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Redditor Accused Of Ruining Beyoncé Concert After Dancing Despite Being Told To Sit Down

A crowd of people watch a concert

Some people wait their entire life for the opportunity to see their favorite musician in person.

So many obstacles can get in a fan’s way of acquiring concert tickets.

The timing can be off.

The show could get canceled.

And, of course, the price of admission these days can be more expensive than a new car.

But when a fan finally gets that chance to be there live, you never know how they will react.

Especially when that musician… is Beyoncé.

Case in point…

Redditor DommeSinclair wanted to discuss their experience and get some feedback. So naturally, they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for standing up during a Beyoncé concert?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“So I’m a huge Beyoncé fan and have been my whole life, especially being a Houston, TX native.”

“This was my first time being able to afford a ticket to her show, and I’m currently living back and forth between Sweden and the States.”

“I’ve never been to a concert in Sweden, and I was very shocked by how unlively the crowd was.”

“No dancing or singing really from most people in my section (closest non-GA to the stage).”

“But I was out of my seat, singing and having a blast as soon as the show started, and a woman and her partner behind me asked me if I could sit down so they could be able to see.”

“I assumed since she was starting the show with ballads, I was doing a bit much and apologized and sat.”

“But once the energy picked back up, I was back up on my feet dancing.”

“There were like two other people on my row doing the same.”

“I honestly had the time of my life and even cried a bit, ridiculous I know.”

“When the show was over and I turned to leave, the lady said, ‘You’re not the only one who paid for this, you know?'”

“‘Is that how they act in your village?’”

“And I was too stunned to say anything back.”

“I could understand if this were an orchestra concert or something, but her latest album is focused on house music and the ballroom scene, which is VERY lively.”

“This happened weeks back, but I can’t even enjoy my memories of the experience because I keep getting this pit in my stomach feeling like I ruined someone else’s experience.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP WAS the A**hole.

“YTA. You sang and danced to the concert as you do when in the States.”

“That’s fine when you’re in the States, but you weren’t in the States.”

“You were in another country where it was clear to you from the start that people were sitting in their seats to watch.”

“As soon as you keyed in on that everyone remained seated to watch, and you were the only one up and about, AND someone asked you to sit early on?”

“You should have sat your dance-happy self down and stayed seated to watch until such time as you saw everyone stand.”

“If they never do, you stay seated.”

“There are countries who watch concerts and sporting events in near complete silence.”

“When in Rome…”  ~ LooselyBound

“I promise you, even in the US, it’s incredibly rude and self-centered to those around you to belt out your insanely out-of-tune rendition of the song being sung currently by the professional that everybody paid to see live loud enough not to be able to hear the person that actually knows what they are doing.”

“They didn’t pay to hear you.”

“Keep that sh*t to your car.”  ~ VicFantastic

“Same, I hate large chaotic crowds of people screaming and dancing badly, would personally love it if all concerts were like orchestra concerts, to be honest.”

“I enjoy music internally—I don’t feel the urge to sing/dance to it to express my enjoyment.”

“I like classical, but it would be cool if other genres also offered that kind of experience for freaks who want to sit quietly like me.”  ~ qrvne

“Disabled person here who relies on seated people in seats to see.”

“You can feel the music without dancing.”

“I like this Swedish concept of having an outward mindset and caring about others’ enjoyment, too.” ~ greysunlightoverwash

“Yeah, it’s a BEYONCÉ concert, not a stadium full of a**hats dance-off.”

“Some people want to actually SEE Beyoncé, not the back of some idiot dance.” ~ Atlas-1848

“Exactly and this is why we quit going to concerts.”

“I want to see and hear the performer I’m paying hundreds of dollars for, not your karaoke version while blocking her.”  ~ Americanhealth74

“The problem is that arena seating isn’t built for dancing or moving around.”

“It’s designed for the sorts of events where sitting is preferred.”

“I can understand wanting to dance because that’s what I want to do at concerts, but that’s also why I don’t go to arena shows unless they have a G[eneral] A[dmission] open floor where people who want to dance can.”

“If it’s all chairs, then I don’t go.” ~ Nanerpoodin

“I think if you pay the kind of money you have to pay to see Beyoncé, you want to see HER and not some rando’s backside the whole time.”

“Standing areas in concerts are for dancing, seats are for sober-at-a-wedding-style seat-dancing.” ~ loosie-loo

“This depends on the others in the crowd to me.”

“If everyone is on their feet and dancing/singing along, then definitely join and have a blast.”

“But I recently went to a concert, and the age range was vast.”

“The majority of people were sitting, two girls in front of my group stood and danced for the majority of the concert and blocked our view.”

“If we were to stand to compensate, the people behind us wouldn’t be able to see either.”

“OP, sorry, YTA. I definitely understand wanting to have a blast and dance.”

“But the lady was right. Everyone there paid to see the artist.”  ~ Taym9

“As they say.”

“Do as the Romans do.”

“You’re in a different country.”

“Things are different.”

“To act the same as you would in your home country is disrespectful and shows your entitlement. YTA.” ~ Dingdong-*itch

“I’m a little conflicted on this.”

“I just saw Taylor Swift, and the crowd was wild, and it made it a lot more fun for me, especially because I had gone there alone (because of Ticketmaster).”

“Instead of feeling alone, it felt like I had thousands of friends around me enjoying the show.”

“At the same time, I’d feel super awkward about being the only one dancing and singing.”

“Plus, someone politely asked OP to stop and you didn’t.”

“I don’t know.”

“While I totally get how it takes away from how OP experienced the show, the simple answer is to go with the crowd in an effort to not be rude to those around you.” ~ schatzi_sugoi

“Agreed. If I were OP, I would have been so disappointed to sit with such a stale crowd.”

“It’s a Beyoncé show!”

“Come on. I’m British, and we have a dance at upbeat shows.”

“People can still sing and sway whilst seated, and it can be fun.”

“But the fuss that is caused in seats is why I prefer general standing admission.”

“It’s best to do as others do around you, so you aren’t the obnoxious person irritating everyone else – OP was in another country, too, so there could have been cultural differences.”

“Since someone asked OP to sit down early on, and the majority around them was seated, OP could have chilled out.”

“They could have danced a bit while seated and sang quieter.”  ~ eppydeservedbetter

Some of Reddit had a different perspective…

“NTA, part of the concert experience is the energy of the crowd matching the energy of the performer.”

“If the performing is BUMPIN’ then y’all best know the crowd better be too!”

“Y’all suck and ain’t no fun. LOL.” ~ itsFeztho

“Agreed – speaking as a Swede, I can picture the vibe, swedes get anxious about disturbing each other’s space and intruding on each other.”

“I’m mad at my fellow Swedes for NOT FEELING THE MUSIC!!” ~ Dependent-Bridge-709

“I cannot, for the life of me, imagine no dancing at a Beyoncé concert! How?”

“It would feel like I wandered into the Twilight Zone if I saw that.” ~ Razor_Grrl

“This whole time I’ve been thinking ‘If I was Beyonce I would hate to see people sitting in their seats, not singing, not even DANCING!'”

“People go to concerts to dance to live music, I thought.”

“Maybe I’m just a dumb American, but you can dance/sing at a concert and not be in someone’s space (most of the time).” ~ just_a_stoner_*itch

But for the most part…

“YTA – by your own admission, it was obvious that other people were not behaving like you wanted to.”

“The fact that it might be acceptable someplace else 8,000 miles away is irrelevant.” ~ frasc442751

“Yeah, part of the social contract when it comes to living abroad is that you are choosing to enter a place with different social norms to yours, and you are expected to adapt to them.” ~ KayCeeBayBeee

“Read the room.”

“You’re not in Houston. You’re in Sweden.”

“I don’t know their cultural norms, so you’ll have to tell us.”

“If it’s the cultural norm to sit, then you should sit.”

“However, if many people were also standing and dancing, then stand and dance.”  ~ KronkLaSworda

Well, OP, seems Reddit would not like to attend a concert with you.

It’s good you enjoyed yourself.

Hopefully, those around you made the best of the situation.

Congrats on scoring the tickets.