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Woman Loses It After Sister Who Refuses To Knock Walks In On Her And Husband Having Sex

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Nobody wants to be interrupted during sexy time.

That’s why people leave signals and signals on the doorknob.

So it can be very frustrating and awkward when someone just barges in to borrow things.

Case in point…

Redditor throwRA-fhfsveyary wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for telling my sister that she overreacted when she screamed at me for entering hers and her husband’s room?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“So, I (F[emale] 23) am a full-time college student.”

“Right now I’m living with my sister ‘Claire’ and her husband ‘Thomas’ while I get through my current semester.”

“I don’t work so I don’t have everything I need for my daily skin/hair routine so I borrow stuff from Claire.”

“Claire didn’t have an issue in the beginning but then started complaining about me randomly walking into her room, but I go in there looking for the stuff I asked for.”

“She gave me a hard time just because I walked in on Thomas half-naked to get the eye shadow I borrowed from her.”

“And then the other time when I walked in late at night.”

“She told me I needed to get her permission to enter the room before I take anything but I figured this would make things complicated.”

“It’s enough that I have to ask to borrow an item.”

“So, last night at around 10 pm I went upstairs and into her bedroom to grab the hair dryer.”

“I walked it and whoops, I saw them in an intimate position together in bed.”

“I had NO IDEA they were doing it, especially since Claire told me that Thomas has been feeling sick the past 2 days.”

“She lashed out at me yelling that I get out.”

“I quickly grabbed the hair dryer then walked out and shut the door.”

“Minutes later, she came downstairs in her robe and went off on me saying she was done with me repeatedly disrespecting and violating hers and her husband’s privacy.”

“I told her it was cool, no big deal.”

“And that I needed the dryer but didn’t have time to ask for permission.”

“She got even louder saying I had no business barging into her marital space and embarrassing her and her husband like this.”

“I told her that I was sorry but she really overreacted to this whole thing.”

“This made her more pissed she went on about how I’m living here rent-free and yet not being respectable enough.”

“I stopped arguing and went to my room.”

“This morning, Thomas left the house early and Claire ignored me at breakfast.”

“Still upset saying I don’t get to say whether she overreacted or not and that my behavior was inappropriate.”

“She even wants me to apologize to her husband for making last night ‘awkward.'”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP WAS the A**hole.

“YTA – I am honestly baffled that you are even asking.”

“She specifically requested that you not go into her room without asking.”

“And you ignored that, because… you didn’t feel like asking.”

“And then you validated her concerns by walking in on them.”

“How do you not see that you are in the wrong?” ~ PizzaInteraction

“Unfortunately there are a lot of people like this.”

“My husband and I let my younger brother live in our home for a while and he claims we traumatized him.”

“How, you may ask?”

“We talked to him about how our water bill had almost doubled since he moved in and could he please stop taking 45-minute showers.”

“Our infant’s crying was really hard for him to deal with.”

“And my favorite, I went off on him because he changed the oil in his car, then left the full oil pan, along with oily rags, in our basement, near the furnace.”

“So yeah, people can be this rude and oblivious.”  ~ Fluffy-Drawing-9046

“Especially because she walked in on them and instead of immediately closing the door and running away, OP kept going into the room to get the hair dryer.”

“OP seems to have trouble with normal social boundaries and acceptable behavior.”

“YTA, to a worrying degree.” ~ nimatoad62

“‘She told me I needed to get her permission to enter the room before I take anything but I figured this would make things complicated. It’s enough that I have to ask to borrow an item.'”

“It’s not about you – she established a very reasonable boundary and you refuse to adhere to it.”

“People are allowed to dictate who enters their personal space. YTA.”  ~ infinitechopin

“I feel like we’re all glossing over the statement ‘it’s enough that I have to ask to borrow an item’ too easily.”

“That sentence is dripping with entitlement like she thinks it’s a f*cking inconvenience that she has to ask permission to use her sister’s sh*t.”

“I literally stopped reading for a second to make sure I was understanding that statement correctly.”

“OP, you’re absurdly entitled and obviously YTA.”  ~ norcalginger

“YTA. OMG so badly the AH.”

“You’re lucky enough to be housed by your sister and her partner rent-free, and get to use her things for free!!!”

“And you can’t even respect the rules that you’re not allowed in their bedroom.”

“I’d have kicked you out for your entitled behavior.”  ~ omgbadmofo

“YTA, I wouldn’t dream of walking into my child’s room without getting permission, let alone a couples room.”

“You’re living with them for free, sponging your sister’s skin care and walking in unannounced?”

“The YTA trifecta, plus thinking she overreacted?”

“I’d be looking for another apartment because, times up on this one.”  ~ whatsmypassword73

“Yes, YTA. This is not your house.”

“You are living, rent-free, with two married adults.”

“You don’t borrow sh*t without asking, and you do not violate their ONE private space in the whole damn house.”

“You lack a significant amount of boundaries.”

“You and your sister are not teenagers living under your parents’ roof and jacking each others’ belongings anymore.”

“Learn to be respectful of space that you have absolutely no claim to or you’ll probably find yourself homeless.”  ~ LetThemEatHay

“YTA stay the f**k out of their bedroom.”

“You are being a massive mooch and acting as they owe you.”

“STAY OUT OF THEIR ROOM and apologize like you’ve never apologized before.”

“Buy yourself some cheap skin care and leave her stuff alone.”

“Also, the only time there isn’t time to ask for permission is if the freaking house is on fire.”  ~ Current_Can8134

“YTA – are you serious?”

“You were asked nicely before to respect privacy and for basically no reason at all you refuse.”

‘You say you ‘didn’t have time’ but how long does it take to knock? 2 seconds?”

“How long does it take to call out ‘Can I come in?'”

“No excuse for violating boundaries.”

“Also you’re taking all her stuff?”

“If I was Claire you’d be finding yourself a new roommate.”

“No respect at all for the favors and help she and Thomas are giving you right now.”  ~ 20220826

“YTA. Your sister is being generous by letting you borrow things you can’t afford.”

“She has set a boundary not to enter a space in her home.”

“You keep disregarding that.”

“Time to grow up.”

“Go get a job so you can buy things you need.”  ~ REDDIT

“YTA. You can’t just enter someone’s room without asking for permission first.”

“Also you don’t need to know when they are intimate or not, that’s none of your concern.”

“I would be equally mad at my sister if she did something like that.”

“You are coming across as a very entitled sister.”  ~ irishlife2016

“YTA and a 23-year-old going on 13.”

“Seriously, how entitled are you that you think your wants are the only ones that matter in a house that is not yours.”

“Not only are you ungrateful, but you have disrespected your sister repeatedly.”

“You need to be the adult you are and get your own things and move out.”

“And definitely apologize.”  ~ Disastrous-Nail8885

“YTA if my in-law did this.”

“I would be demanding she gets the F out of my house.”

“You said she overreacted?”

“Honey she’s probably been trying to calm her husband down so he doesn’t kick you the F out.”

“You’re way too old to be this dense.”  ~ Inevitable-Okra-3229

“YTA. Do you realize how entitled you’re being? It’s not your house. It’s not your room.”

“You don’t simply walk into other people’s personal space without knocking and getting permission because you think it would be inconvenient.”

“You’re a horrible sister for thinking that was acceptable and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask you to leave.”

“The world does not revolve around your priorities.”  ~ virtualchoirboy

“YTA – your sister was trying to establish a boundary of what makes her comfortable and you completely ignore it.”

“That’s disrespectful. Your sister is reacting the right amount.”

“Wasn’t it a rule to never barge into your parents’ room?”

“Especially when the door is closed?” ~ Cookiebandit09

Well OP… Reddit seems pretty clear on where they stand.

It really may be time to start apartment hunting.

Or at the very least… learn to knock.