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Cuban Guy Upsets Brother’s Fiancée By Cooking Baby Goat At Her House For Fantasy Draft Party


Being adventurous with dinner isn’t always the best choice.

People can be very particular about their meals.

So before we start frying, we may need to ask a few questions.

Case in point…

Redditor hunglikeacuban wanted to discuss his experience and get some feedback. So naturally, he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for making exotic food at a party?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I have been in a fantasy football league with a group of friends for several years now and last night was our draft party.”

“We always draft in person at one of our houses and I will usually end up cooking something to feed everyone.”

“My little brother is in the league with us and he just bought a house with his fiancée, so they were excited to finally be able to host.”

“I’m a very adventurous eater and so are a good amount of my friends in the league so I didn’t think twice about straying a little from traditional foods.”

“However, I will always make something a little more mainstream as well for those who aren’t interested.”

“Last night I made Cabritos.”

“I’ll save you the Google if don’t know and tell you it’s a whole baby goat.”

“I had tortillas and salsa and everything for some cabritos tacos.”

“I also made some chicken fajita nachos for the other option.”

“My brother’s fiancee grew up on a farm and she was extremely upset that I was cooking a baby goat in her house.”

“She was so upset that she didn’t even stay for the party.”

“I felt terrible that I had made her feel so uncomfortable that she left.”

“She had made desserts and appetizers and was definitely looking forward to the party.”

“As soon as I realized she wasn’t there, I asked my brother where she was.”

“He told me she had left because of the baby goat.”

“I tried to call her to apologize but she didn’t answer.”

“I sent her a text telling her I was sorry and that I never meant to upset her, and I asked her if she would consider coming back to the party if I put the cabritos away and served it discreetly.”

“I still haven’t heard back from her.”

“She’s not a vegetarian or anything like that.”

“I’ve seen her eat meat several times.”

“I never meant to upset anyone.”

“I just like to introduce people to new foods that they wouldn’t normally try.”

“My brother said that she thinks I should have cleared it with them first since it was at their house.”

“But I’ve literally never asked the host of a party if my planned menu was ok, so I didn’t think it was a thing.”

“AITA for accidentally triggering my little brother’s fiancée by cooking a baby goat at their house?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Many Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. But if you bring a whole baby goat, most people go to ‘a cute animal has been killed’ whereas pieces of meat are just ‘food.'”

“With that being said, her reaction was over the top, she needs to communicate that it makes her uncomfortable instead.”

“I checked your Reddit and you have a cuban background.”

“Google says Cubans eat cabrito in various ways.”

“You brought your (and your brother’s) culture into your brother’s home.”

“I think it’s fair that you’d assume it was alright.”  ~ Daskesmoelf_8

“I just don’t know how to imagine this.”

“Do you have a baby goat on a spit? Is it in one big frying pan on an open fire?”

“How does one cook a baby goat? And how do you serve it?”

“Do you need a Medieval 10-foot-long table and a massive serving dish?”

“I’ll be honest, if you just showed up at my house with a goat corpse over your shoulder telling me you were going to cook it in my kitchen, I’d have a problem.”

“And not just because it’s a whole f**king goat.”

“I just think there’s such a thing as eating *too* adventurously, especially when you’re preparing the meal at someone else’s house.”

“I’ll say a soft YTA because you should have thought it through and cleared it with them, but I don’t think your intentions were malicious.”  ~ lorelorelei

“There are different kinds of farms.”

“I grew up on a farm and would still have a lot of feelings about someone bringing a dead baby goat into my house.”

“My parents raise chickens and ducks for meat, but keep goats to maintain the pasture so they’re more like pets to me.”

“It would feel a lot like someone putting a puppy carcass in the oven.”

“This seems like a NAH situation to me.”

“This is a dish that has cultural relevance to OP and his brother and he had no reason to think it would be an issue.”

“The fiancée didn’t make a huge scene, she just left because she felt uncomfortable and she is entitled to those feelings.”  ~ Existing_Space_2498

“Well, you can’t really just show up and cook a whole pig at someone’s house without advance coordination.”

“It takes up a lot of space that most people don’t have.”

“OP also says he butchered the goat in their kitchen.”

“It’s kind of presumptuous to just show up at someone’s house and begin butchering an animal – most omnivores don’t butcher in their kitchen.”  ~ newbeginingshey

“NTA she eats meat how were you supposed to know that goat would be a problem?”

“Most meat you buy in the grocery store is from an animal that’s barely an adult, you didn’t do anything that outlandish.”  ~ mall_goth420

“NTA. You tried to apologize and make things right.”

“It was pretty immature of her to just leave and not say anything.”

“It sounds like if she had told you she was uncomfortable with it you could have come to some sort of compromise.”

“Just make sure to not leave any leftovers there.”

“Don’t leave the freakin’ goat head either.”  ~ AttentionRoyal2276

“NTA. Meat eaters should acknowledge where their food is coming from.”

“Having qualms about one kind of meat but not the other isn’t the higher horse she thinks it is.”

“Unless she only eats ethically slaughtered animals (veeeerry hard to find in modern society).” ~ the_orig_princess

“NTA. You did absolutely nothing wrong–and I’m a vegetarian who would not want to eat goat.”

“Keep being an adventurous cook.”

“It’s your hobby and as you said, you make conventional items that you know most people will enjoy as well.”

“Cooking is an interesting hobby.”

“You had no way of knowing that goat would be a problem for her.”

“I grew up in a farming area and I was the only person who was grossed out by meat. “

“All the farmers’ kids were completely fine with it! It’s unusual that your brother’s girlfriend comes from a farming family and is not.”

“We win some, we lose some.”

“I just mean that you tried to do something interesting and it didn’t work out. That’s OK.”

“I’d say, ‘I’m so sorry the dish was a problem for you’ to your brother’s girlfriend, but not because you did anything wrong.”

“Only to smooth things over.”

“Many people enjoy adventurous cooking and she is going to have to learn to deal with her problem herself, without involving the cooks.”

“Maybe you should find a Meetup group or start one for people who like cooking?”

“Make some friends who will try your food.”

“Don’t give up on your hobby though.”  ~ Antstst

OP explained…

“ETA – some more info that has been addressed below.”

“I brought a whole intact baby goat carcass.”

“Already gutted and skinned.”

“All I had to do was cut it up, season it, and put it in the oven.”

“The goat was 9 pounds and was done cooking in less than 2 hours.”

“I didn’t leave some giant mess in their kitchen either.”

“I would for sure be the a**hole then.”

“I’m a private chef on the side and I brought all my own equipment.”

“Including my giant cutting board so it wasn’t even on their countertop.”

“It was already established that I would be cooking.”

“The draft has been at my house more often than not but my brother asked if we could do it at his new house.”

“I didn’t have a problem with that but I said I still wanted to cook.”

“I’ve done ‘odd’ foods several times in the past from whole cow heads to chicken heart kabobs to cow tongue to rabbit stew.”

“This was just another dish on a very long list.”

“She has only been around the last couple of years so I don’t know all of her boundaries yet (I definitely learned one though).”

“The goat didn’t stink up the house.”

“The kitchen smelled like the cilantro and cumin I used to season over anything else.”

Well OP, sounds like Reddit is good with the menu.

Though some items might be better received with some warning.

With all the allergies in the world, it can’t hurt to ask ahead.