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Groom Called Out For Refusing To Let Family Members Invite Their Taxi Driver To His Wedding

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Wedding guests don’t usually get to dictate the parameters of the wedding they attend.

The soon to be couple already has enough on their plate to worry about, besides a list of requests.

Some people just can’t seem to help themselves though.

Case in point…

Redditor Faded3006 wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“WIBTA if I tell my dad’s aunt and cousin they can’t invite their taxi driver to my wedding and cause a family explosion?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I know the title is very weird, so here’s the story.”

“I (28 M[ale]) am getting married to my girlfriend (29 F[emale]) next week.”

“A few days ago while talking to guests about RSVPs, my dad’s aunt and cousin told my dad that they will be taking a taxi to the wedding.”

“And want the taxi driver to come to the wedding with them as a guest and later take them home.”

“When my girlfriend and I heard this we were really pissed.”

“They did that without asking us first if we’re ok with that, which we are not.”

“We don’t want some stranger to appear in the photos and each invited guest costs us $150.”

“My dad and grandpa are on our side and tried talking with them 4 times suggesting alternatives.”

“Like order one taxi to get to the wedding and one taxi to leave.”

“Or simply paying the taxi driver to go somewhere else while he waits, but they won’t budge.”

“So after the 4th attempt at talking to them today my dad told me that we either just let them invite their taxi driver or he can tell them that under no circumstances we allow them to invite him.”

“Which will cause them to not come and they will not talk to our family ever again (yeah, they are that dramatic).”

“As I mentioned earlier my dad is completely on our side and will do whatever we choose.”

“So WIBTA if I tell them that they cannot invite their taxi driver even if it creates a family explosion?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. Look at it this way, if you allow them to invite him it will cost you an additional $150.”

“If you refuse to allow them to invite him and they refuse to come then you’re saving $300.”

“Sounds like a win to me.”  ~ Dont-trust-it

“Anyone consider the possibility that the taxi driver wouldn’t even want to attend a complete stranger’s wedding?”

“For several hours that they could be working and making money?”

“Just to be at the beck & call of some very entitled people?”

“Like, the taxi driver will be a human person capable of making their own choices and recognizing unbelievably awkward situations… right?”

“I still think OP should shut this down and enjoy the rest of his life free from the drama these people undoubtedly bring wherever they go.”

“HOWEVER, their plan is utterly unhinged and would absolutely fail if allowed to proceed.”  ~ Kathrynlena

“When I was a cater waiter, a couple brought their Uber driver to the event.”

“She looked mortified, and spent most of the night alone or chatting with staff.”

“She wasn’t dressed according to the dress code, and all the guests appeared to be friends.”

“So she couldn’t really blend in.”

“We speculated (rightly as it turned out) that the couple was planning to get so wasted they wouldn‘t be functional enough to call an Uber at the end of the night.”

“She had to ask us For help to get them to her car.”  ~ NeighborhoodNo1583

“NTA. Dear Aunt [name] and Cousin [name].”

“Thank you for accepting our invitation to our wedding.”

“We understand that you wish to invite a guest of your own to attend our wedding.”

“Unfortunately, we are unable to allow our guests to extend invitations to third parties to attend our wedding.”

“We look forward to seeing you Aunt [name] and Cousin [name] on our wedding day.”  ~ SnapesGrayUnderpants

“LMAOOOOOO the BEST version of this incredibly strange story involves the taxi driver getting absolutely smashed at the open bar.”

“Being the life of the party on the dance floor, passing out in the back seat of his own cab.”

“And the entitled Aunt being forced to drive HIM home.”



“This is possibly the strangest wedding guest request I’ve ever seen.”

“And I hang out in bridezilla and wedding shaming groups for funzies, so I’ve read a lot of them.”

“It’s like they forgot the purpose and concept of cabs.”

“Driver picks you up and drops you off.”

“Did it occur to them that this poor random driver wouldn’t want to attend a wedding and miss a full day of income for their 2 cab fares?”

“This is beyond bizarre.”

“Honestly I think they’re straight up lying to you and are just trying to sneak one of their friends into the wedding who would be willing to drive them there and home.”

“There are no other reasonable explanation.”  ~ CrystalQueen3000

“NTA. They are the ones creating family drama.”

“If you want to try a compromise, tell them that they have to pay his per-plate fee of $150 but you don’t even have to go that far.”

“People like this removing themselves from your life is a blessing in disguise.”  ~ Aunty_Fascist

“I don’t know, I’d give them the old ‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists’ line and not be made to have some random taxi driver at my wedding regardless if they’re willing to cover the taxi driver’s plate.”

“Presumably this person is going to be sitting with them, the family, so it’s not like they’ll just be somewhere distant in the room or something.”

“It’s just weird, and I think caving at all on this demand will only set a precedent that these freaks will get their way if they threaten to cut them off.”

“Call the bluff.”

“Either their threats are ultimately hollow, or you’re better off having no contact with crazy people like this anymore anyway.”  ~ Youcannotbeforreal2

“NTA ,this is one of the most bizarre wedding requests ever.”

“Just say no to the taxi driver and if your aunt and uncle don’t turn up then that is an extra bonus.”  ~ GlencoraPalliser

“NTA. This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Are you super close to them?”

“If it were me I’ld tell them no, and be done with it.”

“But I have pretty strong feelings about people thinking an invitation allows them to bring people not on the invitation.”  ~ winsomebunny

“Yeah I think OP needs to just call their bluff about ‘never talking to anyone in the family ever again!'”

“This is either a hollow drastic threat to get their way and they’ll eventually stop the temper tantrum.”

“Or it’s a net benefit for them to be out of the family so that they don’t keep making wild demands like this and knowing they’ll get their way if they just threaten to cut everyone off.”

“Just freaking let them. Bye, I guess?”

“If you’re willing to cut off from the family if you can’t bring a taxi driver to a wedding then who needs you in the family anyway?”  ~ Youcannotbeforreal2

“NTA. This is INSANE.”

“I’m also curious if this is a known taxi driver or are they just planning to spring this on a random taxi driver.”

“Who I’m sure would rather get PAID more money than get two fares and a meal for several hours.”

“Revoke their invites and find two people you couldn’t invite to see if they would like to come now that room has opened up.”  ~ Exact_Roll_4048

“NTA. It is your day, your event.”

“I would have to wonder if the driver would think it is weird, unless they know him in some manner.”

“Otherwise, jumping in a cab and telling them to go to such and such address to go to a family wedding.”

“And by the way, we want you to attend the ceremony (even though you might not be dressed for it).”

“And drive us back when done.”

“It just sounds pretty wasteful and expensive for them – I would imagine they have to pay the driver to wait, etc.”  ~ crbryant1972

“NTA. Taxi driver can go get food, sit in car listening to music, read reddit, play games on his/her phone, go for a walk, whatever to pass the time.”

“Your wedding your rules.”

“Don’t let your dad’s aunt and cousin tell you who is going to your wedding.”

“Let the tantrum begin.”

“Just like you would with a child, you don’t give in because they will have a tantrum.”

“If you do it will make the next incident even harder to get control over.”

“You’re old enough to get married, you’re old enough to defend your boundaries from those who would stomp all over them.”

“It will only get harder if you’re seen as a pushover.”

“Also, you don’t need dad on your side, doesn’t matter, you are an adult.”

“No need to take a census of who agrees with you on this.”

“You are an adult who can make up your own mind.”  ~ College-Money

Well OP, Reddit is on your side.

Sounds like your wedding, your rules.

People aren’t suppose to demand from the bride and groom.

It’s your day.