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Pregnant Woman Balks After Her Sister Throws A Tantrum For Being ‘Excluded’ During ‘Preggy Night’


Siblings who are especially close and look out for one another are not always common due to any number of factors and situations within a family.

Redditor ExpressData8987 is a 28-year-old pregnant woman who accommodated her younger sister –  who with her boyfriend – suddenly found themselves without a home.

The new living situation seemed fine. At first.

But after there was drama over a pregnancy ritual, the expectant mother visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for not changing ‘preggy night’ for my sister?”

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“This seems like a dumb issue but i thought id ask here. This is a throwaway so my main isnt found.”

“I was lucky and got pregnant with my second child at the same time as my best friend, Kim(29f). This is the second time this has happened to us and we are once again due within a week of eachother.”

“I am 26 weeks, Kim is 25 weeks. We decided to continue our tradition from our first pregnancies where we meet every Sunday evening to watch a show and pig out on pizza and lava cakes.”

“My sister, Stacy (24 female), recently moved in with me after her house was destroyed by a fire. I don’t mind, she’s normally a lovely guest and this is just until her and her boyfriend find a new house.”

“I warned Stacy ahead of time of Kim and my’s weekly preggy night and told her she is welcome to join us. The first 2 weeks were fine and Stacy had fun hanging out. The 3rd week is where things started to turn sour.”

“Stacy didnt want to join us and spent the evening moping and huffing. After Kim went home, i asked Stacy what was wrong and she told us our nights was boring.”

“I told her i was sorry but Kim and i couldnt exactly do too much at the moment. She told me we could atleast switch up what we watched or ordered something different because it was too repetitive.”

“I apologized but i told her this is what kim and i chose to do every week. She then started to get mad saying we could try talking about something that wasnt baby or kid related. I told her we are pregnant moms, we dont have too much else to discuss right now.”

“She yelled at me that being pregnant or a mom isnt a personality trait and we shouldnt exclude her. I asked her how we were excluding her but she kept getting angrier. I ended the conversationwith her.”

“Well i guess she complained to our mom because my mom called me yelling that i was an aweful host and that i need to try harder to include Stacy. This sparked another fight with Stacy over her telling on me. My sister is now refusing to speak with me and my mom is mad. AITA?”

Strangers on the internet were asked to declare one of the following:

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Many Redditors thought the whole situation was ridiculous.

“NTA. She doesn’t have to join you guys, it’s not mandatory.”

“You’re not “hosting” your sister. It’s not like she’s visiting from across the country on vacation, she had a tragedy and you’re helping her out.”

“Pizza and cake isn’t boring, it’s delicious.” – Wallflowerheart

“You are 100% right – also, OP isn’t a 5yo girl that her mom has to referee her relationship with her sister.”

“Sister is an adult who can choose to leave, hang out with other people, or do something different at home.” – capyber

“You forgot one! Anyone who calls me and screams when it’s not a life or death emergency loses phone privileges until they get themselves under control.”

“It’s completely inappropriate for an adult to behave this way and I can see where Stacy learned her bad behaviour.” – Elesia

“Agreed, if mom wants to have an opinion then Stacy can go live with mom.”

“How dare you not bend over backwards for your sister everyday of the week after you took her in when she had no where else to go” – calypsolover

“When you agreed to let your sister move in with you , you didn’t agree to stop your social life and let her dictate what topics you are allowed to chat with your friends about!!!”

“She’s lucky that you let her join in your preggy night. She can go out or to her room if she finds it boring.”

“Huffing around is blipping rude and your mum is out of order too .”

“I’d put them both straight, sister welcome to stay temporarily at your house but if she continues to be rude to your guests -it’s only one guest once a week!!- or make you uncomfortable then she is ‘welcome to go live somewhere else or pack it in – this sulking controlling behaviour!’” – JSJ34

“Insurance usually covers a place to stay after a fire. I wonder if Stacy is collecting a big payout while sponging off her sister.”

“NTA. You did a nice thing to take your sister in. For her to whine to your parents strikes me as an adult reverting to childhood roles…” – R4catstoomany

Some took issue over anyone complaining about the food offerings for “Preggy Night.”

“If someone complains about cake and pizza are crazy. Nta btw” – I_am_not_creative_02

“Everyone loves pizza. We used to have pizza movie nights when I was a kid. Often sleepovers. So much fun. If she thinks it’s boring she could go hang out with her parents. Since apparently they are on her side.”

“NTA.” – Happy-Investment

“She can also order whatever she wants for her self and hang out to eat and then go off and do her own thing if she gets bored.”

“There’s a middle ground between embracing the pregnancy tradition and being a dick about it.” – CyberneticPanda

“NTA – maybe you should suggest that your sister get some time away from you Sundays and go hang out with her own friends.” – typicalaquarius

Overall, Redditors thought the OP was not the a**hole in the situation and that her sister needs to grow up and find alternate ways of entertaining herself.

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