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Woman Furious After Her Boyfriend Pees In One Of Their Tupperware Containers And Accuses Her Of Overreacting


Splish-splahsh, dude was not taking a bath.

He emptied his bladder into something other than a urinal.

This boyfriend’s aim was not true when he peed into a Tupperware container and pissed off his girlfriend.

When he was confronted by Redditor “i_like_stormy_days“, he became furious over something he failed to comprehend was wrong—not to mention unsanitary—and lashed out at her for “overreacting.”

The girlfriend took to Reddit and asked AITA (Am I the A**hole) for getting upset.

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“Last night my partner had a uni exam that went quite late. I cooked dinner and we ate it upstairs in bed.”

“This morning I saw that he peed into one of the tupperware containers we keep food in after finishing his dinner. I told him it was absolutely repulsive because that’s where we keep food.”

“He said it shouldn’t matter because it’s just salt water and he’d wash it out. I told him it was disgusting and he should throw out the container or mark it because I dont want to use it anymore.”

“He BLEW UP and told me I was overreacting and using anger to get my way. He then scrubbed the container and mixed it in with the other Tupperware so I couldnt mark it.”

“Now we aren’t speaking. He says my reaction was way over the top and all guys do this.”


The OP did mention this was common practice for the boyfriend since the location of the washroom is “far away and cold where we live.”

She added that he had peed into “various containers” a few times but always into “throw away containers (or so I thought).”

“I say its gross that he peed in the container and even grosser for trying to hide it from me so that I have to use it.”

“So internet people, AITA?”

Anonymous strangers on the internet weighed in by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Guys seem to have a poopy track record.

“One time my ex boyfriend thought it would be acceptable to wrap a wooden spoon ( THAT I USE FOR COOKING) in a plastic bag and use it to break up a big poo.”

“Refused to accept that it was gross cause he wrapped it up. So I get it. Guys are disgusting.” – Danarya27

But not so fast.

“As a guy I kinda feel the need to point out that this is not a guy thing, just a him thing, same with the original post, its not something all guys do, its just him.”

“Its probably obvious but I had to say it anyway….” – dat_unlucky_derp

While this guy agreed to a point about the things guys do, the Tupperware urinal was where he drew the line.

“GOD, This can not be said enough.”

“Yes, us guys are disgusting with our ball scratching, navel lint picking, dutch ovening, and whatever else we do. but this is next level disgusting and F’KING LAZY!”

“And to top it off, he gaslight OP. Holy f’k. I want to apologize on behalf of all civilized men.”

“Ok, I have peed in an empty coke bottle or something, but never in something that would be reused. Let me say that again…. NEVER something that would be reused.”

“Even the excuse of the bathroom being ‘very far away and cold’ isnt good enough to make me want to pee in a food storage container.” – Fixmy59bug

Maybe mom knows best.

“If this happens again, ask his mom if he used to do this as a child, the embarrasment should make him change his ways NTA.” – sixflowersofphantasm

This Redditor questioned the boyfriend’s tolerance levels and then suggested for the OP to destroy the evidence.

“NTA. Urinating in food containers was a thing you expressed to be gross, then he mixed the tupperware containers up so you have to perpetually wonder which one’s the pisserware? Yikes.”

“Can he hold his bladder to get to the cold, far-away bathroom, does he have a medical issue or is he a sloth?”

“Good god, what else is he pissing in. What else. Set it all on fire.” – antipatico_6


“It gets worse when you realize that most plastics are porous, and will probably still contain a good amount of residual piss even after cleaning.”

“Not even respectful enough to use a glass jar… NTA.” – Schwa88

“This is how relationships turn toxic, too. He intentionally mixed up the Tupperware so she’d ‘have to’ use the peeware.”

“If she threw out all the Tupperware (a not totally redic reaction if you really don’t want to use one someone peed in, which is pretty reasonable) he’ll freak out and call her a crazy b*tch for throwing away all the Tupperware. It’s a no-win situation.” – scotty_doesntknow

His reaction was very telling.

“I would have just thrown out all the tupperware at that point. I dont negotiate with terrorists.”

“And if you wanna be immature like that I can match you, f’k talking it over if the other person doesnt even seem to care about your feelings.”

“If I was a woman who was ok with cooking in the same pot that I boil my menstrual cup in(I’m not, I stole one of my moms very old sauce pots and replaced it, now said old pot is kept in my bathroom away from other cooking pots), I wouldn’t be offended if my partner was not.”

“It’s an easy fix, I’d simply say ‘ok I’ll just sanitize it in this pot only and keep it separate.’ No big deal.”

“If he seriously insisted on peeing in a container, he couldn’t have been like ‘I’ll keep it separate and wash it but it gets really cold at night and this ends being a little more convenient’ I dont know, just not the overreaction he did.” – Hate_Having_Needs

In an update, the OP said that her boyfriend has not changed his mind about his stance and mentioned something she did was worse in comparison.

“I spoke to him and he still thinks I overreacted. Last week I left food in the fridge too long and it went moldy. He cleaned it. He brought this up and said it’s way more disgusting and unsanitary than pee.”

Sorry guys, but this unfortunate situation goes way beyond asking to put the toilet seat down.

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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