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Guy Furious When Brother-In-Law Throws Glass Of Milk On Girlfriend’s Expensive Dress As A ‘Prank’

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We’ve all known one of those people who never knows when enough is enough.

Whether it’s when to stop arguing, or drinking, or pranking other people, these individuals have a special gift for ruining events.

Ironically, sometimes they even wreck events that were organized for them, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit.

Redditor NonTueWed3099 was shocked when his brother-in-law tarnished his own wedding reception over a prank that wasn’t even funny.

But when his sister and brother-in-law criticized him for his feelings, the Original Poster (OP) wondered if he had somehow overstepped.

He asked the sub:

“AITA for demanding my sister’s husband pay for my girlfriend’s dress that he ruined at his wedding?”

The OP’s sister married an extreme prankster. 

My (23 [Male]) sister (26 [Female]) recently got married to one of those ‘It’s just a prank, bro’ guys.”

“The guy is hysterical, he laughs at anything and everything that he lays eyes on.”

“He jokes, teases, makes fun, and pulls very very nasty, and cruel pranks all the time. It’s like he has no filter.”

“Some said he’s mentally ill, especially after he started telling jokes at his own father’s funeral, and almost caused my sister to get injured from his ‘count the stairs’ prank.”

“Me and the family got our fair share of his ridiculous pranking campaign and we’ve had enough, but to him, it’s not enough apparently.”

“The kids love him and say he’s fun, so that’s one positive thing about him.”

The OP planned to bring his girlfriend to his sister’s wedding.

“The wedding was days ago. Once he learned I was bringing my girlfriend who he teased/pranked a couple of times, he started making comments about pulling some funny pranks at the wedding.”

“I told him I won’t react well and he can do with this info what he will.”

“He just laughed me off, a hahaha type of laugh, then I didn’t see him until the wedding.”

The OP didn’t expect what would happen at the reception.

“After the ceremony and while the guests were eating, he saw me and my girlfriend standing, talking to several guests and mutual friends.”

“He approached us with a glass of milk in his hand (no idea why he had it) and kept commenting on me and my girlfriend.”

“He ‘invited’ me to propose to her right then so the memory of my proposal will always be overshadowed by his wedding.”

“Then he said, ‘Relax, just a joke bro!’ Then he laughed.”

“My girlfriend was standing next to me in her $320 dollar dress when my brother-in-law pointed to the left and shouted, ‘Look! There’s a dog over there!'”

“My girlfriend and I looked to the left, and the next thing I knew, he threw milk from his glass on her dress (it was a blue dress).”

“My girlfriend was so shocked, she froze.”

“He started laughing, saying, ‘Gotcha!'”

The OP started arguing with his brother-in-law.

“I was stunned and then I asked what the h**l he did that for.”

“I lashed out at him as my girlfriend rushed to clean up, and I called him obnoxious and mean, because he shouldn’t have done that.”

“He said he was just messing with us and my girlfriend should feel lucky for being served milk at a wedding.”

“He insisted my girlfriend was being too uptight and couldn’t take a joke.”

“She left looking angry and didn’t respond to my calls.”

“I was livid. After my argument with my brother-in-law, I left.”

The OP demanded compensation next.

“The next day I called him and my sister about what happened and told them I’m expecting him to pay $320 for the dress he ruined.”

“He threw a fit, saying it was just a prank.”

“My sister said milk doesn’t ruin a dress and said an apology should do it.”

“I said no and demanded he pay $320 after humiliating and getting my girlfriend wet and messy.”

“My sister argued, saying I’m being overprotective of my girlfriend, but I hung up, telling them they had until Friday.”


The OP updated the post with more info about his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend doesn’t work. Her parents paid for her dress, so they’re equally upset as her if not more.”

“My sister said my girlfriend and her parents shouldn’t be spending that much on a dress if they can’t handle the possibility of it being ruined by any chance.”

“My girlfriend is 20 years old.”

“I offered to get the dress cleaned, but she said she no longer wants it, due to the bad memory attached to it, since she wore it for the first time that day (she suffers from anxiety and depression), so I get why she no longer feels comfortable keeping it.”

Fellow Redditors weighed in:

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Some suggested go no-contact (NC) or low-contact (LC) with his sister and BIL.

“I hope you do not have to spend time with these people in future. I would bail on any family events he is at, or have him uninvited.”drbarnowl

“NTA. OP, if you can manage the money, buy her a new dress. They won’t pay, and I don’t see your girlfriend wanting to file charges or going to small claims court.”

“I think she’d like a new nice dress unlike the old and no exposure to your BIL.”

“Drawing this out, for her, won’t help. You can’t make them change, but need to decide what you will do in response. Then, perhaps put it in writing, but not as an ultimatum.”

“Money is only part of the damage and only part of the issue: you can’t trust him enough to bring people you care about around him, for fear that he will damage their property, embarass or humiliate them, then blame them if they are upset by this.”JohannasGarden

Others agreed but insisted the OP push for the funds back.

“Part of doing a prank is cleanup and replacement so that there’s no harm done.”

“If he can’t replace what he damaged, then he’s a malicious AH who deserves to be raked over the coals and never be invited to an event you and your girlfriend host ever again.”


“NTA. Your brother-in-law is definitely TA. So is your sister.”

“I’d tell your sister and BIL that you aren’t going to communicate with them until you get the $320.”

“You’re probably not going to get the $320, but I’d say not having to ever deal with them again is worth that and then some.”bot776655

“NTA – This guy is obnoxiously toxic. Get your receipts in order, if he doesn’t pay for a replacement, send him to small claims.”

“I have no idea why everyone puts up with this guy’s behavior, but he needs to start taking responsibility for his terror (these are not pranks).”

“I’d also recommend going LC/NC after this.”Animalime

“Honestly? This bro is not going to learn until it hits his pocketbook.”

“OP – hold firm on it or take him to small claims court. This is a golden opportunity for him to learn that you nor your girlfriend will tolerate his ‘pranks.'”throwawayact75

Some were appalled by the OP’s sister’s behavior, too.

“I’m so mad about the sister saying that OP’s girlfriend and girlfriend’s parents shouldn’t be spending that amount of money on a dress if there’s a ‘chance’ it could get ruined.”

“Like??? The dress DIDN’T get ruined by ‘chance’! It got ruined because the sister’s immature husband had the premeditated idea to throw milk over OP’s girlfriend’s dress as a horrid prank.”

“I wonder how the sister would have reacted if someone had purposefully thrown milk over her wedding dress, and then she had to wear it for the whole of the wedding ceremony and couldn’t change out of it. Surely she’d be crying about her dress and wedding being ruined!”whiskeygambler

“Honestly, I’m not one to be rude in public, or ruin someone’s moment ( wedding) but your sister would have gotten a red wine bath for condoning and marrying such a loser.”

“SHE is responsible for his behavior to your guest.”RocketScientistEE

Others entertained ways of pranking him back, though they admitted it was a bad idea.

“Horrific. NTA. He sounds like an absolute nightmare. Your whole family should go on a relentless awful prank campaign and target him mercilessly. Or report him to the police/take him to small claims court over and over again. What an absolutely awful human.”Grouchy_Situation129

“NTA- Sounds like someone needs some clam juice poured on the floor mats of their car and tuna shoved into their curtain rods. It’s just a prank, though!”OwenWilsonsWOW-Face

“Nahhh. Just dump a glass of milk on him every time you see him.”

“Comment totally deadpan that you thought he liked milk to be served that way. Every. Single. Time.”enjoysbeerandplants

A few suggested how the OP could make the situation better.

“You sound like a good dude. Suggestion: would she be okay if you got the dress cleaned (whether BIL pays up or not) and sold it for her? Like on Poshmark or something?”

“She could then use that money for a nice spa treatment or something else she would enjoy, but she wouldn’t have to deal with handling the direct aftermath.”

“It would be a small thing to do for her but probably would take a big load off of her emotionally.”sorchajuniper

“I just came here to say NTA and you’re the kind of boyfriend I’d want haha Is your girlfriend okay? Does she understand what lengths you’ve gone to in order to make your BIL pay for his actions?”

“She did better than I would’ve because I honestly wouldn’t be able to hold it together and would’ve cried right there on the spot.”

“But seriously, like I said NTA, and let’s hope they don’t plan for kids because that’ll just be a whole new set of problems with a whole new set of possibilities…”SmolAnxiousSprinkle

The OP wondered if he was being too harsh after hearing from his sister and brother-in-law, but the subReddit believed he had the right idea.

Though getting the money back might not actually result in the change he wanted, the sub agreed this was a problematic relationship that needed to be dramatically improved, or ended, immediately.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

McKenzie Lynn Tozan lives in North Chicago, where she works as a poet, freelance writer, and editor. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University, and her BA in English from Indiana University South Bend. Her poems have appeared in Rogue Agent, Whale Road Review, the James Franco Review, Thank You for Swallowing, and elsewhere; and her essays and book reviews have appeared with Memoir Mixtapes, The Rumpus, BookPage, and Motherly, among others. When she's not reading and writing, she's in her garden or spending time with her family. For more, visit