Woman Mortified After Realizing That The College Professor She Stalked On LinkedIn Totally Knew She Was Doing It


Ever cross paths with someone who just makes your heart melt?

Most of us have experienced the exhilaration at the prospect of being in the arms of someone who makes your eyes shoot out heart emojis.


Crushes are fun and fleeting and then we move on. Well, at least some of us do.

Sometimes, crushes can have a lingering effect as it has for Redditor z_planet, who was hot for teacher when she used to be a college student.

Recently, she made an embarrassing discovery that could only be shared anonymously on the “Today I F’d Up” (TIFU) subReddit.

The Original Poster (OP) admitted:

“TIFU by having a crush on my professor.”

She continued:

“Not today, this was several years ago now but I still cringe about it every now and then.”

“When I was a freshman at university I had a huuuge crush on one of my lecturers. Who was honestly just a regular looking middle aged man.”

“I was so obsessed with him that I often stalked him online including on LinkedIn, where I made a profile just so that I could stalk him. I’m talking really often. It was creepy.”


“Years later when I joined the workforce and actually started using LinkedIn seriously I realised that people actually get notified every time someone views your profile.”

The OP gave examples indicating that the teacher was probably wise to her secret lust for him.

“He used to give me odd looks when I would pass him around campus and I used to be paranoid thinking oh god he knows that I fantasise about him bending me over his desk in his office. But then I’d think nah nah nah how could he possibly know that?”

“He must’ve been thinking hey there’s that weird girl who used to look at my LinkedIn profile daily.”

“He even saw me at my graduation and made a very deliberate glance at me. He. Knows.”


Strangers in the TIFU subReddit community weighed in with their observations.

This person assured the OP not to sweat it.

“Don’t worry about it too much, they probably just see that you did & go on with their day, if they mention it to you (which I highly doubt) just say that you were new to the platform.” – davidc5494

However, some Redditors were able to relate to the OP.

“MY EXACT REACTION. Read every succeeding word in OP’s post with that dread creeping up inside me going OH GOD OH F’K.”

“All my hot professors KNOW.” – tenaciousfall

“Well, back to the shame shed for me. I had no clue either.”

“I guess my ex knows when I get drunk and think of her. F********k.” – WrektAsFuk

“It is honestly one of the worst f’king aspects of Linkedin.”

“You can disable it, but by the time you realize what’s happened it’s too late.”

“If it’s someone in your immediate circle you’re looking at, you’d better double down and connect with them so it looks like you’re just building a profile vs creeping.” – aerwrek

This Redditor was kind enough to give embarrassed LinkedIn users a sense of dignity.

“For anyone wondering how to disable: Settings -> privacy -> profile viewing options. Switch it to private mode.”

“Downside is you won’t be able to see who has viewed your profile.” – FPSnipertp

ronin_in_the_wind won the Ignite! award for his candid revelation.

“Nah, everyone knows that if someone checks your LinkedIn profile it’s because they’re fantasizing about you.”

“As a rule, I send d*ck pics to everyone who views my profile. They must get cold feet though because I never get any responses…

“On an unrelated note, I am still unemployed.”

The OP’s story managed to invoke the Police – the band, that is.

“Young teacher, the subject Of schoolgirl fantasy She wants him so badly Knows what she wants to be Inside her, there’s longing This girl’s an open page.” – TF2Captain


There were viable options for the OP to save face.

“Should have told him you always admired his career path and would love to try to get to where he is.”

“Or else get a new identity and move country and hope you never bump into him again /s” – alan_-_

Sometimes, fate has a way of making your college fantasy dreams come true.

“I had a crush on my microbiology teacher. Just a normal, middle aged guy as well.”

“I friended him on Facebook, which I guess alerted him to my feelings. The day of the final exam, he msged me and asked me to get drinks!”

“I went home with him that night. Aww yeaaaas. Fantasy achieved!” – g0atdrool


Apparently, professors are a hot commodity.

“College professors get stalked and flirted with a lot. An old friend of mine was an English prof and he made a point of always keeping his office door open and pictures of his wife prominently displayed at his desk.” – Independent_wishbone

“Yeah, I’m a young professor and without trying to sound boastful or obnoxious this does happen.”

“Sometimes it’s awkward crushes (like them showing up to your office hours to just ‘hang out,’), sometimes it’s harmless flirting, sometimes it’s really creepy how much you get stalked (someone once ordered a background check on me), but if you follow your university rules and departmental guidelines usually nothing ever becomes of it.” – Jonjoloe

Some Redditors believe the feeling was mutual.

“After looking at your profile, your professor probably had the same thoughts as you. Which are the same thoughts I have as well.” – LF_4

“I can tell you the dude secretly enjoyed it. What middle aged man wouldn’t enjoy knowing he is attractive to a younger woman?” – screwballsmith

This Redditor encouraged for the OP to grab the proverbial brass ring.

“You know.. its not too late to connect again and make those dreams cum true.” – EyefromAbove

While Redditors were generally amused by the OP’s story, it seems other covert stalkers froze after discovering the truth behind page views notifications.


Written by Koh Mochizuki

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