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Woman Accused Of ‘Flashing’ Friend’s Boyfriend After He Accidentally Sees Her Naked Pre-Shower


When more than one person lives in a house, hilarity will ensue.

Roommate situations are fraught with mess.

You can’t control everything.

Case in point…

Redditor aggressive_adderall  wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for ‘flashing’ my best friend’s boyfriend?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (F[emale] 23) usually live alone.”

“However my best friend Susie (F 24) and her boyfriend Tom (M[ale] 28) recently had some issues with their living situation.”

“And so I offered for them to live with me for a while.”

“They gratefully accepted, and have been living with me for a few weeks now.”

“Because of the fact that I previously lived alone, I had got into the habit of wearing minimal or no clothing around the house.”

“Obviously when Susie and Tom moved in I had to adjust to wearing more clothes around the house, out of respect for them.”

“Well, a few nights ago I slipped up.”

“I went to take a shower but realized afterwards I had left my towel in my bedroom.”

“It’s a common mistake I make due to absent-mindedness and, like I said, I’m used to living alone.”

“I didn’t want to get back into my dirty clothes, and it was late so I thought Susie and Tom would be asleep anyway.”

“I decided to just chance it and go and grab a towel from my room.”

“Unfortunately though I ran into Tom in the corridor, much to my embarrassment.”

“He immediately looked away and, aside from it being pretty awkward, I didn’t really see it as a big deal.”

“I forgot about it and went to sleep afterwards.”

“However, the next day Susie blew up on me, demanding to know why I was walking around the house naked and ‘flashing’ her boyfriend.”

“I was shocked by this.”

“I explained to her it wasn’t like that at all and there was no sexual motive behind it, it was just a careless mistake on my part.”

“She insisted I should’ve ‘texted them beforehand to let them know I would be walking around naked.'”

“And also that I should’ve let her know about the incident immediately after.”

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t really think to do either of those things.”

“She said I was disrespectful, that I had betrayed her trust, and that I was an AH in how I handled the situation.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. This is literally your residence, and you’re allowing your friend and her boyfriend to stay there.”

“You didn’t do this intentionally, and it sounds like Tom was a gentleman about the whole thing. Susie sounds insecure AF.”  ~ trashpanda44224422

“I’ve been on several threads now and seen this joke being fanned around a lot.”

“I wonder how many here will catch wind of what it means.”

“Also, nothing but facts from trashpanda44224422.”

“And OP, her insecurities are NOT your problem.”

“She’s living in your house, is she paying rent?”

“Helping with anything?”

“Well, even if she is, your name is on the place – you’re allowed to do the damn Macarena in all your nude glory bathed in the moonlight if it so pleases you. NTA.”  ~ Geek_Confessions

“The only response here is, ‘I am so sorry that you feel betrayed and disrespected.'”

‘”I understand that you can’t comfortably continue to live here in light of my behavior.'”

‘”So I won’t be at all offended if you think you need to move out.'”

‘”Don’t worry – I’ll even help you pack so you can leave more quickly and find somewhere safer.'”

“And then literally don’t take no for an answer.”

“She and her fiancé need to move out immediately for their own peace if mind.”

“You don’t know when you might forget your towel again, and you can’t let her take that risk.”  ~ biscuitboi967

“NTA, but if you wanted to be one you could just text Susie every time you remove a piece of clothing.”

“‘Hey just so you know, I’m changing for the gym. I’ll be partially naked in my room.'”

“Update: ‘I’m done changing!”  ~ 7hr0wn

“NTA – Susie’s weird jealousy issues are her problem and not yours.”

“Texting that you’re going to be naked? Really?”  ~ WilyEngineer

“If she didn’t have a towel in the bathroom, would she have her phone? Maybe not.”

“In any case she didn’t think they were awake.”

“If she thought they were asleep, should she have shouted a warning?”

“It was an accident and really no big deal. NTA.”  ~ Bicoastalgigi

A different thought…

“This might be an uncommon opinion, but light ESH besides the boyfriend.”

“While she is definitely overreacting quite a bit and being kinda unreasonable.”

“I think there could’ve been other ways you went about it…”

“Were the clothes absolutely disgusting?”

“If not, you won’t immediately be dirty again if you just put them back on for the walk to your room.”

“Could you not just text them asking, ‘hey you up?’ to see if you could either avoid them or have one of them bring you a towel?”

“Could you really not hear the boyfriend walking towards you and either run or shout out a warning?”

“It wasn’t like you forgot you had roommates, you forgot your towel.”

“It’s an honest mistake, but there were better solutions that could’ve saved a very uncomfortable situation.”

“Like sure, you didn’t care and just brushed it off, but what if the boyfriend felt very uncomfortable?”

“Put yourself in his shoes, no one wants to accidentally see someone naked, especially their roommate.”  ~ unseriouscats

Reddit continued…

“NTA it was an accident.”

“Tell her you’ll make sure it never happens again by asking her to leave.”  ~ Dinosaur_Doctor

“NTA. Sounds mortifying for the two people actually involved.”

“His girlfriend wasn’t involved and nothing happened that was an actual issue regarding their own relationship.”

“Maybe leave some extra towels in your bathroom? Lol.”  ~ Kathalysa

“NTA. It was an honest mistake. That’s all. Susie needs to relax.”

“It’s too controlling to expect you to be texting them when you’re naked and that you should have told her when you accidentally flashed him.”

“I see no harm no foul to her and, if I was in Susie’s place, I would have laugh my a** off.”  ~ SimpCaptain23

“Susie is totally TA for expecting you to text ‘I’m naked now guys’ like that is just weird.”

“I’d be more uncomfortable receiving that text than i would be getting accidentally flashed.”

“However, you DO have people in your house.”

“And you mentioned you were AWARE that they were there, it’s not like you forgot.”

“You assumed they’d be asleep.”

“But better to be safe than sorry.”

“I would’ve probably just bitten the bullet and put the dirty clothes back on.”

“Although it was unintentional I’d say it was a little disrespectful and unthoughtful of you to walk around naked with guests in your home.”

“Susie is overreacting.”

“BUT you created a hella awkward situation for tom that could’ve been avoided.”

“But it was a mistake. NTA.” ~ yellowbunnythrowaway

“NTA- Your are allowed to quickly run to your room to grab a towel at night when it is assumed people are asleep.”

“You are doing your friends a favor.” ~ lostalldoubt86

“A bit of a different take but I’m going with NAH.”

“While you probably should’ve just put your dirty clothes on to get the towel you didn’t, you made a mistake (and hopefully apologized to the bf.)”

“Is your friend overreacting?”

“Yeah probably but I would probably also feel a little weird if my friend was fully naked in front of my bf and we all lived together.”

“No one’s really an ah here but you should all probably just apologize to each other and move on, it’ll make living together a lot easier.”  ~ anon689936

“NTA. It’s your house and you were nice enough to let them stay instead of them paying for a hotel or being homeless.”

“It’s a body, one looks similar to another and you weren’t trying to force him to look at you naked.”

“Your friend sounds insecure and immature, she shouldn’t have blown up at you.”

“If that had been my friend I would have asked her to move out.”  ~ Harmonia_PASB

“That sounds very controlling for a guest.”

“Not sure what state you’re in but in some states people are considered tenants after awhile and you can’t ask them to leave anymore.”

“You’d have to evict them.”

“I’d be careful letting someone like that stay with me long term to be honest.”

“She doesn’t seem to respect that it’s your place. NTA.”  ~ PsilocybinK

“NAH – I think it’s understandable your friend would be upset, but your momentary lapse is also understandable.”

“I hope you can smooth this over and stay friends.”  ~ MCDexX

OP… Reddit understands.

Sometimes you have to be naked in your own home.

Accidents happen.

Maybe you and Susie and Tom can read through this together and move on.

“Move on” being the operative phrase for Susie and Tom.