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Redditor Upsets Their In-Laws By Refusing To Give Up Their Phone For A Tech-Free Vacation

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It is great to take a break from technology. For a few hours. But you shouldn’t be forced or given an ultimatum.

We all need technology sometimes.

Redditor Hot_Affect4338 encountered this very issue with her in-laws. So they turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

They asked:

“AITA for wanting my phone during a family trip that’s been declared phone free?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My wife and her parents have planned a trip for two days. We’ll be going somewhere where there’s lots and lots of fossils and museum’s and things to essentially to take pictures of in my opinion.”

“They joked about making it like a trip from her childhood days before smartphones were a thing. Then they got serious.”

“They have decided that we will have no phones, no clocks, no technology of any kind.”

“I decided that I won’t follow that for a multitude of reasons. Namely that I want to have pictures of this place I’ve never been to before. Second major reason is that I’m an anxious person. And at night I sleep with my headphones in with background noise playing to keep myself from overthinking and getting anxious over nothing.”

“I’ve done this for years.”

OP’s in-laws gave them an ultimatum.

“After declaring that I won’t comply I’ve been given the ultimatum: I give up my phone and come or I don’t go at all.”

“They’ve also decided that if I choose not to go that it’ll make me an asshole and her boomer parents will think I’m horrible and that I’m too reliant on tech.”

“I also want to clarify more that I’m not glued to my phone all the time. They disagree. Am I the asshole in this situation? What do I do? My wife told me ‘that’s nice, bring a book’ in regards to how I sleep. And every time I bring it up because I want to go, they all get mad at me.”

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Most Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA. IMO adults don’t get to make rules for other adults.”

“If they choose not to have their phones or use clocks (?!?!?) then fine. They can live like the Flintstones. They don’t get to mandate that you do that.” ~ TaiDollWave

“Not to mention that it is ridiculously impractical to go on a trip without having any way to get help if an emergency arose. What if they get stranded? Are they going to shoot off a flare gun or send up smoke signals?” ~ PaganCHICK720

“This is so true. Back in the 80s and 90s, we had pay phones, and everyone carried change with them in case they need to use the phone. Now, those don’t exist. This is an incredibly dumb move. Definitely NTA.” ~ JanetSnakehole24

“I mean I’m sure there can be some simple rules like leave your phone in the car. Only turn on in case of emergency. Showing some sort of restraint. Easy solution is to say OK and just not have phone on around the parents or not go.” ~ Mobileforgotpassword

We are currently dependent on technology.

“The more I think about it, I feel like OP should just go total malicious compliance. Allow no electricity at all. Ban glasses and the alphabet. Wear a loin cloth.” ~ punania

“Picturing Boomers in a park attempting to rub 2 sticks together to create fire…”

“Along with 2 tin cans tied together with string so they can have a phone.”

“Hopefully, they can forage for food…hunting and gathering was a thing before clocks.”

“Wait a minute, I think people actually do pay good money for an experience like this! Quickly, we need to charge this people a ridiculous rate for their 2 day Stone Age Getaway!” ~ Dakotasunsets

“Start small with demanding no debit cards- just bartering this vacation. And, who needs to order a cheap Uber when you can pay over triple and wait an hour for a yellow cab? Oops, we have no phone to call them- hope they’re good with walking.”

“Then go further, he should have them forage and hunt all food, with no tools but sticks. Can’t take their necessary medications, mobility aids, or medical equipment either. I’m pretty sure those buildings are made with modern safety standards, so let’s build a hut in the park.”

“We’re going back to nature baby!! who cares that society has completely restructured around modern technology when we can reminisce about the time before cellphones and… uh… clocks?” ~ snailvarnish

Many were confused about their clock ban.

“I dare them to function without a clock. Any clock. Like even a distributor cap.” ~ punania

“Right? These people also never heard of watches?”

“Plus, I don’t know of any Boomer who was around pre-clocks. That’s been a thing in their lives. These people are taking this ridiculously too far!”

“NTA, OP!” ~ Dakotasunsets

“Not only that, but no clocks is insanely stupid. They’re planning to go to museums and other events that are time based.” ~ BeTheCheeto

“‘The museum is closing sir, please make your way toward the exits.'”

“‘Now look here, my family and I are trying to enjoy a vacation without clocks, and I will not let you ruin that!'” ~ Morella_xx

OP added some edits.

“EDIT: I really didn’t expect this to blow up the way it did. I really didn’t expect so many of you to say NTA in this scenario. It makes me feel better resisting. I want to clarify to you all that I’m 24 and my wife is 22.”

“She also desires the trip to be tech free and says ‘it’ll be fun.’ No amount of reasoning or presenting my point of view has worked. And when I said I wouldn’t go she immediately got mad at me.”

“The ultimatum is we don’t get it or we don’t go. I should also clarify that her mother would be baby sitting all the phones and tech. And she is someone who believes rules don’t apply to her.”

“I’ve pointed this out to no avail. I digress. Thank you all for the responses. I honestly never could have imagined this blowing up trying to settle an argument.”

“EDIT 2: I see many are finding the clock one bizarre. I should have elaborated earlier, but, they’re literally going to put tape over the clock in the car.”

“They decided earlier today that I have an addiction to my smartphone and that ‘I’ll be fine if I do arts and crafts at night.'”

OP can use their phone whenever they want.