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Mom Accused Of Trying To Make Son’s Friend ‘Obese’ By Feeding Him A Donut For Breakfast

Child holding donuts over their eyes.
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It’s important for all parents to make sure their children have balanced diets.

Though most parents don’t see the harm in letting their children eat a piece of candy or a scoop of ice cream here and there.

Some parents, however, are a little more extreme, and don’t allow any foods with sugar or anything processed in their kitchen.

These same parents also are not usually pleased when other parents don’t adhere to their strict rules regarding food.

Redditor AITAMOMHELP recently hosted a sleepover for her son and some of his friends.

Acknowledging it was a special occasion, the original poster (OP) prepared a fun, special breakfast for the boys.

Upon learning what they ate, however, the mother of one of the boys gave the OP a sizable earful over the phone, scolding her for trying to make her son “obese”.

Wondering if she mad a mistake, the OP took to the subReddit “Am I The A**hole” (AITA), where she asked fellow Redditors:

“AITA For feeding the kids at my son’s sleepover donuts for breakfast?”

The OP explained why they found themselves in trouble with a fellow parent following her son’s slumber party:

“My (43 F[emale]) son (10 M[ale]) had a sleepover this weekend at my house with 4 other boys.”

“They were fine and well behaved and played video games and stuff… you know kids!”

“In the morning I thought I would give them a special treat since it was a sleepover and got a half dozen donuts for the boys and one for me.”

“Quick and easy breakfast for a fun morning.”

“I typically make things like eggs, toast, and fruits/smoothies, but again, I thought it was a special occasion.”

“One of the boys told his mom, I guess, and I got a horrible Facebook message saying I’m terrible for feeding my kids this and that I’m going to make him obese.”

“I tried to explain but she just said her son wasn’t going there again and blocked me.”

“As far as I know, her son does not have any health issues in which eating a donut would be super detrimental to him.”


Fellow Redditors weighed in on where they believed the OP fell in this particular situation by declaring:

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  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

The Reddit community unanimously agreed that the OP was not the a**hole for feeding her son and his friends donuts for breakfast.

Everyone agreed that not only did the OP do nothing wrong by serving the boys donuts, but if the boy’s mother didn’t want her son eating certain foods, she should have made that clear before allowing her son to spend the night at the OP’s house.


“If the mother has food restrictions for her kid (no sugars/deserts/processed foods) then she should have passed that on before she let her kid spend the night somewhere.”

“If the kid was suppose to pass that on then… one… the kid is 10 and two… again if the mom felt so strongly about this then she should have had a conversation before he spent the night.”- Clear-Vast-5644


“Donuts after a sleepover sounds perfectly normal and delightful.”

“If this kid’s mom didn’t want her kid to have sugary sweets, she should have let you know ahead of time.”

“Also just wondering what she was expecting to happen food-wise at a sleepover.”-fallingintopolkadots


“A single donut on one day is not going to make anyone obese.”

“I feel sorry for that boy, though.”

“He’s going to have issues growing up related to food and likely control, too.”- IAndaraB

“Occasional special treats are not going to make anyone obese.”


“Send a box of donuts to the mom as an apology.”- HolyGonzo


“Unless you normally feed your kid donuts for breakfast you did nothing wrong.”

“The mom could have been reasonable and said ‘hey, please don’t feed my kid donuts for breakfast’ to which you could hve responded with ‘sure, won’t happen again’.”

“But she didn’t give you a chance to respect her boundaries with her kid.”

“It sucks for your son that this mom is like this, but you did nothing wrong.”- muonSec


“The mom sounds a little unhinged.”- Some_Pipe59

“NTA that is ridiculous.”

“I usually do cinnamon rolls for sleepover mornings.”

“It’s so much easier to just pop those in the oven instead of trying to cook breakfast for 5 different kids.”

“That poor kid is gonna grow up and go crazy with sweets because his mother is so restrictive.”-WifeofBath1984


“Poor kid is growing up with an almond mom.”

“Throwing a tantrum over a donut is definitely more detrimental to a child’s eating habits than enjoying an occasional donut.”- CompletelyFlaccid


“My mom did this when my sister and I were kids.”

“Every Saturday we would pop down to Dobar Donuts and get a dozen for the 3 of us.”

“We didn’t eat them all but it became the norm and my sister and I looked forward to it every week.”

“You did good, the other mom is madder than a ships cat.”- slap-a-frap


“I get the mom, but she should have informed you that she doesn’t want her child eating sugary stuff for breakfasts.”

“And even so, she could have approached you more politely and letting you know that she have a different diet at home for the future.”

“No one can read her mind.”- Antique_Preference_6

“NTA when my son turned 13 we had a blowout awesome sleepover that involved no sleeping, stink bombs and enough cheetos to sink a ship.”

“We had pizza, soda, and candy. It’s a kids’ sleepover, not a health spa retreat, and it’s just one night.”

“Mom is way over the line and count your blessings on being blocked.”- Ok_Homework8692

“How dare you not ask for menu approval from all the kids parents 6 weeks before the huge event.”

“I bet you didn’t even ask their blood types, too, you monster.”

“You’re a horrible parent, and your children should be removed from your home.”

“NTA.”- miss_t_winter

“NTA and you know it.”

“That’s a normal thing for kids sleepovers.”- CptKUSSCryAllTheTime


“Can I sleep over at your house?”

“I love Boston cream donuts.”

“Lmao”- Marykk10


“I feel bad for that poor kid.”- Artistic_Tough5005


“If he had celiac disease or nut allergy or another dietary restriction, that would be way different, and if you’re really concerned about it, maybe ask his mother.”

“If not, she’s just being controlling or a concerned parent who read one too many articles about donuts having too much sugar lol.”- fishstyxz

“You’re NTA.”

“If that woman has such strong feelings about donuts, she has bigger problems than her kid eating one.”

“She should have warned you ahead of time about her Donutphobia.”- Dittoheadforever


“Poor kids don’t get to have fun anymore.”

“Doughnuts for a rare treat breakfast are totally fine, perfectly appropriate after a sleepover.”

“Some parents take themselves far too seriously.”- RHND2020


“A couple donuts one morning every great once in a while isn’t going to make anybody obese, or even negatively affect their health at all.”

“That’s not how any of this works.”- Gold_Repair_3557


“If the kid had dietary restrictions, the mom should have let you know ahead of time and/or packed a pre-approved breakfast for him.”- Cheap_Clue_6095


“And at least you fed them! I can’t tell you how many times my kid has slept over that there wasn’t food offered for breakfast.”

“It got so bad that she started taking her own nonperishable food in a lunch box.”-SufficientComedian6


“And that really sucks for her kid…his social life will likely not only be controlled just at your home.”

“Mom sounds weird.”- N7OperativeIvy


“I would’ve told her then she can supply the breakfast with her picky a** lol.”- throwaway178962


“I would have been delighted as a kid.”

“Special treats should be special.”

“She is probably either a.) in a really terrible relationship with food herself or b.) taking something unrelated out on you.”

“Either way, she needs to get over herself.”- tellmemoreabouthat

“He probably said how much fun he had, and she’s jealous.”

“NTA, it’s one donut, and if she’s as anal as she seems, it won’t hurt at all unless he starts sneaking sweets, but that would happen eventually, anyways.”

“If he has a family history of diabetes, that’s where we could argue but it’s ultimately on the parent of the child to announce restrictions or dietary preferences.”- jpg760


“We also put out donuts and sugary cereal when my kids have had friends sleeping over.”

“Sometimes, I put some yogurt and fruit out or offer to make eggs, but the kids are generally happy with the junk.”

“Junk food seems like that norm for a sleepover and I see nothing wrong with it.”

“Of course it isn’t healthy or something that should be served daily, but once in awhile it to is.”-3monkeys4me

One can’t blame a parent for worrying about their child’s health and what they eat.

That being said, that any parent would think that one donut would make their child obese is absurd, almost to the point of worrisome.

Leaving one to safely assume that the OP won’t be the only parent from this boy’s class getting a call about what this poor child has been fed.

Written by John Curtis

A novelist, picture book writer and native New Yorker, John is a graduate of Syracuse University and the children's media graduate program at Centennial College. When not staring at his computer monitor, you'll most likely find John sipping tea watching British comedies, or in the kitchen, taking a stab at the technical challenge on the most recent episode of 'The Great British Baking Show'.