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Woman Livid After Her SIL Won’t Stop Complaining About The Fast Food Job She Hooked Her Up With

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Can we all agree financial compensation is not always linked to the amount of work a person does? If it was nurses and teachers would make as much as Jeff Bezos.

And, fast food workers would have enough money to buy 10 boats.

So, there is a special place in Hell for people who believe they are better than people working hard in fast food chains.

Redditor AnIdealNames encountered this very issue with her sister-in-law. So she turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

She asked:

“AITA for calling my husbands sister lazy and spoiled?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (23) am happily married to my husband (23) and I get along with most of his family with the exception of his sister Jacie (25).”

“Jacie has a bit of a superiority complex. She looks down on the fact my husband works construction and I work retail but have also worked service and fast food.”

“She believes everyone who goes to college should get ‘better jobs.'”

“But she was not always vocal about it. In fact, back in September 2019 she was jobless and asked for my help and I helped her score an interview for a fast food chain I had worked at previously and had a good relationship with the boss.”

“She then showed up to the interview and insulted the job even though it had been made clear to her beforehand what the job would be.”

OP was upset.

“It was sh*tty for me because I went to bat for her and it didn’t pay off. It was then she started all this BS about going to college meaning you deserved a better job and fast food/retail etc being for uneducated people and people with no drive or desire to do hard work and just overall saying we should have aimed higher with our jobs.”

“She ended up working at McDonald’s and has bitched about it ever since.”

“She complains non-stop about how people treat her like sh*t there, the money is bad, and the police are called at least once a week. My husband told her he had no sympathy for her. And yet the complaints continued.”

“Then she had the nerve to tell us it was my fault because I put her forward for a sh*tty job.”

“I lost it.”

“I told her she was where she was because she’s lazy and spoiled and turned down a perfectly good job because she thought it was beneath her and she had no right to blame me when all I did was offer help, which she took, and then she threw it back in my face.”

“She is pissed and told me I had no right to say that to her. Even saying she’s older than me (by a whole two fucking years, soooo old) so I should be showing her respect.”


“The only reason I’m posting is because my husband was handling her and maybe saying it does make me an AH.”

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Most Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA. Honestly, stop talking to her.” ~ nmc_azrael

“My petty, spiteful side is out today, so I think if the SIL doesn’t drop the ‘I’m older than you’ thing OP should buy her a walker for her next birthday. (Obviously this is actually a terrible idea, and will just fan the flames even more and therefore should not be done.)” ~ Cmae61

“NTA. You went out of your way to talk to your old boss to get her a job and she ended up insulting it. Plus, her constantly putting down less educated people is just cringey.”

“Yes, the whole point of college is a better pay and you expect better working conditions when you work a job that requires a college degree, but that doesn’t give the person the right to insult non-college level jobs and, by analogy, the people working those jobs.”

“Also, her redirecting the guilt on you is extremely childish and makes zero sense.” ~ Hecate_Loer

“NTA, you gave her a reality check and she seems quite ungrateful.”

“It’s enough, though. Let her learn her own lessons from her own experience. Let her rant and complain, and try to be as indifferent as you can about it. If she wants to improve her life, she’ll have to do it herself (like everyone else). It’s not your duty to help others.”

“And of course, don’t burn yourself by recommending her to any other jobs or anything. Let her look for opportunities on her own.” ~ SleepyHobbit

OP’s sister in law was in desperate need of a reality check.

“NTA. Either do something about it or stop complaining; she obviously feels entitled to some sort of non-retail / non-service oriented professional, but I can tell you straight out I would fire her if she ever worked at my tech firm.”

“There is no such thing as a ‘job beneath someone.'”

“I was always taught that having a job is tough enough so it doesn’t matter (within reason) what your title is as long as you’re working hard to provide for your family and working to improve / better yourself” ~ bchin22

“NTA, she’s done nothing to earn your respect so demanding it after treating your help like this is ridiculous. Fast food workers are so often overlooked and dismissed because it’s not ‘glamorous’ but it’s still a perfectly good job that beats being unemployed any day.” ~ SweetKahoots

“NTA, a job is a job.”

“She may believe that retail and customer service is beneath her, but she has to be grateful for what you have done for her. She needed a job and instead of being thankful towards you for what you’ve done to help her, she decided that insulting and blaming you over you helping her.”

“If she asks for help again, deny helping her. If she didn’t appreciate what you’ve done for her, she doesn’t deserve anymore help. And frankly she’s acting spoiled. It doesn’t matter where you work, whether you are a doctor, or a cashier, you HAVE to be able to handle people.”

“Friendliness and resilience is required at all jobs.” ~ MusicLoverGirl483

“NTA I worked fast food.”

“I went to college and majored in accounting. I worked at McDonald’s in college. Turns out I hate sitting at a desk all day but loved fast food. I worked my way up the food chain and I worked damn hard to do it. I still had my numbers but only sat at a desk a few hours a week.” ~ purplechunkymonkey

All jobs demand respect.