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Woman Snaps After Fiancé Keeps Handing Her Empty Pens During Deed Signing As A ‘Prank’

A woman signs a document

Everybody loves comedy.

But some people who think they know comedy, are mistaken.

This is especially true with people who pull pranks.

Know your audience.

Case in point…

Redditor DojaDog677 wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for refusing to put my fiancé on the house title after he kept handing me empty pens as a prank?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I F[emale], 34 have been with my fiancé M[ale], 37 for 3 years.”

“Getting married before the end of this year and recently moved in the house that I inherited from my mom.”

“The house is in my name and it took a lot of talking and convincing from him to have his name on the title as well.”

“Now honestly part of me doesn’t think this is a good idea, at least not right now maybe after marriage?”

“But anyway, I’ve decided to go ahead and put his name on the title so he could go ahead and start contributing towards mortgage more and lighten my burden a little bit.”

“We’ve made appointments, decided on which form of ownership we were basing this on.”

“When it was time for me to sign the deed my fiancé stopped me and gave me a pen saying this pen was his ‘lucky’ pen and told me to use it to sign the deed.”

“I took it and tried to sign but turned out it was empty.”

“He was like ‘Oh I must’ve forgotten’ while laughing and then pulled out his ‘other lucky pen.'”

‘I took it, tried to sign and that one too was empty.”

“Honestly, seeing how he was laughing I figured he was messing with me but he swore he wasn’t and pulled out ANOTHER one of his lucky pens.”

“I tried that one too and it was empty.”

“My fiancé started cackling and I felt humiliated especially with how the gentleman next to him was staring.”

“I got pissed and asked him what that was about and he said it was a prank.”

“I asked ‘Really? Did you really think this was a time for pranks?'”

“He was like ‘It’s alright you can use a real pen now.'”

“I pushed the paper away and said ‘You know what? Never mind because I no longer want you on the deed.'”

“He lost it completely saying we had a deal and I can’t back out of it just like that, and that it was a stupid joke that I took too seriously.”

“We had an argument and I refused to sign the deed at least not then and there.”

“At home he blew up again saying I was the one who ‘delayed the process’ and that he already gave me a real pen and all I had to do was sign the ‘damn paper’ and get it over with.”

“He accused me of looking for an excuse not to have him on the deed and started the silent treatment saying there’s nothing to say until those papers are signed.”

“Did I really take this too seriously?”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

“NTA. Red flags all over.”

“He pressured you into putting him on the deed?”

“That’s weird unless he has selfish motives.”

“My husband literally suggested he not be on the title to my car to maybe help with insurance costs.”

“Because we’re gonna be married anyway, why does it matter?”

“He is very immature.”

“You don’t behave like that at a serious time like that.”

“He wasted everyone’s time.”

“He blew up at you for correctly chastising him instead of acknowledging his own fault and apologizing.”

“He’s giving you the ‘silent treatment’ which is an extremely toxic thing in relationships, and yet again immature.”

“He’s more interested in getting access to your property than how you felt in the situation.”

“Hon, I implore you to not put him on the deed.”

“And depending on if this behavior is normal for him, I’d give a long and hard thought on if this is really what you want for your future.”  ~ EwokCafe

“Not to mention that he went out of his way to humiliate and belittle her publicly when it came time to signing.”

“It wasn’t ‘just a prank’, it was an extremely petty way for him to try and assert power over her, and make her look and feel like the lesser person in the arrangement, when she is in fact the opposite.”  ~ kahrismatic

“This reminded me of my paternal grandfather.”

“He would pull crap like this and act like it was funny.”

“He was also an abusive a**hole to my grandmother, physically and verbally.”

“He was always belittling her and treating her like she was stupid.”

“She was miserable until she ended up in a nursing home after breaking her arm.”

“She refused to cooperate with physical therapy because then she couldn’t go ‘home.'”

“She literally was happier there than living with him.”

“OP, don’t end up like my grandma. NTA.”  ~ Somandyjo

“Is he not paying toward the house he’s living in?”

“Major major problems here.”

“He’s selfish and immature.”

“Have a real think about this relationship.”

“Have you been ignoring other signs like this because let me tell you after marriage things are gonna get harder.”

“ETA: NTA. I think maybe the reason you reacted like that was because in the back of your mind you KNEW it was the wrong thing to do.”  ~ loureid1974

“Yeah OP should check with a lawyer in her area about how inheritance gets treated in a divorce or separation.”

“In our area it is exempt from division UNLESS she mixed her inheritance with him by putting him on title or if it was money, putting it into a joint account or spending it on matrimonial debts.”

“Prenuptial agreements can also be signed to state that if they separate then he doesn’t get to keep the house or get half its value.”

“But a lawyer in her area is definitely needed.”  ~ christmas_bigdogs

“Seriously. There is a time and a place for pranks and this wasn’t either.”

“The guy sounds immature and manipulative.”

“Not to mention him ‘blowing up’ at her because his stupid behavior understandably was not well received.”

“OP. Don’t put him on the deed and please think long and hard before you marry this man. NTA.”  ~ NatZaJu

“Please don’t add him.”

“He pressured you before marriage and after your bereavement – he should be supporting you.”

“Put the house into a trust, that will protect it and get a pre-nup to protect your asset.”

“Not legally binding in the United Kingdom at the moment but influences a divorce decision.”

“Personally I wouldn’t marry him because of the pressure exerted when you are most vulnerable and the stupid prank at a legal appointment when it’s costing you several hundred pounds for the advice and actual appointment.”

“He uses this to humiliate you.”

“You’ve got an appreciable asset in your name entirely. He hasn’t.”

“Perhaps he’s expressing his jealousy and acting up?”

“This is not going to get better after marriage, postpone the wedding and sort this out in therapy.”

“If you add him to the deed, then marry then he leaves a year after- you might have to sell your home and lose half.”  ~ OkraOk8923

“Please, please, please don’t put him on the deed!”

“And do not marry this man.”

“Do not be with a man who will manipulate you signing over half your house, because that’s not the only thing he’ll try to make you do.”

“This is just the beginning of a series of things he’s going to try to make you do, that you’re not comfortable with.”

“No one deserves this type of treatment, and that includes you.”

“You have more value than that.”  ~ Celinder_pigen

“NTA. Why would you even consider putting him on the deed?”

“It is your inherited property, currently he isn’t entitled to anything, why would you change it so you could potentially lose it in the future?”

“That would not be a very smart action.” ~ Mishy162

“My dad put their house in my mom’s name ONLY, because of inheritance laws in that state (Colorado) that if a husband inherited from a wife there were no taxes.”

“But if a wife inherited from a husband, she had to pay inheritance tax.”

“It was the 80’s and the bank guy made a HUGE deal about the house being in my mom’s name only – and kept trying to convince my dad that he should be on the title (they were buying the house outright – no mortgage).”

“The Vice President of the bank, who was observing the whole thing leaned over to the guy making the fuss and whispered, ‘Maybe it’s HER money!'”

“A thought that had never occurred to this idiot.”

“My mom was SO pissed! My parents were married for a total of 77 years.”

“This would have been about 40 some odd years into their marriage.”

“OP – NTA and I would recommend breaking the engagement over such a childish prank, and also recommend making sure he NEVER gets his hands on that asset!!!”  ~ P-Onca-Jay

“NTA tell him that you saying you were going to put him on the title was also just a prank and he’s getting way too worked up over a little joke.”  ~ bandearg4

Well OP, Reddit is with you and concerned for you.

It maybe wise to take your time and think over a few things.

Your house, your rules.