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Guy Scolded For Sleeping Naked With Girlfriend After Roommate’s Girlfriend Barges In On Them

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Sustaining a strong relationship as a roommate can be difficult.

But as long as everyone remains respectful of each other’s personal spaces, keep common areas clean, and above all else, respects each other’s privacy, it’s not too difficult to remain on good terms.

However, things are bound to get a little more complicated when one roommate invades the other’s privacy.

Redditor omgjdh‘s roommate was respectful of his privacy.

Unfortunately, his roommate’s girlfriend was not, constantly barging into his bedroom when he was still asleep.

Having finally had enough, the original poster (OP) came up with a solution he was confident would scare his roommate’s girlfriend from ever barging in on him again.

His tactic was successful, though not at all appreciated by the OP’s roommate or his girlfriend.

Wondering if he had gone too far, the OP took to the subReddit “Am I The A**hole” (AITA), where he asked fellow Redditors.

“AITA for sleeping naked because my roommate’s girlfriend keeps waking me up?”

The OP shared how after his roommate’s girlfriend barged in on him one too many times, he came up with a plan to ensure she would never do so again.

“I (19 M[ale]) have a roommate.”

“He has a girlfriend (call her L) since they have been seeing each other and when she’s been staying around she has walked in on me and pulled the covers off as a joke.”

“She’s also walked in on me and my girlfriend which was the final straw.”

“My roommate has been doing nothing about this saying, ‘I can’t control her’.”

“A few days ago my girlfriend was in our flat and so was L.”

“My girlfriend has been getting pissed at L walking in on us.”

“I told her to sleep naked, and she will stop probably.”

“At 6 me and my girlfriend was sleeping and L busted threw the door and saw us butt naked together.”

“She screamed like she saw a murderer scene.”

“My roommate walked in and told us we should have been wearing clothes.”

“I told him that she needs to learn about privacy first.”

“He told us we were acting childish.”

“We didn’t care if we were acting childish she needed to know that it’s weird walking in on people like that.”

“I ordered a lock.”

“So AITA?”

Fellow Redditors weighed in on where they believed the OP fell in this particular situation, by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

The Reddit community unanimously agreed that the OP was not the a**hole for frightening L away by sleeping naked.

Everyone agreed that L’s behavior was invasive and obnoxious, and she got what she deserved by walking in on the OP and his girlfriend in their birthday suits.

What on earth did I just read?”

“A grown woman, who doesn’t live in your place, is bursting into YOUR bedroom and waking you up?”

“I wouldn’t allow her back into your home.”

“That’s just not okay on so many levels.”

“NTA but holy crap.”- bokatan778



“So if I’m reading this correctly they’re upset because your roommate’s GF has a weird obsession with barging in your room (early AF keep in mind, who TF barges into their BF’s roommate’s room at 6 am?), and is upset she found you and your GF naked under YOUR covers, in YOUR bed, in YOUR ROOM after she decided to barge in and rip your covers off?”

“if anything a sane person would be EXPECTING the possibility of you guys being naked in bed together, correct?”

“I am HIGHLY confused about her logic and roommate’s logic.”

“Wow.”- nana2vibrant

“NTA obviously, but get a lock.”- 2ndgenerationcatlady


“Your roommate has a responsibility for his guests in the apartment.”

“If he ‘can’t control’ his girlfriend, then she shouldn’t be there.”

“What she is doing by invading your space and pulling the covers off of you isn’t a joke.”

“It’s harassment, and it needs to stop.”

“I would have done exactly what you did.”- MerryMoose923

“I am a university professor.”

“What you described sounds like you’re roommates at a university.”

“If you are, speak to your student conduct office.”

“What she’s doing counts as sexual harassment.”

“I suspect your roommate and her will sing a different tune once they talk to the student conduct office.”-Worldsgreatestfrog

“Gotta start barging into roommate’s room.”

“Maybe at 3 am.”

“Bc he can’t control you and if he reacts badly he’s being childish.”- Current-Practice2664

“Spray bottle with stinky water.”


“You scream bloody murder at her when she does it, and called her a sexual offender, because clearly she wants to see people having sex without their consent.”-Rohini_rambles


“She walked in on you and your GF (& I assume you were intimate) and nothing.”

“But walked in on you two sleeping naked and screams?”

“NTA either way.”- Poesy-WordHoard

“Your roommate can kindly f*ck a hat.”

“You were in a bedroom.”

“The f*ck was she doing inside it?”- checco314


“You asked nicely first.”

“She disregarded your request.”

“Well, you went for the shock value, and it seems to be working.

“Maybe she’ll finally learn.”- Sunny_Hill_1

“Your roommate’s GF needs some f*ckin boundaries.”

“You can sleep however you want in your room.”

“NTA.”- Ogreguy


“You can sleep naked.”

“She can’t just walk up on you and take the sheets away, just to get angry that you sleep as you do.”

“She has to respect your privacy.”- AlHazard33


“She f*cked around and found out eh.”- ameanjew


“She is weird.”

“What is the purpose of this?”

“Her ‘jokes’ are childish and an invasion of privacy.”

“Have you flat-out asked her to stop?”

“Also, can’t you get a lock?”- Ok-Context1168


“Bet she doesn’t walk in again.”

“What she was doing was the childish action and just plain rude.”- Zestyclose-Egg6211


“The roommate’s girl is the only AH here.”- Minute_Patient_8841

“NTA, why would anyone feel that it’s appropriate to do that.”

“That is your home.”

“You are meant to feel comfortable there, and this sounds like anything but comfortable.”

“The lack of self-awareness is appalling.”

“I suggest you start locking your bedroom door and have a very serious discussion with your roommate about boundaries.”- looklikecollege

“She’s invading your privacy and it’s just weird that she just comes into your room to pull the covers off your bodies, like what’s the point in her doing that?”- Ambby94


“Sounds like she got what she wanted.”

“A peek at your pee pee.”- magic-money-tree


“Get a darn door wedge and put a stop to her stupid antics already.”- jammy913


“If she can’t respect closed doors that’s just something that’s gonna happen.”- Specialist_Tea8851

“NTA but there is zero chance she’s doing this by accident or ‘as a joke’.”- WiseBat


“How on earth would anyone be the a**hole other than the GF for doing the thing and the roommate for not stopping that behavior.”

“Time to install door locks.”- archiotterpup


“This post made my day.”

“I needed a good laugh, and you delivered full bore!”- Capelily

“Casually ask her if she wants to join in, good chance it never happens again.”

“On the other hand maybe she will take you up on it and you can tell your friend ‘sorry I can’t control her’.”

“Either way sounds like a win/win.”- zbreima


“She was the one acting childish, and she got a very adult wake-up call.”-Existing-Quote7936


“Well played.”


“A solid, nonconfrontational solution.”

“I applaud you.”

“NTA, but voyeur certainly is.”- cheezitapplepie

“Gotta get pepper spray for keeping away the crazy.”

“NTA.”- blonde_Cupid


“BTW, he could tell her to stop doing it.”

“It’s a real lazy cop-out to say he doesn’t control her.”

“No, he doesn’t, but she should be decent enough to listen.”- Rocking_Horse_Fly


“Honestly sounds like she is wanting to walk in on you and or your GF in the nude, lock is probably a good idea.”- Nalpona_Freesun

“Invest in a super soaker and keep it by the bed.”

“If she wants to barge in like an animal then start treating her like one.”

“NTA.”- The-Additional-Pylon

“NTA she’s a creep and a pervert.”

“She should be banned from your place.”

“She’s lucky she didn’t get a physical reaction.”

“I know some people who will instinctively thrash out their arms if startled in their sleep.”

“Next time she started screaming start screaming back at her like Buffalo Bill did his captive.”-paul_rudds_drag_race


“And BTW, good one.”- kistner


“She is way out of line.”

“Tell roommate to tell her to cut that sh*t out, or there will be serious consequences going forward.”- AlbaTejas

It’s simply common courtesy to knock before entering a room with a closed door.

Particularly when it’s not even in your own home.

As many people pointed out above, L should honestly consider herself lucky that she didn’t walk into anything more than the OP and his girlfriend naked in bed.

One can only hope this experience taught her to knock.

Written by John Curtis

A novelist, picture book writer and native New Yorker, John is a graduate of Syracuse University and the children's media graduate program at Centennial College. When not staring at his computer monitor, you'll most likely find John sipping tea watching British comedies, or in the kitchen, taking a stab at the technical challenge on the most recent episode of 'The Great British Baking Show'.