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Dad Irate When Wife Flushes Medical Marijuana After Young Kids Almost Ate One Of His Edibles

A little boy starts to eat a cookie

Kids are inquisitive.

That’s why they often can’t be left alone for extended periods of time.

There is nothing they don’t want to get into.

That is why parents are told to lock up everything and anything possible.

Otherwise… trouble ensues.

Case in point…

Redditor FruitlePebbles wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for flushing my husbands pot?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I 33 F[emale] have been married to my husband (35) for 8 years.”

“We have two small children ages 6 and 4.”

“We live in a state that weed is legal, and my husband has bad joint pain due to arthritis flare ups.”

“I’ve asked my husband on multiple occasions to put it up, lock it up, or put it up high out of kid’s reach.”

“Two days ago my children were being awfully quiet and I go in the bedroom to find them trying to evenly split this cookie among themselves.”

“I recognized the packaging immediately and grabbed it, luckily they didn’t consume any.”

“Then I noticed his left over pot spread out across his tray, just on our desk; in child’s reach.”

“I was so upset I pushed it all together and took it to the toilet and disposed of it.”

“When my husband got home he was furious and said I had flushed a lot of money down the toilet.”

“I told him I didn’t care and he should’ve kept it away from the kids like I said.”

“It was a cold night that night, and he loudly complained of how bad his joints were hurting all night and how it was all my fault.”

“I offered ibuprofen on different occasions, and reminded him this wouldn’t be an issue if he would’ve kept it put up.”

“He got angry and said that I should’ve put it up then, and not dump it down the toilet.”

“I don’t think I’m the AH, he neglected to put it up out of our children’s reach.”

“I understand his body hurts, but I offered pain meds.”

“So AITA?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

“NTA. If your kids had eaten that cookie, you would have (rightfully) taken them to the ER, right?”

“And they would have run a drug test.”

“And you’d be talking to child protective services.”

“And if you were lucky, you’d be jumping through legal hoops while you still had your kids.”

“If you were unlucky, you’d be jumping through hoops while your kids were in foster care.”

“Compare those costs to what you flushed.”

“I bet he knows to lock up cleaning supplies, other medications and other poisons.”

“Pot is no different.”  ~ MaIngallsisaracist

“Same. I’m paranoid about my kids getting into the weed, so it’s in a lockbox inside a locked cupboard inside my office where my kids aren’t allowed at all.”

“The office is also locked when I’m not in there.”

“I wouldn’t let my kid get ahold of my antidepressants or mood stabilizer or my wife’s A[ttention]-D[eficit]/H[yperactivity] D[isorder] meds, weed is exactly the same.”  ~ Fairykinn

“I’m a cannabis user who also happens to have rheumatoid arthritis (started smoking long before the diagnosis, though), so I get what he’s saying about how it helps with an arthritis flare up.”

“BUT it is still something that needs to be kept out of reach of children because it’s not safe for them.”

“I don’t have kids so I didn’t keep mine locked away when I lived in a legal state, but I’d put it away if any kids were around (which was rare).”

“But now I’m not in a legal state and my niblings are around often, and there’s no way I’d leave anything out where they could get to it.”

“It’s just irresponsible to have it accessible.”  ~ KathrynTheGreat

“Anyone knows a kid isn’t going to eat just one gummy.”

“Or me, for that matter.”

“So the dose will definitely be higher for a kid thinking it’s candy as long as the taste isn’t totally gross.”

“The mom should def be on the hook for this not being locked away.”

“That being said, we all make mistakes as parents and the whole situation is tragic.”

“OP is NTA.” ~ PassengerEcstatic933

“Same reason most gummy vitamins don’t contain iron, whereas adult ‘regular’ multivitamins do.”

“Some vitamins like vitamin C you can’t really overdose on.”

“Your body pees out the excess and at most it’ll cause some diarrhea (obviously at high enough doses anything, including water, is toxic, but relatively speaking).”

“Others like Vitamin A and especially Iron you can easily overdose on and gummy vitamins are so prone to especially kids eating more than the recommended amount.”

“Iron overdose is one of the most common pediatric overdoses and putting iron in something that tastes like candy would be disastrous.” ~ APr3ttyWar

“As a regular marijuana smoker, I absolutely agree with this top comment.”

“OP’s husband should absolutely be more responsible in WHERE he keeps his flower/edibles.”

“Because leaving it laying around wherever so that children have too easy access to it is lazy, irresponsible, and bad parenting.”

“What the husband should be worried about is staying away from marijuana until he can properly prioritize being a parent.” ~ FYREFLi_KNG

“Not even remotely the a-hole.”

“Hubby and I both partake for pain reasons; we have NEVER left it where our (or any other child) could have access!!”

“Your husband’s behaviour is completely reprehensible. NTA.” ~ Accurate_Quote_7109

“OP even asked for the husband to put the weed up, and he still left it out within reach of his kids.”

“He definitely needed a lesson in what happens when you’re irresponsible with drugs and children.”  ~ Elija_789

“Everyone upset that weed was flushed when it was repeatedly left in reach of children is mind boggling.”

“If he was leaving out Vicodin or Oxy, you would (hopefully) all have a different reaction.”

“Unfortunately, his pain does not trump the safety of children when he’s being negligent with it.”

“If the medication is so important to treat his pain, he should be more responsible with it. NTA.”  ~ huixing_

“I have debilitating chronic pain. I also have a six year old.”

“You know what my kid doesn’t get anywhere near?”

“My pain meds.”

“OP you are NTA but maybe reconsider if you want to raise kids with someone who doesn’t seem to care about their health.” ~ brrritttannnyyyye

“What stuck out to me is also that he doesn’t have any other pain meds.”

“Notably, she offered him the household ibuprofen.”

“He has debilitating arthritis, and he doesn’t even have a high dose ibuprofen script?”

“No Meloxicam, no Diclofenac, no voltaren, no damn blue E[pilepsy] M[onitoring] U[nits] even? Nothing?”

“Like, dude needs to keep his meds away from the kids period.”

“But also?”

“You got options man and I’m not sure why you’re spending your painful night whining instead of trying literally anything else.”

“Maybe it’s because I have such complex pain needs at this point.”

“But I find the folks who b**ch like crazy but do absolutely nothing about it really aggravating.” ~ Moss-Monarch

“NTA. The people calling you the AH seems to be forgetting that you could lose custody of your children if they ingested cannabis and the authorities found out!!”

“What if you didn’t see them eat the cookie and they became disoriented and sick?”

“You wouldn’t know what was wrong and would likely rush them to the hospital.”

“As soon as the doctors run blood work to check for toxins they would find out and be legally required to report it to authorities.”

“And to everyone saying ‘but it’s medicine’ – that’s why pill bottles have child safety locks on them.”

“To prevent kids from accidentally ingesting things they shouldn’t.”

“Would you be defending the husband if he left a bunch of pain pills scattered on the table within reach of his young children?”

“The point is your husband was reckless and could have gotten your kids taken away.”

“You had to take drastic measures to get his attention and I think you made the right choice.” ~ zer0_c00l__

“NTA. I have my medical marijuana card and a 5 year old.”

“My weed stays in a locked box.”

“What he did could be considered negligent and dangerous.”

“Depending on the dosage, they might have been transported for the ER if any was ingested, CPS would be involved.”

“Not to mention risks of death.” ~ wovenriddles

“NTA. I am a cannabis user with children.”

“I’d never, ever leave an edible out where it’s able to be grabbed by a child, and if I did, I deserve to have it flushed or worse.”

“This isn’t some silly mistake, this is a big deal and I hope your husband learned his lesson.”

“It’s a shame his wife had to teach it to him so harshly but that’s on him.”  ~ housemusick

“Same and same. NTA.”

“I don’t keep edibles around in general because they always look so appealing and easily confused with unadulterated products.”

“But there are tons of fancy accessories and smell proof lockboxes you can buy to keep this stuff secret and safe.”  ~ redralphie

“NTA. Furthermore, I’d stick my foot further into the ground and tell him that you’ll continue to flush it, if he continues to keep it out.”

“If he wants relief, he’ll remember to pick it up.”

“Tell him if he leaves it out and your children find it before you do and something terrible happens, you won’t think twice to throw him under the bus at the hospital.”

“And mean it.”  ~ Verucalyse

Well OP. Reddit is with you.

You have to protect your kids.

Maybe this will teach the hubby a lesson for next time.

Good luck.