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Olympic Champion Swimmer Faces Backlash After He Was Captured On Video Storming The Capitol

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UPDATE: see the end of this article for breaking news

The insurrection at the United States Capitol has definitely showed us the darker side of those we once thought of as harmless, despite any problematic belief systems they held.

Even moreso, it has showed it is not just the poor, uneducated and disenfranchised in the mob Trump inspired despite the excuses made for their behavior.

Even elite athletes like United States Olympic Swimmer Klete Keller—who was identified among the domestic terrorists at the Capitol complex—decided to attack the United States legislative branch at the behest of the President over an imagined slight.

Keller was identified in the video. 

He was wearing his US Olympic Team jacket to boot.

Keller’s social media accounts have all been suspended as well, in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook’s crackdowns on content.

Keller was employed by the real estate firm Hoff & Leigh in Colorado Springs, Colorado until resigning his position after being identified by neighbors, teammates and coaches in the videos of the Capitol riot.

Calls are mounting for him to be stripped of his Olympic medals.

USA Swimming released a statement regarding Keller’s participation in the insurrection:

“We respect private individuals’ and groups’ rights to peacefully protest but in no way condone the actions taken by those at the Capitol last week.”

Keller had not been formally charged as of this writing, but was reported to the proper authorities.

It is unclear what further consequences he may suffer, though it seems like the writing is on the wall for all who took part in this act of domestic terrorism.


Klete Keller, 38, was charged with civil disorder, knowingly entering a restricted building and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Charges were filed in federal court Wednesday. The criminal complaint includes an arrest warrant.

Written by Mike Walsh

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