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Woman Accused Of ‘Embarrassing’ Her Know-It-All Sister By Stumping Her With A Basic Science Question


Redditor everyoneh8sme34 is 21-years-old and is the youngest of four siblings.

Despite her attempts at trying to connect with her 31-year-old sister, the Original Poster (OP) said her older sister never liked her.

A recent conversation over dinner did not help the situation.

The OP visited the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for embarrassing my sister during family dinner”

The OP provided some backstory before leading up to the conflict.

“So i was having dinner with my family. My sister (31) and her fiancé, my 2 brothers (28, 23) and my parents.”

“Let me give a small back story before i continue. My sister has hated me all my life. I don’t know why but she does. I tried my hardest to have a relationship with her but she never cared for it.

“You’d think after we’ve all matured, she’d quit whatever it is she’s on but she’s still the same as she was when we were children. My parents never called her out on how she treated me so she just continued it.”

“One of her favorite things to do is compare me at a certain age to her when she was that age. For example, ‘I was smarter at 14 than OP was, i even got better grades.'”

“And that brings me to today. My sister was on her sh*t again and comparing me and the college courses i’m currently taking vs the ones she took.”

“She took it to another level and said i wasn’t smart and she could prove i cheated 12 years through school and 2 years in college (???).”

“She asks (this is her exact question) ‘if you’re so smart what is the noun of a pronoun with an adverb.'”

“Everyone around the table kinda just stares like what? She asks again. I tell her there’s no answer to that as it didn’t make any sense. Her conclusion, i’m an idiot.”

“So, i decided to ask her a question.”

“I asked her to tell me how does precipitation work in the water cycle. A simple question to me. No answer.”

“She gets red and says i purposely used a ‘big word’ to confuse her and i wasn’t being fair. Here’s where i could be the a**.”

“I mocked what she said ‘But i thought you were smarter than me.’ My brother chimed in and said it was a fair question and she got embarrassed and walked out.”

“My dad says i owe her an apology and said i should’ve been the ‘bigger person’ as i’ve always been. I told him i’m not going to apologize and she can cry about it Aita?”

Strangers on the internet were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
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  • NAH – No A**holes Here

First thing’s first.

Redditors were stumped over the sister’s question and wanted an answer.

“If you can get her explanation of ‘a noun of a pronoun with an adverb,’ please post it. I have to know.” – nister0

“Am an English teacher. Have no idea what she was even trying to go for there.” – englishnerd693

“It sounds like the sort of question a kid asks when they don’t know what they’re asking if that makes sense. He’s trying to work it out but honestly worried he’s going to give himself an aneurysm.” – readinngredhead

“I have a master in linguistics and it just makes no sense at all.” – Nowordsofitsown

“I guarantee she was talking about gerunds, which is a noun derived from a verb. She probably just mixed up verb and adverb and threw in pronoun for funsies.”

“Still dumb as sh*t to quiz someone on what a gerund is though.” – BandicootHorror

This was a noble attempt.

“‘It’ is a pronoun.”

“Adverbs usually end with an -ly. So ‘It+ly’ = Itly. (Supposed hypothetical adverb?)”

“Itly = Italy; Noun?”

“Wtf do I have time for I really don’t know. I feel so dumb to even try this. NTA, though.” – NarukeUzuha

However, Redditors were very unambiguous about their NTA judgments.

“NTA. She can dish it out but she can’t take it.” – Comfortable_Ship_954

“Yea, lol, and that sucks for her. NTA.”

“Good for you for standing up for yourself, op. If that is all you did or said, it was pretty damn mild and she overreacted. If she starts back up, and you react again, maybe she will will learn to not poke at you, (if she is so smart).”

“And YOU don’t always have to be the ‘bigger person,’ if your ten years older sister wants to pick on you in public.”

“Edited to add, she didn’t know precipitation is rain? Precipitation is a ‘big word’???. Maybe accusing YOU of cheating your way all through school is projection on her part. Or maybe not. Maybe projection is just too big a word for her. You can save that word the next time.” – Servantofbosco

“NTA when I insult someone I plan it carefully.” – TharHolyGamer

“I think the reason the sister hates OP’s guts is she’s jealous and resents her very existence. Think about it, for 10 years she was the only girl, and probably treated like a princess.”

“Then OP came along and kind of ‘stole the sister’s thunder.’ And ever since then she’s tried to prove that SHE’S the superior daughter by putting OP down any chance she got and acting like she was much smarter and more advanced.”

“Only one flaw in her plan though. She doesn’t know the meaning of precipitation. 😂 But seriously, this could’ve possibly been nipped in the bud earlier had the parents ever bothered to actually step in and parent.”

“They shouldn’t have let the sister treat OP like that all these years, and they especially shouldn’t get mad when OP decides to defend herself and throw back what the sister is laying down.” – Cyclonic2500

Overall Redditors were left confused over the OP’s riddle and declared the OP as NTA.

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