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Woman Livid When Her Boyfriend Tells His Family About Her Dad’s Past Drug Addiction Without Her Consent

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Family matters are personal and difficult.  And sharing those moments with significant others requires a big amount of trust.  Once that trust is violated, it’s hard to bring it back.

Reddit user ThrowRAAITABF found herself in a situation where her significant other really violated her trust based on a sensitive family issue from her past.  After getting very upset, she was unsure if she over-reacted or not.

Looking for feedback, she went to the popular subReddit “Am I The A**hole?” or “AITA” for validation and perspective on her actions.

She asked:

“AITA for yelling at my bf for telling personal stuff to family?”

Our original poster, or OP, let us in on the sensitive details of her family life.

“So my (24F[emale]) boyfriend (25M[ale]) and I have been seeing each other for a few years now and everything is going well. We get along well with each other’s family up until now.”

“Some relevant personal info is that my dad, who I don’t speak to, is an addict. He did some…hard drugs staring with an M and spent time in jail for it but his record is now clean.”

“Regardless he’s a POS and emotionally and financially abused me all my life.”

“So obviously I told my boyfriend this because he asked about my dad and it’s important I guess as backstory, but it’s a sore spot for me and I don’t talk about it much.”

OP’s boyfriend shared this with his own family without OP’s consent.

“Well the problem starts with him telling his mom about my dad when I’m not there (on a phone call).”

“Next thing I knew his mom was calling me asking why I didn’t think this was important info for them to know?”

“I asked what she meant and she said ‘When you guys have kids I don’t want my grandchildren to be addicts!’ Which makes no sense anyways because I don’t even want kids.”

OP’s boyfriend’s mother really crossed several lines.

“After getting an earful from her and telling me she never would have drank in front of me if she knew (I don’t drink by choice), how she doesn’t judge me but she will be careful from now on and other weird sh*t, I hung up the phone and went to my BF, who confessed he had told her about my dad but didn’t know she would react like that.”

“I told him he had NO right to go telling his family ANYTHING about my backstory because it doesn’t pertain to them in any way, and he told me he could tell them whatever he wanted.”

“How addiction IS a disease so she wasn’t really wrong. That it’s wrong to purposely hide that from him.”

“I told him ‘Cancer runs in my family too, are you going to tell your mom that too? Does she want a full medical history before she ALLOWS me to have your children?’ it just got really ugly.”

Now OP and her boyfriend are on difficult terms.

“Anyways he hasn’t spoken to me since unless it was to be passive agressive or ask if I need to ‘talk to someone’ and I don’t really know what to do here anyways.”

“I’m starting to feel guilty that maybe I overreacted because my dad is such a sore spot and maybe I should have told them all sooner? I don’t know. AITA?”

Anonymous strangers weighed in by declaring:

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Redditors immediately reassured OP that she had nothing to be sorry for.

“He violated your privacy and boundaries and turned it around on you, making it all your fault. Look up the DARVO method.”

“He’s manipulative and is very entitled. This is just a small glimpse of what life with him will be like.”

“Since your medical history is soooo relevant, I’m sure your choice to be child free will also be stomped on.”

“Be ready to have an argument down the line on your bodily autonomy. Please reconsider your relationship. This guy is sending out big red flags.”~Honest_Ad6044

“Do you hear yourself making excuses for him?”

“You absolutely should not feel any kind of guilt at all and I hope you take a good hard look at his actions and reactions because they are both big red flags.”

“Also please consider whether it’s worth it to have his mom entrenched in your entire future while he betrays your trust in regards to her. He’s already demonstrated this to you. NTA”~ksharonisok

“To also add, aside from him not standing up for you: are you sure you want to be with someone who blabs about your painful family history?”

“That story, told to him in confidence, is not his to tell, and he does not have the right ‘to tell anyone what he wants.'”

“NTA and this family: yikes. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩”

“There is a huge possibility that if you stick with him, his family is not going to respect you.”~Superlemonada

“NTA. But do yourself a favor and toss him away.”

“Maybe it’s the wording, but it sounds to me like the kind of family where the fact you don’t want children won’t matter at all as long as your bf’s dear mama is happy.”

“Oh, and the boyfriend should put these (🚩🚩🚩) back into his pocket. He dropped them.”

“What a freaking piece of artwork this dude must be.”~teddythepenguin

And people are also warning OP that her boyfriend’s behavior is NOT it.

“Both my parents are like OPs. I have spent my life trying to be better than them. When I tell people about them, I have seen people’s whole demeanor change because they view me differently.”

“Sometimes I get a ‘Omg but you turned out so well!’ Which is nicer but still biased, because they’re saying they expected me to an addict as well.”

“I’ve never even smoked a cigarette lol. But the stigma is absolutely real.”

“OP, you are not the AH, but your boyfriend’s mom most definitely is. She already has formed a bias against you & that will probably never change.”

“No matter what you do, how you behave, she always view you through the lens of a ‘possible addict.'”

“You will always be competing against her view of you. That’s a toxic family that will never fully accept you. You deserve better than that.”~Queenhotsnakes

“NTA. His family isn’t entitled to your private business. That’s your story to tell when you are ready to.”

“He doesn’t get to make that choice for you, so he’s an AH for doing so. He also went behind your back to do it, so even he knows he’s wrong to have blabbed.”~Kare6Bear6

“NTA, your boyfriend and MIL took your trauma, something you absolutely aren’t required to share and talk about until you’re ready, and made it about themselves.”

“He absolutely cannot tell his mom anything he wants about you, that is a breach of trust.”

“When confronted about hurting your feelings he has reflected it back on you and somehow is trying to convince you that you’re in the wrong for his f**k up.”

“Your boyfriend seems incapable of having an adult conversation with you, instead preferring to be passive aggressive with you.”

“If you can’t sit him down and get him to have a real conversation with you, where you explain how he and your MIL hurt your feelings, and demand an apology from both of them, dump the mommy’s boy, because clearly he’s dating his mom and not you.”~baevatien

“NTA so many red flags. No respect for you or your privacy. Mommas baby. Ignorant about addiction. Can’t stand up to mom so she must have a point.”

“Withholding affection and communication when confronted on bad behavior. Throwing a tantrum. This guy is not a good guy. He’s a AH”~One-Bug1625

Redditors warned OP that if she stayed with her boyfriend, this could never happen again.

“NTA OP. That is a huge breach of trust. I don’t discuss things about my boyfriend with my mother if it is really personal. It is none of her business. That is my boyfriend and my business.”

“If he is this dismissive of your feelings and is doubling down after being told he is wrong. Is this who you want to be with for the rest of your life?”

“With a MIL who is behaving like you could be addicted at any moment because she drinks alcohol?”~Ateosira

“NTA – Him and his mum can have fun trying to find a woman who has no medical conditions at all in either side of her family.”

“This magical non-existent woman will also need to be willing to be treated like a vessel for a future grandchild rather than a person. I don’t like their chances.”

“They are both being absurd and both owe you a huge apology.”~robot428

“NTA: ‘how she doesn’t judge me but she will be careful from now on'”

“Well, which is it. Judging or not – as this statement is a contradiction. Frankly, given how his parents responded, and how he responds – i doubt this relationship will work out on its own.”

“If you want to make this work, you both need to work on this – otherwise it`ll be a barrier between you.”

“Or, cut the cord now, and go your own way – if you feel this was too much.”

“The passive aggressive method he uses is a red flag btw. He should have apologized, and then called his mother to give her a lecture on appropriate behavior and her judgmental attitude.”~Professional_Duck564

“NTA. You’re supposed to be able to confide in and trust your partner when it comes to personal information.”

“You’re right to believe that his mom doesn’t need to know any of that and it was very insulting of her to say such things to you.”

“I think your bf maybe means well because he has such an open relationship with his mom to tell her everything and maybe he told her because what you said gave him feelings he didn’t like.”

“Regardless though I think this means you both should talk about boundaries and what you want to stay between the both of you and why.”~keeperbean

Privacy between partners is a valuable commodity, and it’s difficult to manage a breach of trust after the fact.

OP has a choice about whether she’s going to be okay living in that space in this relationship.

Written by Mike Walsh

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