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Woman Told To ‘Grow Up’ After Changing Passwords To Stop Brother From Using Her Streaming Services

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Sharing your login to streaming services is just a modern fact of life. If you’re paying for it, there’s going to be a friend or family member asking for the password.

And sometimes you’re kind enough to share it, like Redditor LuckyPeach2263. The original poster (OP) shares her streaming services with her younger brother.

However, OP’s brother isn’t the nicest person around, which makes her cut him off. Now her brother is upset and her dad is scolding her.

Was OP right to change her streaming passwords? To find out, OP took her story to the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asks:

“AITA for stopping my brother from using my streaming services?”

OP has their reasons for cutting him off:

“My(21F) brother(17M) has a terrible attitude, and constantly treats me and my dad like crap, he’s always been the favourite child so my dad just ignores his behaviour and attitude.”

“Today I was working from home and watching a Netflix show, me and my dad were talking about if there would be another season, my brother decided to look into it, says yes there’s going to be another season in October on Netflix.”

“We are from the UK so in most cases things that are released on Netflix US or Canadian is ahead of the UK version.”

“So I asked if that was for the UK or Canadian versions, as the show is a Canadian made show, he snapped that there wasn’t a difference and of course it’s the UK, and started having a go at me for being and I quote ‘so f-ing stupid and asking questions’”

“my dad sat there as usual totally blanking his behaviour, so I told him that if that’s the attitude he had then, he has to log out my Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon prime, he laughed and told me no and I couldn’t make him.”

“Well as it turns out yes I can by changing the password, it gives the option to have all devices logged out of.”

“My dad has told me to act my age and grow up, that I need to ignore him. Yes I could have reacted better but it’s a daily occurrence, with him, he’s like this constantly if anyone dares to ask him something or to do something”

“So AITA for doing this?”

On the AITA board, people are judged for their actions in the story they tell. The outside perspective of internet strangers can hopefully provide objective feedback on the situation.

The commenters do this by voting with one of the following comments:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
  • YTA – You’re the A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

OP pays for the streaming services, and her story makes it sound like her brother is constantly being insulting. There’s little incentive for her to share the logins with him.

The board determined that OP was within her rights and is NTA.

“NTA (assuming that you are paying for the streaming services and not your dad). He is not entitled to your accounts.” – cashycallow

“I pay for them even had to upgrade the Netflix as my brother was constantly on it” – LuckyPeach22263 (OP)

“Nope. You are NTA. Your brother played a dumb game and won a dumb prize.”

“Now you can downgrade your Netflix, too.” – Sad_Cartographer3549

“You have to grow up and ignore him? Jeez sorry but your Dad has to learn a few things about raising children.”

“No wonder your brother is the person he is, if you can you should definitely try and talk about his behaviour in general. Yes he will “not listen” and laugh in your face or even insult you but thats exactly the point of being an adult.”

“You have the ability to stand above these things and still try and help your brother to become a socially acceptable human being. Else he will fall on his nose one day in his life, I am sure you love your brother and he really does not deserve such things.”

“If you think its not your responsibility then you are.. well kinda correct. Its your parents responsibility but alas as we all know some people just aren’t really suited to be ‘good’ parents.”

“I am not saying your dad is horrible yada yada, I just find it sad to see young people being formed into a certain character which is definetely not benificial for the general human population!” – BadGamingTime

Other commenters couldn’t believe that OP’s dad would tell her to act her age when her brother clear isn’t.

“NTA – You did act your age, just as your father asked: As people of our ages know, nobody is entitled to the accounts of others, and so we are free to grant or revoke access as we see fit.”

“Perhaps the 17 yr should act his age instead and know not to bite the hand that supplies his streams.” – Otherwiseclueless

“Tell Dad, I am acting my age. Adults are absolutely allowed to set boundaries and not allow ANYBODY to treat them bad. So until bro apologizes and stays nice he won’t use my services.”

“I can’t wait for letterkenny too. I hope that’s what your show is.”

“NTA” – MissMurderpants


“If you’re the one paying for the streaming services, you can share it/not share it with whoever you like and you can change the password as you please. Your brother is being entitled and doesn’t deserve this privilege.”

“Since him and your dad have such an issue with it, they can pay for their/your brother’s own steaming services. Problem solved.” – daaaaanica


“Ironically I’m 22F with a 18 brother. Of the superscriptions I have he uses Disney +, Hulu, and Netflix.”

“My brother already know, not to be on any bullshit when it comes to me. It is not a right, it is privilege. If he can’t respect me ( or my mom ) he already know I’m signing him out.”

“Actually have done it a couple of times and he’ll get better and I’ll sign him back in.”

“Your bother is entitled and your dad is enabling him. If you pay for it solely on your own, you don’t have to let anyone use it.”

“And the act your age comment, ha. Your brother is old enough to know right from wrong, he is also old enough to get his own job to pay for his own stuff.”

“You don’t have to allow someone to use your things while they are disrespecting you. If you do, you too will be an enabler to your brother” – AffectionateSorbet47

It sounds like the board is in agreement. OP’s brother needs to grow up and treat other people with respect, and OP’s dad needs to stop enabling him.

Hopefully OP has a nice time watching her shows.

Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.