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Redditor ‘Spikes’ Leftovers With Ghost Pepper Flakes To Teach Food Thief Brother A Lesson

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Even those who feel lucky to have siblings will freely admit that getting along isn’t always easy.

Particularly when it comes to sharing.

This is largely owing to the fact that most little siblings don’t fully grasp the concept of sharing, and will often use or borrow their older siblings’ things without asking.

More often than not, to semi-disastrous consequences.

Redditor PhantomWolfZero was growing increasingly frustrated by their younger brother frequently eating food that didn’t belong to him.

This eventually led the original poster (OP) to take matters into their own hands, and teach their little brother a lesson about eating other’s food without permission that he would likely never forget.

Wondering if they had gone too far, the OP took to the subReddit “Am I the A**hole” (AITA), where they asked fellow Redditors:

“AITA for spiking my leftovers with Ghost Pepper flakes to teach my brother a lesson.”

The OP explained that after they found their younger brother ate some food they were truly looking forward to, the OP felt that the only solution was revenge.

“So my little brother is notorious for eating other people’s food knowing it’s not his.”

“After several talking-tos from my parents, he still doesn’t care, and if anything he will only eat mine and my sister’s food which is still annoying.”

“A few nights back we ordered pizzas from this one joint and we all order our own.”

“I wasn’t home that night but my dad took my order anyways knowing I’d eat it the next day.”

“Since all the boxes are the same and some pizzas look the same we write our names on the boxes to easily differentiate the pies.”

“You’d think this would stop my brother but it didn’t.”

“I got home the next morning pretty hungry and dying to have some of my pizza.”

‘I open the fridge grab MY BOX and lo and behold there are only 2 slices left.”

“I know my sister didn’t eat it because she hates pepperoni, it wasn’t my mom because she’s vegan, and my dad doesn’t eat anyone’s pizza without asking, so I knew damn well it was my little brother who ate not only his pizza but pretty much 3/4 of mine too.”

“I’m beyond pissed at this point because the place we order from is really good and two small slices aren’t going to cut it for me.”

“Knowing my brother would kill the rest of my box soon I decided to sprinkle Ghost Pepper flakes on the last two slices.”

“We actually grow the peppers too so we have a bunch in the freezer and a little jar of flakes for my sister and dad.”

“So I’m in the living room minding my own and my little brother comes down to eat again and he’s on his phone so he’s barely paying attention.”

“[He] has the audacity to grab my pizza right in front of me too which just annoyed me even more.”

‘After he finishes nuking it, he bites into one slice and I get up to the fridge to grab and hide the milk. I hear him freaking out and he didn’t stop crying for an hour.”

Fellow Redditors weighed in on where they believed the OP fell in this particular situation by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

For the most part, everyone agreed that the OP was not the a**hole for sprinkling their leftover pizza with ghost pepper flakes.

Many people felt that the OP’s little brother got just the comeuppance he deserved, and others found this an ultimately harmless instance of sibling rivalry.

“Lmao, nice.”

“Nah man, NTA.”

“Your little bro is a sh*tlord and deserved that lesson.”- inthefamily69


“The food was clearly labeled for you, and he knew that he should not have been eating it.”-thelizzybee


“This is just good old sibling rivalry.”

“Sounds pretty harmless and like you all will still love each other the next day.”- missnewjulia


“Eating other people’s food is a massive d*ck move.”- hiimbobross


“Keep doing it until you Pavlov dogged him.”- leezhongling71


“But I’m officially going to hell for laughing at your post.”- PAGinger

“He needs some milk.”

“NTA.”- MyLordGengar


“He should consider this a valuable lesson.”- MightyMary007


“Crank up the heat.”

“Teach him a lesson.”- GammyIsGettingUpset


“This is f*cking hilarious.”- cherub_baby


“Keep doing it till he gets the point.”- SunflowerQueen420


“It is a consumable and food thieves are the devil.”- aralim4311


“And hilarious!”- that_kindle_lady528

“There was someone at my old job that kept eating my pizza out of our employee fridge.”

“I had my name on the container and it still happened.”

“A friend of mine grew Carolina reapers so I brought them to the pizza place and asked to have them cooked under the cheese on it.”

“The next day my pizza was taken again shortly followed by someone running outside to throw up and go home for the day.”

“My food was never touched again.”- Sarcasamystik


“A**hole deserves it.”

“If your parents won’t do sh*t it’s on you to repel him.”-JTJWarrior_3


“Awesome lesson.”

“Recording the reaction would have been great.”- griffith12


“And I wish there were more people like you.”- a_man_called_Achieve


“Next time use a reaper mash.”- boatznhose

“Definitely NTA if someone eats leftovers then they deserve to get ghost peppers, it’s totally his fault.”

“I gotta save that for future reference.”- Gear_Lights


“It’s your food, you can season it how you like.”

“Your brother needs to learn to respect property and boundaries.”

“Hopefully this teaches him.”- CaptainPotassium87


“It’s f*cking hilarious but after you got the point across you should have given back the milk.”-Rebuildingz


“Rinse and repeat until he learns his lesson.”

“Start leaving some bait in the fridge.”

“Fast food burgers, maybe some chicken, etc until he stops.”

‘That’s what I’d do, and if he doesn’t eat it, hey, you have spicy food for later!”- smurfhunter99

There were a select few who felt what the OP did was a definite a**hole move, albeit a necessary one.

“The a**hole we needed.”

“I have no sympathy for food thieves.”

“It was creative.”

“Doesn’t hurt anyone.”

“And teaches him a lesson.”

“He ate his whole pizza.”

“And tried to eat all of yours.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know he’s a kid.”

“But at this rate, he’s going to end up with a problem like Sandwich Guy.”

“It wasn’t as huge a sub as Subway, it was from a local store but at least HE offered to buy more food for the group.”

“And that guy who ate an entire party’s worth of pizza and snacks.”

“They both might have some serious issues with food and may need help.”

“But this kid is young and maybe it won’t get that bad because OP did something to show him that isn’t okay.”

“Talking didn’t work.”

“Ghost peppers did.”

“I understand how you feel.”

“But the a**hole that was needed.”- mrichelieu


“But do be aware that doing this to your lunch at work for example can be deemed illegal unless you regularly eat your food with ghost pepper on it.”

“It’s considered a booby trap and assault.”

“So limit your lesson teaching to immediate family.”- alex_moose

“I mean, ESH. but the little bro def earned it.”

“Sometimes you just have to be the a-hole they deserve.”- somecallme_doc

“Technically, ESH, but your brother had that coming.”

“I applaud you.”- gorgeouswvr

“If this were r/legaladvice we’d be having a totally different conversation about how illegal that is.”

“But NTA.”- throw_every_away

“This is one of the more popular stories here, spiking food with a certain something, and, while people like to say NTA, to me it’s a clear-cut case of ESH.”

“You intentionally sprinkled ghost peppers on your pizza, then hid the milk.”

‘That’s what pushes this other the edge for me, that’s unnecessary and a**holish imo.”- Lunarixis


“And I absolutely love it.”- ilumyo


“But, “you’re not wrong Walter, you’re just an a**hole’.”

“A**holes can be justified here.”

“What you did was sh*tty, but deserving.”

“A non-a**hole would’ve handled it differently.”

“However, as a bit of a-hole myself, I think it was excellent work.”- camzabob

Others, however, felt that what the OP did was dangerous and somewhat reckless, finding nothing about their little trick on their brother.


“For this validation post.”- oarngebean


“Mostly since it seems like a petty way to solve a problem.”

“Plus depending on how well he deals with spice and how much you use, you could actually hurt him.”

“Maybe time to buy a lockable mini-fridge for your room?”- NoApollonia

One can only hope that the OP’s little brother learned his lesson, and will never eat other people’s food ever again.

There is one thing, however, which the OP might not have counted on.

Little brothers often don’t take kindly to revenge.

So the OP better watch their back for the foreseeable future.

Written by John Curtis

A novelist, picture book writer and native New Yorker, John is a graduate of Syracuse University and the children's media graduate program at Centennial College. When not staring at his computer monitor, you'll most likely find John sipping tea watching British comedies, or in the kitchen, taking a stab at the technical challenge on the most recent episode of 'The Great British Baking Show'.