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Woman Sparks Drama After Telling Her Sister’s New Boyfriend The Truth About Her Sister’s Past After Finding Out She Lied About It

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We’ve all had someone in our lives who we wanted to impress. Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t always work out that way.

One sister, who has since deleted her Reddit account, wrote into the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit, sharing how she accidentally sabotaged her sister’s relationship with her new boyfriend after revealing information her sister falsified.

The Redditor asked: 

“Am I the a**hole for telling my sister’s [boyfriend] the truth?” 

The Redditor explained how the conversation started innocently enough at a family cookout. 

“This past weekend, my sister and her [boyfriend] came to a family cook out. He’s in a field that interests me so we began talking, discussing work (medical) related tests, treatments, and drugs (He’s a Pharmacist and I’m a Medical Lab Scientist).”

She then shared part of their conversation.

“During this, he suddenly looks confused about something.”

“Sister’s [boyfriend]: You’re oddly knowledgeable for someone who only went to community college.”

“Me: I didn’t go to community college!”

“Sister’s [boyfriend]: (My sister’s name) said that you did. Don’t most technicians only need an Associates degree?”

“Me: Technicians yes, but I’m an MLS. I have two Bachelors and am working on a Masters.”

At this point, the truth began to come out. 

“Sister’s [boyfriend]: Then who went to community college?”

“Me: (My sister’s name).”

“Sister’s [boyfriend]: She said that she went to (Name of good school) for Nursing!”

“Me: She did.”

“Sister’s [boyfriend]: Then why did she go to community college?”

“Me: Because she flunked out…”

“We continued talking and learned that my sister has told this guy a number of lies in the few months they’ve known each other. Things that my mother also confirmed were not true. He confronted my sister, more than a little disappointed.”

Her sister has since accused her of harming her relationship.

“My sister is now accusing me of trying to sabotage her relationship, something I think she did herself. I had no idea she was lying but most importantly, one look at her credentials and this guy would have known something wasn’t right.”


Her fellow Redditors commented on the situation anonymously, rating the OP’s (Original Poster’s) story on the following scale: 

  • NTA: “Not the A**hole”
  • YTA: “You’re the A**hole”
  • ESH: “Everybody Sucks”
  • NAH: “No A**holes Here”

Based on her original post, there was ample confusion, as the Redditor had posted two weeks prior about an incident she had with another sister’s boyfriend. In that post, she shared how she liked her sister’s boyfriend and thought he could be “the one.”

Her intention in writing that post, however, was to share her feelings of guilt, rather than to steal the boyfriend away from her sister.

The Redditor updated this current post, to clarify that she was not talking about the same sister, as she has three, and that she was not talking about the dream boyfriend. 

“Edit 1: Just to be clear, I have three sisters. One of them is seeing a man I’m also interested in. This wasn’t him.”

“Edit 2: Several weeks ago I posted about being attracted to the bf of one of my sisters. As my first edit indicates, this isn’t the same person. I’m following the advice I got in that thread and avoiding him which is why I was talking to this person instead.”

Based on the edits to the story, many updated their “YTA” ratings to “NTA” or “ESH.” 

Many said the OP’s sister was wrong for misleading her boyfriend in the first place. 

“NTA. I hope that guy runs and runs away FAST. Your sister lied so that she could tie down a high quality guy and have a comfortable life.”

“She can never be trusted. If that guy held any self-worth, he would be GONE.”Ask_My_A**s

“NTA you didn’t sabotage her relationship, she did by lying”Budma

“NTA. All you did is tell him the truth. Unless you promised sister to lie, you just told it like it is.”SirEDCaLot

“NTA. What an insecure woman (OP’s sister)”Happy_furMa

“NTA. You didn’t do anything malicious. Lying her ass off about things like that is no way to start a relationship, and her lies would have unraveled eventually.”killyergawds

Some also said it served the OP’s sister right for claiming so much of the OP’s education. 

“I’d be p**sed if someone tried to claim that much of my education as their own too, and she didn’t know her sister lied. What was she supposed to do, just stop talking in the middle of a conversation where someone else is asking questions?”natgochickielover

“NTA. You didn’t maliciously tell him to ruin the relationship, you were just answering questions he had. Your sister is kind of the a**hole for lying like that to begin with, especially about you.”ReasonableKing

A few were also concerned about the boyfriend’s feelings about community college, though.

“Can we also acknowledge how gross it is that he said ‘hey you’re pretty smart despite going to community college’? She was wrong to lie, of course, but he’s still willing to make fun of a community college education to a persons face”mlawl1017

“Is there anyway to tell someone they’re oddly knowledgeable even though they went to community college without sounding like a pr**k??”SweatyItalianKing

“I was put off by this whole post honestly. The boyfriend saying she ‘knowledgeable for someone who went to community college’ is an ignorant and asshole thing to say in my opinion.”dogmum25

While the boyfriend’s attitude might explain why the sister lied, one thing’s for certain: there’s a lot less to remember when you only tell the truth.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

McKenzie Lynn Tozan lives in North Chicago, where she works as a poet, freelance writer, and editor. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University, and her BA in English from Indiana University South Bend. Her poems have appeared in Rogue Agent, Whale Road Review, the James Franco Review, Thank You for Swallowing, and elsewhere; and her essays and book reviews have appeared with Memoir Mixtapes, The Rumpus, BookPage, and Motherly, among others. When she's not reading and writing, she's in her garden or spending time with her family. For more, visit