one by my parents room was my parents bathroom, we pooped in whichever one happened to be closest.”

“I currently live in a 2 bed 1 bath apartment, and obviously all business is done there… So the concept one being a ‘pee/get ready room’ and the other being a ‘poop room’ is such a bizarre concept to me, like if there’s 3 bathrooms does the 3rd become a defacto spa???” – immadriftersbody

“NTA – everyone poops, but (pun intended)… if you want to keep the spice alive in your marriage long term, you may want to tell your husband it’s going to eventually ruin your sex life if it’s bothering you this badly.”

“It’s going to be difficult to feel romantic with someone right after you were forced to inhale their butt stench for 10 minutes on a daily basis, as well as have it drift into the bedroom.” – SaulGudbro

“NTA. He can poop in another bathroom since all your stuff is in your bathroom. It’s just common curtesy. He doesn’t have to lug 30 products to go poop. He’s just being a big baby.” – Peacemaker-8044

“This, NTA. My husband and I ran into this issue with the first apartment we lived in so one of the things that was important to us when we started looking at houses to buy was that the toilet was separate from the rest of the bathroom and every house we’ve owned since then has had a door to the poop closet as we call it.” – LatteLove35LatteLove35

“NTA – I’ve been known for some extinction-event poops, myself: If my wife asked me to use the other bathroom for those in the morning, it really is a reasonable request – Because yeah: trying to brush your teeth in.a cloud of decomposing skunk ether is just… unpleasant.” – Slow-Technology-428

“Omg… I’m so getting downvoted, but NTA . Your man doesn’t need a freaking window to poop. The bathroom with all of your products happens to be the bigger one.”

“All he needs to poop is the toilet and his phone. You need to be able to get ready in the morning. It’s just common sense.” – AASRTRM

“NTA. If it bothers you I can’t see why he’s willing to die on this hill.”

“No one wants to smell someone else’s poop smell and he has to go during the morning bathroom rush and right before bed. Your logic makes sense to me.” – faerymoon

“NTA. Are most of the y t a commenters here men who are indignant about a fellow man having his poo time threatened? Is this some sacred man thing? Why does he need the good bathroom to do a sh*t?”

“It’s so much easier for him to just go to the other bathroom for this, than it is for OP to move all her stuff and go back and forth to get ready in the morning.”

“And you know the smell is like, poo particles in the air? I mean the smell is technically just the gases, I think. But if the toilet is ever flushed without the lid down, it can disperse particles and bacteria. This is why I hate bathrooms that have the toilet in them instead of separate – I don’t want anybody’s sh*t particles all over my stuff, not even my own sh*t.”

“I wouldn’t want to get ready in a bathroom that stank, even if I was my own stink. Gross.” – Comfortable-Big-790

Overall, Redditors thought the OP’s request was reasonable and that it made more sense for the husband to pinch a loaf elsewhere instead of having the OP move all of thier morning regimen products to another bathroom.

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