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Guy Criticized For Getting Girlfriend A Photo Of Their Kids For Valentine’s Day Instead Of Jewelry

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It’s that time of year again.

It’s the holiday that celebrates love and all of its trappings.

It’s Valentine’s Day and some issues have come up.

It’s not always chocolate and roses.

Case in point…

Redditor throwtri434346 wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA? For ‘implying’ that my boyfriend is cheap because of the V-day gift he got me?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I F[emale], 31 have been with my boyfriend M[ale], 37 (who’s a single dad with 2 boys) for 2 years.”

“He has a decent job with decent income and is into woodworking as a hobby.”

“For Valentine days, Birthdays and every other celebration, he’d gift me mostly jewelry and I get him his favorite gadgets or sports gear.”

“For this Valentine I got him sneakers.”

“I found out today that his gift for me was a wooden framed photo of him, me, and the kids.”

“I gotta say I wasn’t thrilled with it.”

“When I told my boyfriend my honest opinion (I didn’t wanna open my mouth but he pushed me).”

“He said he couldn’t believe this was my reaction but I pointed out that he has money to for an $200 necklace at least so I could wear it at the engagement party.”

“But he said I was out of line to imply he was being cheap when all he was doing was to make me a special gift.”

“And also had the kids help with it and put so much thought and effort in it because they see me as family and I should be appreciative of that.”

“I said I was.”

“But still thought he could’ve added the necklace as a great combo.”

“But he got even more mad saying he couldn’t understand why I’d value a necklace as much as or even over a special gift he and the kids made for me.”

“We went back and forth on this and breakfast got ruined.”

“He went upstairs and refused to speak to me.”

“I feel like he blew this out of proportion since he asked for my opinion and I don’t know if he has the right to be upset with me now.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP WAS the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“So you don’t have enough jewellery yet? How many necks do you have?”

“Yeah, he has more than a right to be upset with you.”

“Wear an old necklace and appreciate what you have with this man and his kids. YTA.” ~ lorelorelei

“That has to make having OP’s head lodged up their bum a little difficult to say the least.”


“That gift took time he could have been using to make money at his craft or for his kids.”

“Add in that he made the frame SPECIFICALLY for a photo of you with the two most important people in his life, and all you can think about is having some shiny bauble instead of a hand crafted sign he loves you?”

“Sounds like he’d be better off making himself a better girlfriend.”  ~ Stormcallerandco

“This is super unfair, OP could be a professional Mr. T impersonator and may have been depending on the necklace to complete the look.”‘

“We could be looking at career sabotage by the BF.”

“OP YTA – in case it wasn’t clear enough.”  ~ Sharkoslotho

“Eh. That’s a red flag, the jewelry thing and expectation.”

“Also the implication that a good job warrants such an expense. He’s a single dad with 2 dependents.”

“As a man, it’s rethink the future marriage, though there’s have to be more red flags.”

“Not everyone understands gifts right away and their ‘value.'”  ~ v3ndun

“OP also doesn’t understand the dollar value of a hand carved picture frame.”

“But yeah, craning her long neck around the frame to look for more necklaces. Eeep.”  ~ madsjchic

“YTA …”

“I’m assuming he made the frame, which takes a lot of time and effort … every minute of the project he would be thinking of you.”

“Then he found a photo of him and his kids and you.”

“He is literally presenting you with an image of you as part of his family and you’re complaining as it’s not worth a lot.”

“Do you know the min value of the wood? Then add that to his time.”

“Entitled much?”  ~ MustbetheEvilTwin

“I’m wondering if the image of the family together is something he was planning to make happen.”

“With an engagement ring at dinner (a more intimate affair than breakfast with family).”

“And he was REALLY asking how she felt about being in that picture not the gift itself.”

“Definitely OP is TA. Wonder if he holds back on that ring.”  ~ CryingINwilderness

“For Valentine’s Day, my husband shoveled out my car, got our kids breakfast (usually my job), and fixed a kitchen appliance I managed to mess up.”

“He speaks my love language!”

“OP is darned fortunate her BF wants to celebrate her as a part of his family, their family, if she figures out she wants what he’s offering.”

“I can say, after a couple decades with my partner, a necklace isn’t going to be that lasting marker of happiness.”

“Sadly, neither will that photo, thanks to OP’s reaction to the gift.”  ~ WellingtonGreenIII

“That was a really important symbol she just spit all over for the sake of materialism.”

“OP, I think the real gift you gave your boyfriend this year was the timely reveal of your true self.”

“I don’t think you’ll be getting any further gifts of significant jewelry from him in the future.” ~ Covert_Pudding

“If you can’t accept a gift from the heart you shouldn’t be getting connected with kids.”

“I still have a necklace my kid made me out of modeling clay and it’s almost 20 years old because that’s how kids show love.”

“If OP’s love needs a pricetag those kids will not be better off if Dad marries her.”  ~ MamaTalista

“Forget the value of the wood and labor — why isn’t it worth more that he and the kids made this for her, and that it’s a clear symbol of love and acceptance into their family.”

“What could be worth more than that?”

“Their beautiful gesture is clearly wasted on this materialistic, ungrateful woman.”

“Yeah, OP, YTA.”

“Get over yourself and appreciate what you’ve got with these people before you lose them.”

“All the expensive shiny jewelry in the world won’t buy you love and family.” ~ Predd1tor

“Some of my most prized possessions are things my children have made me, the subtotal of all of their handmade gifts in terms of money is probably far under £100, the value of them to me is absolutely priceless.”

“I hope OPs boyfriend can see how shallow she is being.”

“There was so much thought out into the gift and all she cares about is its price tag.” ~ Catherineb84

“A few years back, I bought my wife one of these calendars that you insert a photo in for each month.”

“I put in photos of us and our kids and the kids decorated each month as well.”

“It’s a few years old and she still has it up.”

“Something OP seems to shallow and materialistic to understand is that what makes something special is the effort behind it, not the value.”

“Forgot to add: OP, a massive, massive YTA.”

“Hopefully your boyfriend can see what he’s getting himself into here.”  ~ gooderj

“You sound brutally self-centred and materialistic, and also very immature.”

“Plus you sound really lacking in empathy.”

“My husband of 14 years got me literally nothing for V Day.”

“I got him some nice ground coffee and a card.”

“We went out to dinner at a nice place that he had a gift voucher for that someone at his work had gifted him for Christmas.”

“And I’m happy because he organised a sitter and I got to drink lots of cocktails and I felt loved and acknowledged.”

“Don’t you get that Valentines isn’t a birthday or Christmas?”

“It’s not for gifting things!”

“It’s for showing LOVE.”


“Wow OP TYA so so much. Grow up.”  ~ Wonderwoman_420

“I’d much rather have a made hand thoughtful gift than anything he could buy off a shelf at the mall.”

“OP doesn’t deserve such a caring and thoughtful person.”

“I make so many gifts for my family and I would be so hurt if they would rather I buy them a generic corporate trinket.”  ~ Special_Weekend_4754

“YTA. Depending on the size and type of wood he could have easily spent $200 on the frame.”

“If being ‘cheap’ is the issue (which would still make OP TA).”

“This gift isn’t the one to complain about.”

“She just won’t get attention from other people for it so she doesn’t see value in it.”  ~ Bmillybluntz

“It’s not even a birthday or Christmas either its freakin’ Valentines Day and she wants him to break the bank give me a break.”

“And who gives sneakers for valentines day and expects diamonds?”  ~ PajamaPete5

Well let’s OP took a good listen to everyone.

Reddit was definitely clear on its feedback.

This is why Hallmark holidays have gotten so decisive.

Happy V-Day y’all.