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Mom Livid After Unemployed Husband Sells Their AC Unit For Money To Go Camping With Friends

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Marriage is full of compromise.

That is a given.

But sometimes certain compromise “requests” may go a step too far.

Case in point…

Redditor Delicate-Corner-5645 wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for demanding my husband to pay me for the AC that he sold behind my back?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“We (him 31 & I 32) live in a small apartment with our 2 year old daughter.”

“We’re struggling financially and he hasn’t been working since he broke his leg which was 8 months ago.”

“I’m the one bringing money in while saving for an A[ir] C[onditioner] because it’s so hot where we live and fans weren’t enough.”

“I bought an AC 2 months ago, put it in the living room and it made huge difference because the apartment was literally hot.”

“My husband kept huffing about buying the AC saying I wasted money and should’ve just kept using fans.”

“He told me since I had no issue paying that much money for ‘an unnecessary’ luxury then I had to pay him to go on a trip with his friends.”

“I declined because I didn’t have the money he was asking for.”

“Even after he said he’d pay me back later if I wanted.”

“He also said his friends wouldn’t let him go if he didn’t pay.”

“I suggested he skip it since it’s out of the country type of trip, and very costly.”

“Not to mention the stuff he’d need from food and sleeping equipment since they planned to go out on the wilderness.”

“He threw a fit and said he’d skipped 3 trips so far and his injury no longer stood in his way so he wanted to go.”

“I suggested he go borrow money from someone, and he got offended.”

“Days ago I discovered the AC was gone when I got back from work and freaked out.”

“Turns out he sold it online and waited until I was away to remove it and take it.”

“He tried giving me 100 to guilt me down but I was seething.”

“I yelled at him and he said he needed money.”

“He had nothing valuable left to sell and thought the AC was not a necessity.”

“Still he offered to save and buy a new one once he starts working.”

“I demanded him to pay me back immediately or I won’t be staying in this place with these conditions, even my daughter hates how hot it is in here.”

“He started arguing about how unreasonable my stance is and I told him off.”

“He got some of his friends contacting me convincing me to let him go on the trip.”

“Then we’ll figure something out later and that his mental health was more important.”

“But I responded that if they cared so much about it then they shouldn’t have expected him to pay to go with them.”

“They stopped speaking to me now he’s accusing me of ruining the trip and alienating his friends.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…


“He threw a fit and said he’d skipped 3 trips so far and his injury no longer stood in his way.”

“Then he should get a f**king job.”

“A/C isn’t a luxury item for God sake.”

“For some people living in certain areas, it could make the difference between life and death.”

“Your husband thinks only of himself and what he wants.”

“He has no business having the titles of husband and father. What a disgrace.”  ~ VixNeko

“I have permanent damage from breaking my leg.”

“I have 11 screws and two plates in my leg.”

“I have pain every day but I have a full time job and pay my bills.”

“You know what I won’t do is go freaking hiking.”

“Even if I didn’t have the injury I wouldn’t steal from my family to pay for a damn trip.”

“I totally agree with you that if he’s physically able to go camping then he’s physically able to get a damn job.”  ~Jumbee1234

“Well I don’t know about OP’s husband sustaining permanent damage or not, just that it does happen.”

“To be honest, if he feels well enough to go camping, my assumption is also that he likely doesn’t have permanent damage.”

“We definitely all agree he should be working if his own assessment is that he’s well enough for a boy’s trip in the wilds of another country.”  ~ VixNeko

“He told me since I had no issue paying that much money for ‘an unnecessary’ luxury then I had to pay him to go on a trip with his friends.”

“Ooooh that had me seeing red, too!”

“Then he should get a damn job!”

“Why should the OP have to pay him ANYTHING!? Ugh.”

“OP, he is mistreating and taking advantage of you so much.”

“It seems so toxic for you and your daughter, this man doesn’t think that you and baby daughter deserve a safe/non-boiling hot place to live.”

“His priorities are completely off.”

“A safe and habitable environment for his family and making a wage to support the family are apparently not on the table.”

“But a wilderness vacation for himself with The Boys is, and to be funded by you!?”

“He’s using you, and he’s a deadbeat.”

“The fact that he treats you like an ATM machine, lazes around for 8 months instead of finding a job.”

“If he’s well enough to go on a wilderness vacation out of country, he’s BEEN well enough to find a job.”

“And don’t forget the 3 trips he, GASP, missed out on, and then gaslights you, and gets his buddies to harass you… about it is so scary.”

“Do you have another place you and your daughter can stay?”

“This man’s no good.”

“NTA of course.”

“But OP, I hope you are able to free yourself from such a leech of a man.”  ~ tangerinedreamery

“Let him go and when he leaves for his trip you sell everything of his and move to a place that has AC.”

“Don’t leave a forwarding address just the divorce lawyers address for papers.”

“If he want to be selfish and think only of himself then you don’t need to have him around sucking up money.”

“You needed that ac especially for a child.”

“Parents should be putting their children first.”

“He doesn’t seem to get that.”

“I’d also make him give me all the money he sold it for and to get out.”

“If he wants to spend time with them then go live with them if it’s so important.”  ~ Ok-Act-330

“Eight months into my broken leg, I was still walking with a cane.”

“I had also been back to work for 5 months already, and just using my medical accommodations to do it which are protected by law.”

“Not every career path is compatible with that.”

“But given how many more options there are these days, even just at like a call center, there are jobs he could have at least tried for.”

“And besides that, I absolutely was not interested in returning to my hiking and camping and other out and about activities until 2 YEARS AFTER MY ORIGINAL SURGERY.”

“Because my leg hurt so badly and I was tired enough just dealing with work to the point I usually just wanted to come home and chill.”

“The nerve of treating liveable temperatures as a luxury that can be denied his wife, let alone their (young!!!!) daughter, but treating his buddy trip like a necessity is enraging here.”

“Sometimes sacrifices have to be made when money is tight.”

“And trips/vacations are always sooner to be sacrificed than essential daily needs and services.”

“If I were OP I wouldn’t just be demanding repayment I’d be demanding a divorce.”  ~ historyandherbs

“There are so many jobs you can do with a broken leg, like every sitting job.”

“And if he can go on a costly off-country trip, he can also work.”

“That he sold the AC behind her back… just no.”

“She is the one working, she can have a nice home to relax after work.”

“He is selfish and just cares about himself, as a father! Being alone with the child is actually better.”

“The cherry on the top is that he did this sh*t and instead feeling guilty, he let his buddy bully OP.”

“NTA.”  ~ EvilFinch

“OMG, NTA! This raises a million red flags.”

“He doesn’t care about your comfort.”

“He doesn’t think AC is a necessity and he doesn’t care if you do.”

“He was underhanded when he sold the AC.”

“He thinks YOU were unreasonable.”

“He gets his friends to gang up on you.”

“He’s accusing you of ruining the trip and alienating his friends.”

“He’s a thief who cares only about himself.”

“Let him stay in your apartment while you go stay with a family member or friend with AC.”

“I think this is divorce-worthy.”  ~ ClothesQueasy2828

This is a mess.

Where does one begin?

OP, Reddit clearly believes you and your child should have cool air.

At the very least.

Discussing your husband… it’s all pretty clear.

Clear as cool air.