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Redditor Unloads On Husband For Not Picking Them Up From Airport After 20 Minute Flight Delay

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Picking someone up from the airport is a really nice way to show you care. But, it’s not always possible, no matter how hard you try.

Assuming your partner can just put everything on hold and drive to the airport will leave you waiting, and your partner frustrated because they couldn’t be there for you.

Redditor Sylvipink encountered this very issue with their husband. So they turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment.

They asked:

“AITA for getting upset at my husband for not picking me up from the airport?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“Background first, I come from a family where you would just always pick up your friends and family from the airport if you could, regardless of the time of day. My husband does not.”

“He also doesn’t sleep well if woken up so we made a compromise that he will take me/pick me up if it’s between the hours of 6 am and 11pm. For me, I would always pick him up in general.”

“Anyway, I had a flight (redeye) that was scheduled to land at 9:35am.”

“He had something he needed to do online at 10am so the plan was for him to drive there, get me, and I would drive home while he did his thing on the phone since it would cause no issues to do it on mobile.”

“I usually text him when I land and he leaves then since we live pretty close to the airport.”

But, the flight was delayed.

“Well my flight ended being 20 minutes delayed in the air and when I landed at 9:55 he hadn’t left the house and said he could no longer do so because he had to do that thing at 10.”

“I asked why he hadn’t come earlier and waited for me in the cell phone lot and he said he was waiting for my text; I said that might make sense up until 9:40 (it’s about 15 minute drive to the airport) but then he should have just left.”

“He said he didn’t know what had happened to my flight and didn’t know my flight information. I pointed out he knew where I was flying from and my airline so it would have been easy to check and he could have also gone into my email to find the info if he forgot that. My computer is right next to his and my email is always open.”

“He apologized but said I was making a big deal out of nothing.”

“Anyway I ended up taking an Uber home and was upset for a few hours but then moved on. I was curious though, was I being unreasonable? Was he? Thanks.”

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Most Redditors agreed OP was the a**hole.

“YTA. In general I agree that it’s nice to pick your partner up from the airport, but in this case your flight was late and you knew he had a thing at 10:00. I think you need to let it go this time.” ~ WebbieVanderquack

“And the airport is only a 15 minute drive from their house…get a cab.” ~ ccoastmike

“Fun fact: in my hometown (Pisa, Italy) you can walk to the airport because it’s in the city. Not in the middle of course, but in the city. The road to the airport would be: houses, houses, supermarket, coffee shops, stores, houses, houses and then BAM! AIRPORT! The first time I picked my bff from the airport (she’s from Rome where airports are bigger and far away…you know like normal airports LOL) she was totally shocked that as soon as I left the parking lot we were in the city.” ~ slytherinsus

“My airport is 20 minutes away. The cabs won’t drive to my house. Heck, one time we parked in our church’s parking lot. A ten minute drive. We had to try three cab drivers. They only want to go to the hotels where they have a chance of picking up another fare.” ~ cappotto-marrone

“YTA. Is this really a hill you want to die on? You knew he had a thing, your flight was delayed, you live close to the airport so Uber can’t have been terribly expensive. In the grand scheme of life, Ubering home one time should really not be argument worthy when the situation changed unexpectedly.” ~ slydog4100

OP added some edits.

“It seems general consensus is that I overreacted, so I will accept that.”

“I was asked to include some additional info about the events leading up to this that I didn’t think was relevant.”

“My trip was booked a month ago, when I booked it I told him I’m coming back this date and you need to pick me up, he said fine as long as it’s within the time limits. I said yes, it’s at 9:30am so he agreed.”

“My husband is self employed and the way his scheduling works is he can either 1) propose his own times or 2) say when he is not available and they will propose times. He usually does #2 because he doesn’t care, and he is used to just saying he is fine with whatever time. This scheduling happened about a week ago, he forgot about my flight and confirmed this 10AM time.”

“A couple days later, he asked me when I was getting home. I told him and he said crap, I have this 10 AM thing.”

“Once he confirms, it’s a pain to reschedule because he would have to swap time slots with at least two other people, so I would never ask him to do that. I suggested the plan I wrote about above and he said fine. I texted him right before the plane took off to let him know it was on time and that was the last communication before I landed.”

“Maybe we should have considered the possibility of the flight being late but we travel a LOT (before Covid anyway) and our flights to our home airport are pretty much always early if anything, so it wasn’t something that crossed our mind.”

“Also, we are definitely both over this whole situation, I was honestly just curious about who was being unreasonable.”

Taking an Uber once is not a big deal, but talking about it is the best answer.