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Woman Threatens To Kick Brother’s Girlfriend Out Unless She Proves She’s Actually Pregnant

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redditthrowawa45 is a 20-year-old woman who opened up her home to her 24-year-old brother, who was recently kicked out of his apartment.

The brother brought with him his on-again, off-again girlfriend to stay in his sister’s spare bedroom and he agreed to pay rent and financially compensate where he can.

The problem the Redditor has is with his girlfriend, who claimed to be pregnant.

Tensions between her and the Redditor arose when the Redditor confronted the girlfriend with an ultimatum.

The Redditor later visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for insisting my brother’s girlfriend proves she’s pregnant or she has to move out?”

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“My brother has been on and off with his girlfriend (27) for a couple of years now.”

“It’s been the same song and dance, they’re happy for a few weeks, then something small happens, they argue, it gets really nasty, and they make up and back to a loving couple.”

“When i learned my brother got kicked out of his apartment and needed a place to stay i offered him the extra room in my apartment and my brother agreed to pay rent, help with bills, and pitch in with food.”

“For three months now, she’s been announcing she’s pregnant. She alone will eat a snack box with 50 small bags of chips in a week.”

“I tried to reason with her and get her to cut back (not only from overeating but she was running us low on food) but she insists she and the baby are healthy and it’s just cravings blah blah blah.”

“Since last month, most of what my parents send to my house (my mom is a couponer so she bulk shops and give away what she has too much of) my brother’s girlfriend is the first to get into it and a large portion of it is gone by a few days to a week.”

“From a 24 case of monster (the energy drink if you’re not familiar) 8 will be gone in a week from just her.”

“She eats a hell of a lot of food too, most of which no pregnant woman should be consuming so much of and yes i know all pregnancies are different but words can’t explain how much she eats in one sitting.”

“So, today i had seen her drinking coffee and after her 2nd cup i asked her if she should be drinking so much and she said her doctor told her it was fine and she had no worries.”

“When i suggested she take on a healthier diet for the baby she just scoffed and walked out.”

“I went and asked my brother if he’s been to any of her doctor appointments or even seen a positive pregnancy test and he said he didn’t.”

“I confronted her about it and she said she didn’t have to prove anything and started to get defensive.”

“I told her she needed to show a test or some proof of going to the doctor or she needs to move out as she doesn’t help at all.”

“My brother started defending her and changed his answer from not seeing any proof to seeing her pregnancy test.”

“My parents got word of what i said and my mom says i was in no place to say anything and every woman’s body is different and i wouldn’t know since i’ve never been pregnant. AITA?”

Strangers on the internet were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
  • YTA – You’re the A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

Select Redditors were tentative with their not the a**hole judgments.

“Kinda NTA. Asking for proof is extreme, but she’s also eating you out of house and home. Even if she is actually pregnant, she probably needs to find a place of her own and get herself her own food.”

“Do you really want a family of 3 living with you, when the mom and dad have a sh*tshow of a relationship? (Spoiler alert, you do not).” – fsbbem

The OP responded:

“Yea i see i was wrong for that, he said he only needed a few months to get back on their feet and he’d get his own place again so i wasn’t worried about them still living with me in the future.”

Others weighed in with concern about the girlfriend’s caffeine intake if she is truly expecting.

“Btw OP the recommended caffeine intake for pregnancy is 200 MG. So 1 monster is almost too much. IF she is pregnant, that baby is likely to have issues.” – Drkprincesslaura

“The caffeine consumption is alarming IF she is pregnant…idk how far along she is supposed to be but most obgyn’s have a confirmation scan around 8-10 weeks…so a but suspicious that your brother hasn’t even seen an ultrasound photo from her visits.”

“I see her having a ‘miscarriage’ at some point if she isn’t.” – Possiblethrowaway81

“Toss them both because if she’s pregnant, evicting kids is very very hard to do and she’s already letting you know she has no intention to work. Why should she when you’re supporting her? NTA.” – Littleballoffur22

“For the record, no pregnancy tests and no doctor’s visits your brother’s aware of + her behavior makes me think you’re not wrong for asking.”

“I would logically conclude women who want to be pregnant and want to have the baby would take at least some healthy measures, i.e. not drink energy drinks. NTA Pregnant or not, the easy ride is over because she abused your generosity.” – JuliaX1984

“NTA, and if your mother is so concerned, maybe she should house your brother and his girlfriend.” – lihzee

The OP replied:

“She’s the one that forced my brother to get his own apartment by kicking him out because she was sick of their arguing.”

The OP later provided an update.

“I did talk to [the girlfriend] a while ago about getting a job as well as helping out financially and she said she’d start and never has.

“Right so based on majority of the comments i overstepped yes but i’m going to go with my gut on this one and give them their 30 days notice and call it a day.”

“I’ll for sure update you guys in a month (when they’re to be gone) and let you all (who’s interested) know what’s happened by then!”

“I keep repeating myself let me add my brother knows everything i’ve said (the excessive caffeine, no ultrasound etc).”

“Yes my brother still buys her tampons monthly and i know this because he goes with me when i buy mine.”

“No i was not faking concern by the coffee comment. She drinks 2 cups of coffee a day along with a monster that’s a ton of caffeine.”

Redditors are waiting to hear what happens after the OP’s proposed 30-day deadline is up.

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